Formals on a Carousel


To see the rest of the photos we have up online from this shoot, visit the SmugMug Gallery.

We were at the national mall (Washington DC) They love the old smithsonian building and right by there is a carousel. The workers were excited to have us there and let us go for a turn.

Turns out these types of carousels are pretty difficult … they would be fine if all they did was spin in a circle but all the things go up and down as well… this means the bride and groom went up and down at differing times.

But I made due and got some fun shots.


This speaks for it self I suppose.

 018_7B09304 017_7B09284

 019_7B09317 077_7B09441



These fit into the series… same colors and look. A vendor also there in the mall.


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  1. Chris Suspect says

    Great job with these shots. This carousel is particularly difficult to shoot people on because of the lighting issues. It looks like you timed most of these so the refreshment shack is in the background. This must have been done in the late afternoon. What did you do here to get the lighting so good and not blow any highlights?

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