Concert Photography – A fun challenge


Concerts are fun… but, I’m still a full time wedding photographer

I love doing wedding photography. I make a living at it.

However concert/band photography is a lot of fun… it helps stir the creativity deal with difficult lighting situations and stretches the photo-skills (if done well)

So I told a past groom that I’d take pictures of his Brother’s popular band when they came through town. Heck I owed them one since taking pictures of their band 2-3 years ago is what got me the wedding gig in the first place.


I consider my photo-hobbies to be landscapes and concerts… I love doing them but am not presently looking into making money at them.

 001_J7S3346 120_J7S3254

Concert Photography Requests

I’m more than willing to do more concert photography.

Under following condition.

1. They must actively want me there… (unless it’s a band I really really love)… a simple “sure you can come” isn’t enough. I want them to know that I’m there and appreciate it.

2. We trade music for pictures. (Meaning if I have future projects that need music I get to use the music in said videos, or websites) that kind of trade… probably be good to actually have the digital files to listen to and stuff.

3. I get really good publicity out of it.

4. ┬áIf either #1, #2 or #3 isn’t the case then I’ll take money.
(Heck I’ll take money anyways if they insist … but most small bands aren’t rolling in it if you know what I mean :)

5. It’s often a last moment decision based on what I want to do that week. Unless of course I get paid in which case I’ll for sure set aside the date.

If you really like a band tell them I might be willing to come and see what their level of interest… you can be my manager for the day. See if that gets you a free ticket or at least more access with me.

I’m not saying I’m jumping into this as a profession… but I do enjoy it and wouldn’t mind doing a lot more.


 004_J7S2966 072_J7S2963

While the band waited backstage I took a couple of pictures of the group together. (I think this one is pretty fitting of them)



OK so the above photographs are of Eyes Lips Eyes – They started in Utah… but now they are based out of southern California


Another group from California made their way up… Chasing Kings.






I was doing group pictures during this other band but got back for a few.





OK let’s end with a few more of the main band and reason I went that night.






To see more go to the gallery

As far as the Bands are concerned they are allowed to use these pictures on Facebook … go to the Gallery and Rt Click and save and upload to facebook.


  1. Caz* says

    I love Velour so much, especially the back room and the Jimi poster/mirror.

  2. Eric Quinney says

    What a great category of pictures. The lighting element has to be crazy and then the movement, not many times are people staying still. I have been enjoying sports photogrpahy as I start and I can appreciate the movement issues but also using that movement and/or lighting to be a vital part of the picture itself

  3. Robbie Petersen says

    i loved being involved with this shoot. I was torn, because I love the music so I wanted to dance, but I also wanted to get involved with what scott was doing. I always thought shooting concerts that using the light that the venue has is the best way and that taking pictures with a flash wouldn’t make the pictures as cool. But I learned a big lesson there, as you can see, the flash added a lot to the atmosphere and also created its own atmosphere. It captured the energy that was there. I particularly liked the pictures with the flash shooting behind the subject.

  4. Chris Manning says

    I love concert photography. The lighting is so dramatic already, and that can be accentuated with great photo skills and composition like you’ve so masterfully demonstrated with these photos!

  5. Madelyn Wayment says

    These pictures are so fun! While you still may consider yourself a wedding photographer, I think you could just say “Photographer”. I’ve noticed that you excel in pretty much any style of photography that you have tried. I really like how you used the lighting for the concert to make your pictures work rather than trying to change it. I think the guy in the black and white picture standing between the curtains looks a bit like Heath Ledger – at least in that picture.

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  7. Ben Church says

    Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent information and website. Lots of great stuff here. Glad I found your site to help with wedding.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Ben Church

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