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Knowledge is obtained through time and continues to grow each and every day.

(Photos by Britney Brent unless marked otherwise:)

Hello all!!! My name is Britney Brent. What a blessing it is to be able to have people in my life to help me grow and be better in every aspect of life; particularly in PHOTOGRAPHY!!!!! Photography is a passion I developed my during my first year of college. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, who I wanted to be, how I wanted to contribute to society, but I just wasn’t able to figure that out throughout my classes in college.

My roommate had an awesome Nikon film camera that she let me play with throughout our rooming days. I absolutely loved my life when I was behind that camera. It literally brought me a joy that I never even knew I could experience. However, for 3 more years I worked in college to do what I thought would be better for me by getting a college degree. Only, I wasn’t happy there.

Those experiences are what have brought me to where I am today. Those experiences helped me decide to get training where I really needed it, where I would be most benefited, and in a field that I knew I would be happy doing for the rest of my life! Those experiences brought me to Scott Jarvie Boot-camp!!

I’m not the quickest learner, and sometimes I do have to be shown how to do something a couple times before it clicks, but that’s okay. Having 3 other interns with me throughout this 10 day camp was very helpful, I was able to ask and observe them to learn different aspects throughout our time with Scott.

Now for the play by play of my boot-camp experience:

Day 1 – Using location

Location is HUGE when it comes to photography. Location can literally make or break a photograph in my eyes. How you use the area where you shoot is so important, and SO EASY!!! I was one to go to a location and use it for a few shots and move to a completely new location because I didn’t know how to USE the area. With the help of Scott and some creative games he used with us I was able to better learn how to use a location to its fullest. How to make one location look like 12.

Day 2 – Assisting

Having an assistant at a photoshoot isn’t always necessary, I know many a great photographer (lookie loo photography) who don’t use one and their pictures turn out absolutely gorgeous!!!! But having an assistant really is nice. Being able to just worry about taking the picture instead of moving lights and carrying equipment is super convenient.

Being a good assistant when you ARE the assistant is crucial to the photographer you are working with. Knowing what equipment might be necessary. Knowing their shooting style so you can assist with lighting is expected. Being able to communicate clearly and quickly is ideal.

It’s not easy to hold a reflector yourself when you need the light reflected from five feet away from where you actually want to take the picture. An assistant is an asset that is a privilege. Being an assistant is also a privilege. Both can be a great asset to a photograph.

Day 3 – Orchard Photoshoot

Different clients demand a different type of photoshoot. This day we got to take photographs of the student body at Renaissance Hair Academy. There were SOOOOO much fun. A younger group who are wanting to have their pictures taken and love showing off their talents. This was a very relaxed feel of a photoshoot for the clients. However, we as photographers still needed a game plan before going in so that it COULD be a relaxed feel for students.

We set up stations for each of the photographers to be at, we set up a rotation for the clients to use, and knew what type of pictures each photographer would be taking at each station. Also, because we would all be shooting simultaneously we made sure that our cameras were all synced time wise.

Day 4 – Symphony walk through

I have been on many shoots where I don’t know much about the location before. It’s not always necessary to ‘know’ where you will be shooting because by not knowing you are allowing yourself more creative freedom when you actually arrive. BUT, sometimes it is VERY necessary to know your location. For example: when shooting head shots of an entire symphony! We went to Abravanel Hall to check it out and test out different locations inside the building for the photoshoot. Because we would be shooting around 75 people during a short and scheduled amount it time it was important that we know what, where, lighting, and timing would be for each person.

So, the day before we did what we called a ‘walk through’ to figure all that out. Doing so made the actually shoot go a lot smoother and editing go by much quicker because there was more uniformity throughout the entire collection of photos.

Day 5 and 6 – Flash camp

“Oh how lovely was the morning radiant beams the sun above. Bees were humming sweet birds singing…” well, I can’t say that we were singing very happy tunes when we had to wake up at 5:45 after having stayed up passed midnight the night before. 😉 But the array of pictures we had captured were totally worth it when going through them later.

During these two days of camp we learned as much as we could with flash. We as interns started with Scott in Jeremy Hall’s studio. Working with lighting in a studio and learning to get the color balance and light exposure correct was great. One of the best parts of working in a studio is that your pictures are very consistent. However, what I don’t love is the lack of picture diversity available.

Later we joined with other photographers and some wonderful models to experience flash outside. We were able to have lots of different opportunities with lighting throughout the evening, night and then morning.

Probably my most favorite and useful bit of information I learned throughout the 10 days came from these two days. Oh how the flash can change a picture quality, the lighting, the focus and just the look of the photo is so much better when a flash is used correctly. My favorite piece of knowledge obtain would have to be that of exposing the background perfectly then using a flash to expose the subject perfectly as well.

Day 7 – The wedding

I was sick for this day :( And I’m sad to have missed it

Day 8 and 10 – The Office – very comparable to the TV series 😉

(Photo by Laurel Scott)
After taking thousands of pictures it is absolutely necessary to go through them! Photography isn’t just the act of taking the picture, there is so much more that comes with it.
You then have to:
Upload them
Get rid of blurry ones
Pick ones you’d like the client to see and never see again
Pick your favorite ones
Edit them
Edit them again
Organize them
Upload them to give to your clients
And of course!!!

Getting them on a blog or facebook

The amount of actually ‘behind the camera time’ is far less than the time in front of a computer. Having an efficient work flow is very necessary. And learning to do things quickly will help that time go by quicker so you CAN spend more time behind the camera.

Anyone can take pictures…. But there is so much more to taking a photograph. A photograph helps make a moment a treasured keepsake. Scott is helping me become a photographer, not just someone who takes pictures. The knowledge I gained throughout this camp is knowledge I will get to keep forever. And the knowledge that I gained will help me create keepsakes that others can have today and keep forever.


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