"Chasing the light"

Posted by scott at January 22, 2013

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We literally ran after the early morning sun light as it came through these arches in Arches National Park today. It moved quickly… but it made stuff look great!

In other news
I've been on the road for a while… it may be time to come home I think.


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  1. Sara Byrne says

    pretty dang amazing.

  2. Niki Steenkamp says


  3. Daniel Treadwell says

    Incredible timing there +Scott Jarvie.  It's perfect.

  4. Azrin Az says

    Great sun flare..

  5. David Stanley says

    Awesome how you got the flare coming through the arch.

  6. Howard Hoffman says

    Beautiful image.

  7. Manuela Azevedo says


  8. Alen Pasalic says

    got all elements, snow and sun as the contrast of the nature and beautiful frame of the sun.
    always great Jarvie.

  9. Jan Karlo Camero says

    nice framing and color contrast!

  10. Chris Gardner says

    Looks like ZZYZX Rd. But no that is the other way. Love the rocks, the snow & the photo's.
    KEEP EM COMING!!! Awesome Sun Catcher.

  11. Bryan Seears says

    love the sun burst…

  12. ravi upadhyaya says


  13. Igor Novotni says


  14. Paul Wang says


  15. Madhu Joya says


  16. Penny Baroldy says

    AMAZING shot! Thank you for sharing.

  17. Peter Preston says

    Just a hint of 'burning bush' in this beautiful photo.

  18. Wilma Agosto says

    Awesome picture

  19. gulshan sam says


  20. Josip Majer says

    may i say timing is perfect? :)

  21. Azam Shah says

    owh mannnn

  22. amit atarthi says


  23. Don Sobotor says

    Fake but still cool.

  24. Aki Vorm says

    Cool pic…

  25. Mahesh Solanki says

    cool yaar

  26. Zezen Cabiling says

    Wow! The light looks like a Saint.

  27. Peter Preston says

    +Don Sobotor, do you want to explain what you mean by "fake"?

  28. Shelly Gunderson says


  29. flendy arie says

    waaooooowww perfect

  30. Margaret Tompkins says

    I love this gorgeous view!!  The snow is a special bonus!!

  31. Milan Cernak says


  32. Jimmy Lozowsky says

    Superb sunlight!

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