JAG 2011 – The Event of the Decade


(This baby shouts out in joy and exuberance… “JAG is amazing and JAG will bring world peace”)


The event of the year? The event of the decade? The event of the century? Or… the Event of your lifetime? – Good questions.

“And Jarvie said… Let there be JAG”

“9 out of 10 dentists recommend JAG”

Queue the Pomp… Queue the circumstance!

I wanted an epic title to go with the epicness of JAG – but I guess I’ll settle for … well… we’ll see. haha

Let’s just say this is a big deal.

What is JAG?

  • JAG is 4 parts Awesomeness
  • JAG is 2 parts Cool factor
  • JAG is 3 parts TigerBlood
  • JAG is 6 parts Jimmer
  • JAG is 10 parts Jarvie-ness
  • JAG is 50% Creativity
  • JAG is 40% Photography
  • JAG is 30% Game Time
  • Double Rainbow = Good
  • Birth of your Child = Better
  • JAG = Best
  • A Dash of Bliss
  • A Tablespoon of Competition
  • A Cup full of stick-to-it-ness
  • And a Gallon of #Winning

History lesson

Years ago JAG was born and many a people faced off on the ultimate challenge.

Now years later the incentives have only grown as the prizes are worth than anytime in the last 3 centuries.

The first JAG was 2 years ago with over 55 people participating in their chance for greatness. 5 individuals came out victorious and their lives have never been the same since.

It Grows

Why stop at 50? Why stop at 5 winners… we can all be winners at the game of life #winning

A creative spark of life once breathed into a monster such as this never diminishes but only grows bigger and stronger.

Lucky for all of us it’s a Happy Monster

The main incentive started from realizing I had some spots available in  Flash Camp 2011 and there were some people without the monies but with the strong desire.

You want? -> Answer: You Want!

But you might be excited to know i have a whole slew of extra incentives… incentives for the Whole Family.

I’m not putting them all on here at the moment because I want to keep this post a little smaller and less complicated.

Key factor = 3 Leagues

I couldn’t hold back the awesome … so now I made it open to the hords! Incentives to all the creatively inclined people that like good stuff.

We’ll have three divisions of the competitors.

When you start the JAG  you’ll decide which league… after 3 days you won’t be allowed to switch leagues.

Flash League

  • The main prize (and the prize that started this all) will be Free Entry into Flash Camp 2011

Other prizes include:

  • entries to day 1 presentations of Photo Bootcamp
  • Discounted rates for flash camp
  • Lightroom Training
  • 1 on 1 consulting
  • Other random things I think of between now and then. (and by random I mean awesome)

Shoot League

  • Main prize will be a Photoshoot of your choosing w/ prints.

Other Prizes Include

  • Lesser photoshoots (under different terms and conditions, such as set availability, set types of shoots)
  • Discounted photoshoots
  • Other random things I think of between now and then. (and by random I mean awesome)

Art League

  • Main prize is redecorating of a room in your house ala JarvieDigital art. We’re talking big pics 30×40 or a bunch o’ pics.

Other prizes include

  • Varying size prints
  • Or print gift cards
  • Or print discounts
  • Other random things I think of between now and then. (and by random I mean awesome)

Promises I can Keep

Because JAG is a dynamic creative creature I promise to keep you on your toes. I promise things will change…. at least you know what the main prizes are for and that alone should keep you motivated to win, with the eye on the prize.

Join the fight

Simply declare some sort of magnificent hyperbole about JAG with a link to this post on twitter, facebook or a Blog post and let the JAG commence.

You want the “Rule Book” ? – Well that is available to the JAGgers as a exhaustive and living document on Google Docs. So I suggest getting me an email address.

Who will come out on top?

  • Those that believe
  • Those that work
  • Those that are intelligent
  • Those that are creative
  • Those that love photography
  • Those that are lucky

Who will come out at the very tip top?

Those that believe they can creatively work their intelligence in the pursuit of all things photography. Lucky them!


  1. Chris Manning says

    I want in on this. I sent out what I feel to be a pretty awesome tweet, but I’d like to see the full “rule book” as it were. Chris at chrismanning digital dot com. Thanks, Scott! You’re a gem.

  2. Kristina Fidler says

    I’m excited about your work and hope that someday I’ll get to do the same play. :) I would also like to see the full rule book. I did post a bit on facebook.

    Jimmer- out. JAG- in.

  3. Kaylynne Hatch says

    I am absolutely intrigued and I’ve tweeted the link with enthusiasm!
    I’d love to get a “rule book” as well though, so I can fully understand the break down. :)
    E-mail: KaylynneH@gmail.com
    Thanks so much!

  4. ScottJarvie says

    I am still crafting the “rule book” like a beautiful piece of art.
    Envisioning how the points will dance across my spreadsheet is a time consuming thing.
    It’s close… hopefully with a new morning and a fresh mind it’s very close to completion.

    Remember you must believe in JAG to be in JAG… and further knowledge comes after that leap of faith. :)

  5. Terri Izatt says

    I guess I should get you my email address so I can find out what to do for the SHOOT league so I can win a photo shoot.

    Thanks Scott!

  6. Kjirstin Youngberg says


  7. Kandi says

    Melissa Blue sent me…..she is an amazing photographer and has wonderful things to say about you!!!! So excited about this!!!!!

  8. Eric Quinney says

    Why would you not want to be involved in this epic event? Why would someone sit back and watch others participate in JAG. I am ready to be a part of history, I am ready to JAG!

  9. Jane says

    Robbie Petersen sent me.

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  11. Robbie Petersen says

    i never commented on this? hmm, well here we go, the post that says Jane, that’s my sister, i’m not sure if she wanted to be involved in this contest, but I’d probably send her an email with the instructions.

  12. […] :p – I decided to accept the challenge that Scott Jarvie posted on his blog as a part of the #JAG Event. That challenge involved reading a bunch of the posts on his blog (of which I probably have read […]

  13. Annika Sommerville says

    I’m in!!!! (not sure what i’m getting myself into here…)

  14. Madelyn Wayment says

    Could you believe that I hadn’t commented on this yet? WELL! Let me just say….this is a really fun idea! And I really hope I win :)

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