2012 Wedding Pricing (Introducing… No Travel Costs)



My big news for 2012
I no longer charge travel costs for a wedding.

One Price: Yep just one price for anywhere in the world.

Because most of my weddings have me traveling far from my home state (Utah) I’ve decided to have one price, it avoids complication, encourages travel to exciting places and makes me unique.

Why? To me it’s not about costs incurred traveling, it’s more it’s me being indisposed for other weddings traveling 2 days… and therefore the price is included.
Because traveling during 2 days is how it always is… ergo the cost will be the same, because everywhere out of Utah has me traveling during 2 extra days.

Besides… I love traveling … and like I said it sets me apart.


I’m proud of the following points: (About Me)

  • The one word that describes my photography: Personality
  • I don’t charge by hour – I’m ALL day… to the very end
  • I edit every picture I give to the client. (This is a big deal)
  • You get a ton of pictures. I can’t remember the last wedding where they got less than 500 pictures. (Sometimes I do lots more… it depends on what they have organized)
  • I’ve been doing weddings since 2005 so I’m experienced but still excited about weddings.
  • I have an editing style all to myself I describe it as: bright and full of colors.
  • I teach photography and have had over 20 interns in the past few years.
  • Things I am most well known for teaching: Workflow, Editing, Off Camera Flash, Interacting with clients, Lightroom and SmugMug
  • I can handle very difficult lighting situations.
  • I always succeed. Therefore there’s a lot of trust/confidence in what I do. My clients know they’re for sure going to get awesome pictures.
  • Fun: People get along with me… and not just the wedding couple, everyone. I’m laid back and I don’t get stressed on the job.
  • You will end up with the usage rights (and files) to the pictures. (This is also a big thing)
  • And of course: No travel costs
  • I am conversational in 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese… in that order) I’ve studied many others.


  • Utah: I’m discounting the cost for Utah because I have two extra days where i’m not traveling and can do 2 times more weddings in Utah.
  • Students/Military: It’s something unique I’ve done ever since I’ve started and the tradition will continue.
  • Ol’ Friends: Again something I’ve done ever since the beginning.
  • Trade/Barter: I’ve been known for my belief that a fair exchange doesn’t have to be 100% federal reserve notes (dollars) and therefore I’m willing to talk about options for trade.

On a budget? Hard to say what this means. Budgets range dramatically … I’ve dealt with all ranges.
It doesn’t hurt to email or call.
If you feel your budget might be a bit low… just be honest and let me know what that budget is. I’ve helped people out that had their heart set on my photography and I’ve also helped connect people to other amazing photographers.



  • 1. Formals (wedding pictures of just the couple on a separate flexible date)
  • 2. Wedding
  • 3. Wedding with Journalistic Book (120pgs)
  • 4. Wedding with Leatherbound Fancy Album (40pgs)

Pricing will vary greatly, so personally, I say you should simply contact me.
Range: Formals start in the $1500 range. On the higher end for example a wedding (anywhere) with 3 Press-printed journalistic 120pg books is about $8400
So you might be somewhere in between that range.

Additional things to consider (All are heavily discounted with wedding purchase)

  • Pre-wedding photoshoots (Engagements, Bridals, Formals)
  • Second day options
  • Parent copies of the books/albums
  • Prints
  • Additional Photographer (Not common for me, but I have lots of connections if the wedding calls for it)


I’m way easy to get a hold of and I’d like to think pleasant to talk with.

Call: 1-801-362-6372

Email: jarvie@jarviedigital.com

Google+ : Probably the best way to follow me and what I do and who I am: http://jarviedigital.com/plus
(You do not need to have an account to view my posts… but you will to contact/interact with me there.)

Facebook: http://facebook.com/jarvie and my oft-neglected fan-page is http://facebook.com/jarviedigital


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  1. barbara says

    Are you only in Utah??

  2. ScottJarvie says

    I do most of my weddings out of Utah. So this means anywhere in the world. Like for instance I’ll be in california a lot this year and also in canada and paris.

  3. okmarket says
  4. Laura says

    I would say AMAZING photos, not just good! WOW, I’m a very “new” photographer (well, technically anyway:) & WOW Scott, this is the kind of work I literally am dreaming of! I’m going to Paris then to Italy this June, & I am seriosuly just DYING to do a bride & groom photo shoot! Your work is really beautiful!

  5. Ashley Walters says

    I was wondering what you typically charged for a traveling wedding? I am a photographer myself and had a few people inquire my pricing to travel and I honestly have no clue. I typically do NOT do weddings but I was asked to do a wedding in the Keys and I am not sure what to charge. I know plane and hotel is going to be 2k already… I feel like I would charge close to 5k after all the days they asked and time spend editing. Love any input! :)

  6. Tom Stark says

    I am retired from photography. I have always been very disapointed with the majority of the “work” presented by people calling themselves “professional” photographers. In fact there are very few photographers for whom I have any respect. I have to say, after seeing your work, I am renewed. What a blessing it is to see a photographer who is actually creative, and truly “creates” images, as in can visulize a finished image and them make it happen, rather then just point and shoot a camera. Thank you for actually educating yourself on our craft and applying yourself. That is an all too rare commodity today!

  7. Linda zambrano says

    Erika Zambrano my daughter was a bridesmaid at Laceys wedding and is getting married on June 22 nd in Newport beach temple. What would you charge to do her wedding? And the reception is at the Dana Point Yacht club. Harbor pictures would be beautiful!!!
    Let me know

  8. Christie Hunt says

    I am absolutely in love with your photography. I found you through Jostlyn Stilson and have been an avid follower ever since! I’ve already started saving to have you at my wedding which will be sometime around 2017 ish after my mission and after I find that important ingredient to a wedding: the groom. Just giving you a 5 years heads up :) haha!

  9. Holly Beifuss says

    We are having a wedding at the L.A. Temple on August 24th. Then we will have a garden dinner celebration in Santa Barbara at Hope Ranch that evening. I could not understand what your pricing is. Are you available and what would the price be? Thanks~

  10. Mike Borstler says

    Wow, your photos are fantastic!

  11. Rex Herfurth says

    I didn’t know of you until the Lindsey Stirling photo shoot. The way I see it, you sir are the definition of professional and excellence. That goes for SmugMug, also. Very impressed with the pictures of Lindsey I received. Thank you.

  12. Wedding Photography Denver says

    Yeah, in this time wedding planners provide very high cost plans for weddings, recently I have attended my friends wedding, he told me about the cost.
    Wedding Photography Denver

  13. Rita Merrick says

    Do you do family photography? If so, what is your pricing?

  14. Maria Guizar says

    Beautiful pictures.
    We are having a Quinceañera (sweet fifteen birthday celebration) for my daughter. We are on a budget and would like to keep the cost under $1000. It would be a full day celebration on September 7th. Let me know if this is something you can do. If not, references for a good photographer within our budget would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

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