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Posted by ScottJarvie at July 15, 2011

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One Big Print

Wanna see it bigger
You can find a 4000px version here if you want to zoom in even more and see all the fun expressions.

Added more friends
I went to 2.5″ a circle instead of 3″ and was able to add lots more people. I was able to add dozens more of my close friends and Photographers I know.
The one last night was more about getting feedback on the design. (People liked it so I stuck with it and it’s being printed right now as a 40×60… so don’t tell me problems now. haha)

Let’s tag this one instead of the one now.
If you’re not on here… it means you’re not a good enough friend and you need to visit more. haha
Or it means I’m not perfect and missed stuff.

What is a Jarvie Window?

The People
+Harley Pebley +Crystal Keating +David Esquire +Carissa Uribe +Jeremy Hall +Pete Stott+Whitney Lewis +Thomas Lewis Wade Heninger Summer CottamĀ +Ann Torrence +Nicole S. Young+laa hernando-guanzon +Rich Legg +David Terry +Melissa Williams +Kelly Branan +Bryan Jones+May Bo Hubbard +joachim guanzon +Antonio Neyra +Jeremy Bechthold +Jesse Moore +Ryan Christensen +darby mouritsen +Joanna Taylor +Robbie Petersen +Jesse Royston Petersen+Miranda McAfee +Ben Kuhns

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