Newport Beach Formals

They’re getting married this next saturday but when I was down there for a wedding last weekend we got a lot done.

A 8-9hr photoshoot… let’s give props to the groom for holding on for that long… that’s true love!

Here’s a couple from the end of the night but I’ll next show some highlights in chronological order of what and where we went that day.

To see the rest of the images go to the gallery.

We also spent a few hours not in their wedding clothes. I might do another post of them later… but you’ll see them in the gallery above.

This was all done as part of a 9hr workflow hangout video that I did on Google+


  1. Iain says

    Hey so either these people are unbelievably slim… Or the mobile version of your site isn’t keeping the correct aspect ratio of your photos.

    Either way, I think the stuff you’re doing on Google+ is awesome!

    BTW I’m on a HTC Desire HD, running CM7, and using Dolphin Browser HD.

  2. April says

    I just adore your lighting!!!!

  3. Giuseppe Basile says

    These turned out real nice Scott, good to see a sneak peak of behind the scenes as well..Cheers

  4. Paul Monaghan says

    Lovely work :)

  5. Er Pearson says

    I really like the first one posted here. And, thanks for letting us hangout yesterday while you went through the process.

  6. Paige says

    Iain – we are just that slim. Talk about good genetics and eating habits huh? 😉

  7. Lisa says

    Beautiful photos :) so exicited to see the final product.

  8. Myrna Hutchings says

    WHAT GREAT LOOKING COUPLE. Paige, can’t believe how much you look like your mother. So wish we could be there on Sat., but I’m doing a baby shower for my granddaughter Mallory.
    Love ya, GREAT Aunt Myrna

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