Paris Wedding Pictures – Notre Dame (The Park)


OK let’s break down what would be a long post of pictures taken around the Notre Dame Cathedral into a few posts.

We’ll start with the pictures that were taken when we first got there. In front of the cathedral in the Plaza area and then as we walked toward the back. Later I’ll post the pictures from the park in the back and then after that a special series of pictures taken at a random red door of the Cathedral.

Then we’ll move onto the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower at night to finish it off.

 595_J7S1670 600_J7S1661

One of the first things that happened was we came across a couple of ladies taking pictures of their car… I believe it was an Aston Martin.

They were busy so I didn’t want to interupt them… so I hid them behind our couple and we both just did our things.

 707_J7S1657 590_J7S1685

It wasn’t all about the building itself so these are some of the only pictures with the full building in sight… most of the others just took a cool architectural aspect of the building.


We felt like one of the things we hadn’t done a ton of was Candids. So I said walk around and I’ll just snap away.

I was using the bushes there obscure the bottom and hide crowds as well.

 701_J7S1703 585_J7S1696


 699_J7S1717 697_J7S1725


It started to rain and they had to duck for cover at the Cathedral doors… but it didn’t last forever and after we were on our merry way.

But here’s a couple I got as they made their way there.

 578_J7S1735 694_J7S1736

But not before they got stopped for some tourist pictures. (This was while the rain was still light)


 571_J7S1754 572_J7S1754 573_J7S1752 688_J7S1757 686_J7S1766

We continued the walk along the side of the cathedral and used the umbrella for just a little while longer and then it was set aside for the day.


 676_J7S1795 679_J7S1785



And well that’s the story of this section of pictures. Fun Times.


This is part of a longer series focusing on 7 different locations (some locations are broken down)


  1. Arnold M. Wilson says

    Great wedding pictures and highly professional work of the photographer. I like the way this master of photography works with people, shows their emotions in the most happiest moments of their life. Awesome work!

  2. Kim Schuller says

    These are the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen! The garden in back of Notre Dame is my favorite quiet spot! Hardly anyone goes back there! My husband and I will be returning to Paris in October to celebrate our anniversary – and plan to have our photos made by a local, that is if we can find one that won’t break the bank! We will be using your photos as a guide to show what it is we would like to have done! Thank you so much for sharing your work! Oh, and is there any possible way you could find out where that wedding dress came from??? We have a daughter who is planning a wedding and has become quite smitten with THAT dress!!!

  3. ScottJarvie says

    I have a project where i’ll be asking all my past brides where their dresses and flowers and shoes and stuff like that came from.
    But it’s a big project and I haven’t made it happen yet.
    Heck I still have 4-5 posts from those Paris pictures I still want to publish.

    This couple spent a while trying to find a good affordable photographer out there in Paris and in the end decided to spend a little extra and have me go out there.
    Hopefully it works out for you.

    But of course to anyone reading the blog: I’m more than willing to fly out there or anywhere in europe again.
    I’m hoping to make it out to europe for a couple of weddings later in the summer but my goal is 5 foreign weddings and not just 2. haha

    Send me an email and I’ll forward it to the bride as in regards to that dress.

  4. Melissa B says

    Sigh… I want to be a bride again.

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