Here's my setup for photoroad trips

Posted by scott at December 20, 2012

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Filmed and uploaded all on my new Galaxy note 2


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  1. Umesh Thota says

    Good Luck! +Scott Jarvie

  2. Frank DeMarco says

    Thanks so much, +Scott Jarvie!  I always enjoy behind the scenes stuff like this. Loads of ideas.  I'd never heard of that big battery charger setup.  Have a FUN and safe photo trip.

  3. Don Krypton says

    Morning, Scott!
    Thanks for the vid – I also enjoy these kind of videos very much! Man, that ride looks stuffed! Wouldn't a small bus be more practical? Something like a Volkswagen T4 or T5? Maybe with 4WD? I'm sure, it also would be stuffed with your whole shmear, too, but you'd have more place for yourself…:-)…!
    By the way: Does your Toyota have a seperate heating system for the night? The sheet looks rather thin…

  4. Chris Sutherland says

    May the road rise up to meet you and the wind always be to your back. +Scott Jarvie Adventure Time!

  5. Michael Bissig says

    Looks awsome. Have fun!

  6. Ali Elhajj says

    Don't be fooled +Scott Jarvie isn't going on a road trip, he's preparing for the end of the world! I dig the charging power plant behind the passenger seat

  7. David Acuna says

    shoot away!!

  8. Bo Nielsen says

    Have a great trip +Scott Jarvie

  9. Daniel Mora says

    Man you dont pack light at all, lol!

  10. Umesh Thota says

    Believe the saying goes,
    Hope for the Best! Prepare for the Worst!

  11. Scott Jarvie says

    +Don Krypton I'm on the lookout for something with a taller roof which I could sit up while in the back on the bed.

    Also I have a heavy sleeping bag

  12. Zachary Cox says

    I love the behind the scenes videos too, if you make it to Vegas send out a post. You make me want to trade in my mustang for a SUV and head out on the road for the winter. Jealous of snow on the ground.

  13. Jeff Jarboe says

    Why do I have no sound?

  14. Michael Riffle says

    Thanks for sharing, that's quite a cool setup. Great ideas here.

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