Where in the World is Scott Jarvie?

I have had the great honor to Intern for Scott Javie and it has been just as adventurous as he is.  He is generous with his time, his talents and sharing what he knows with me. I can honestly say I have learned more than I ever anticipated and have drastically improved my editing and shooting skills.   It was educational observing Jarvie in action on several photo shoots, seeing how he captures his images with great emotion.  His tricks of the trade are wildly different and unique to his style. ( Love the hand over the lens trick.)  His ability to make his clients immediately comfortable in front of this lens is inspiring and is evident in his images.

As my internship comes to a close and Jarvie’s expedition begins in Bolivia, I bid you ado and thank him greatly for allowing me into his world. I will carry what I learned with me always.

If you are ever invited to assist, shoot or photo walk with Scott Jarvie, Do it!  This is an opportunity of a lifetime you won’t want to miss. Plus, he is down to earth and an all around good guy.  Thank you Scott Jarvie – for all you do for the photography community.

So, here’s where Scott is…


Moon set over El Alto, Bolivia


La Paz Bolivia early early morning. Using a gradual neutral density filter to darken the city to match the sky.


  1. John C. says

    Your photos look stunning. But I see a lot of Photoshop editing involved, which is not a problem for me. Especially the “Moon over El Alto, Bolivia,” which seems to be a cut and paste moon, but of course I could be wrong. But my serious question is this – do you edit ALL of your photos? I’ve taken lots of early morning mountain pictures here in Arizona (pre 5:30am), and have been disappointed at the lack of saturation and sharpness from my RAW photos. Any suggestions? Thinking that it’s my camera, but I doubt it.

  2. ScottJarvie says

    I don’t use Photoshop. haha
    Just lightroom.

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