Silent but not Quite

Posted by ScottJarvie at April 19, 2011

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So my blog has been kind of Silent.

But I have not been quite… I’ve been saying a lot and posting a lot… it’s just not always here.

The point is I say interesting things, talk about what I’m doing and post pictures on my FACEBOOK PAGE

I’ve been traveling a bunch but not only that I’ve been just posting links to the galleries sometimes.

I’m about to post some more things on this blog… but I still say you should follow my facebook page… it’s certainly an active spot on the internet.


  1. Eric Quinney says

    I follow the Facebook Page and the blogs! I am new and learning how to do all of this and this blog and the Facebook page is a valuable asset to people looking to learn and those looking for a quality photographer!

  2. Robbie Petersen says

    i learned a lot from this post, do I still get credit if I reviewed this post?

  3. Madelyn Wayment says

    Question….is the title of this post really supposed to be “Silent but not Quite”? or were you intending it to be Silent but not Quiet? Just curious….cause frankly both titles probably work :) And I agree you definitely aren’t silent – you’re facebook pages are always bumpin’

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