Making The Best of a Rainy Day

I hear too many stories about photographers postponing photoshoots due to weather.

A few I can understand but a majority I also understand but am against. I think they’re missing out on big opportunities.

In many of those cases they just need to educate and push the clients into understanding why rainy day pictures are so great.

I guess it also takes a photographer that is ready and able to handle any weather and any lighting situation and make awesome opportunities they come accross.

I now have like 4-5 umbrellas and I think I’ll be keeping my eye out much more in the future.

In some previous posts you’ll see some more umbrella pictures too.

I think there are a fair amount of clients that seem to feel more comfortable with a prop. It gives them something else to interact with.

You can view the full gallery online here.

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  1. Heather says

    Fairy tail picturesque

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