I'm going on a trip and I'm bringing

Posted by scott at December 21, 2012

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A sexy car… check.
Beautiful sunrises… check.
A dashingly handsome model… check.
A tripod for self portraits… check.
A knowledge of where I'll be next… meh… sometimes.
Freedom to wander and create… check and check!

(Taken this morning in the middle of nowhere oregon)

Check out some of my recent YOUTUBE videos so far from the trip:
How I prepare the car for a roadtrip: 

An interview with +Levi Sim  (a photographer in Logan) : http://youtu.be/rIRkynFLfE4

A quick Photo-tip at my first stop:

more to come
I've already done 3-4 more videos… such as one at the location in this picture that I'll be uploading soon.


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  1. Middleton Joshua Wolver-Dx says

    Toyota's rock :) Great POV +Scott Jarvie

  2. Gary Munroe says

    Why does this remind me of National Lampoon's Vacation poster… it's only missing something… hmm.. can't put my finger on it…  Very nice shot anyways.

  3. Scott Jarvie says

    not bringing the attention of +Toyota USA apparently


  4. Mary M says

    dashingly handsome model…..check

  5. Tawni Henlin says

    You forgot your snow pants? Well hey, you're in Oregon, lots of outdoor stores to choose from! :)

  6. Cameron Siguenza says

    +Toyota USA – as a long term customer, I urge you to take a look at +Scott Jarvie 's good work :) Make him a brand ambassador. :)

  7. Graham Knights says

    Definitely would join in a +TOYOTA convoy if you pass through these parts again!

  8. Chris Chabot says

    Dang +Scott Jarvie you are so amazingly good at setting up these kind of shots – love it!

    Also suitably jealous at the freedom to roam around for 2-3 weeks without really knowing where you're going – while I bet it's hardly as glamorous as it sounds, well it does sound like a very adventurous interpretation of the american dream

    Hope you'll have a blast!

  9. Bo Nielsen says

    Way to go +Scott Jarvie

  10. Swaroop Subbanna says

    Like a Boss +Scott Jarvie, Like a BOSS!

  11. Donna McClure says

    As a native Oregonian I wonder where you are in this picture!

  12. Al Dee Sollinger says

    +Donna McClure I was wondering the same thing. I am thinking somewhere Central or a Eastern.

  13. Daniel Horande says

    may i ask you how do you create that flare on your headlights:-)???

  14. Alen Pasalic says

    excellent shot.

  15. Levi Sim says

    Thanks, Scott! Always a bagful of adventure when Jarvie drives through…

  16. jade mener says

    bonne route

  17. Chuck Jackson says

    +Scott Jarvie Bon voyage and have fun!!!

  18. Scott Jarvie says

    I really have no idea where I was. Except the road between Burns and Lakeview … aka eastern Oregon.

  19. Snap Fizzle says

    Hey Scott,

    Nice pic.  Care to comment on which roof rack you are using?  Also, does your Venza have a sunroof/moonroof?


  20. Giuseppe Basile says

    You may need the hashtag #jarvieselfie  for the self portraits :-)

  21. Marcin Brzezinski says

    You need a new haircut 😛


    Nothing happeded.

  23. Eric Wortman says

    How is the Venza in the snow? I have been strongly considering one, but was curious about that aspect.

  24. Maria Elisabeth Spegiorin says

    Very Good +Scott Jarvie.
    Lyrically Inspired.

  25. Joe Frazee says

    ROAD TRIP!!!! I called shotgun!

  26. Zarak Khan says

    wooow wooow awesome

  27. Scott Jarvie says

    +Eric Wortman it did really good yesyerday. I was on a very snowy Mountain passes. The awd got me out of a couple tough situations. Like off Roading in snow

  28. Shelly Gunderson says

    Have a great time!  Looking forward to the photos!

  29. danik cr says

    I see nothing sexy on a family car, but this is just me.. The rest and the picture rocks 😉

  30. Markus Landsmann says

    Have fun.

  31. jay sharpe says

    ya your blind or u don't have even a remote idea as to what a 'sexy' car is. try spelling Ferrari on your 'black board' 100 times until u get the idea

  32. Rich Carstensen says

    Have fun!  I'm envious of your travels!

  33. Scott Jarvie says

    haha yes I'd love to have a ferrari however I do happen to live in reality… and it'd make car camping a bit tougher… but then again if I had a ferrari I'd suffer staying in the 5star resorts 😉

    I think some people make the mistake to take me a little too much at my word

  34. Bessie Williams says

    But do you have health insurance?????

  35. Chris Gardner says

    Great pics. Keep snapping.

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