The Bride and her Dress


Way excited to be sharing this set of pictures.
It was the perfect storm of awesomeness that all came together for an awesome shoot.

 0001_7362417 0023_7362421

We took pictures for a couple hours then took a 30-40 minute break to wait for the moment when we knew that the christmas lights would come on. We were not disapointed.
I knew they were great when I was taking them and I knew she was cold and we had plenty of pictures so this flurry of pictures at the end only lasted a few minutes while the lights were on and then we were done.

 0090_7362328 0097_7362401 0096_7362388 0092_7362338 0095_7362387


Some long exposure shots just to play around (above)
And my take on the classic window shots (below)


 0009_7361974 0058_7361969


Oh Christmas tree

 0043_7361773 0040_7361738 0046_7361779 0041_7361740 0048_7361783

 0006_7362289 0020_7362305

Funny Story. It was so windy she actually lost the veil and it flew high into a tree… it took us 5-10 minutes to get it down. We pinned it in later.


 0010_7361629 0011_7361650

Our locations outside were determined by where the wind was less and where the ground was cleaner


Lighting determines posing sometimes.

 0005_7362264 0038_7361717


The dress was a star and I treated it with photographic respect

I am MORE than happy to work with dresses from this dedicated and unique designer so look her up: or

 0073_7362099 0014_7361896 0049_7361881 0050_7361897 0017_7362096


The bride was a star… she was a natural… she did her thing and let me spend more time and mental effort in doing my thing.


  1. Tom Sparks says

    Brilliant set Scott. Love the colors.

  2. Darmon Wallace says

    This is just fabulous! Your work is inspiring!

  3. Michelle says

    What do you get when you put an amazing photographer + a stunning dress + an incredible veil + a brilliant location + gorgeous bride all together?! This. Definitely this.

  4. Mary Clark says

    Like a princess in a dream! Absolutely beautiful work for a beautiful bride!

  5. Liz H says

    these are absolutely stunning!! i am a big fan of your work. i would love to know some of the technical details of this shoot – the supplemental lighting you used, etc.

  6. Liz H says

    did you use HDR to capture the christmas lights images, or were you able to do that in camera?

  7. Carolyn Smith says

    I am in awe!! Honestly, I was moved to tears to see these photos. Where were you when I got married 12 years ago. You have an amazing talent. If you ever come to Alaska, I would love for you to take my families photos.

  8. Heidi says

    This shoot is AMAZING! I love it! I saw it first on Melissa Blackburn’s blog. Great work!

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