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Posted by scott at January 26, 2013

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It's me… in a video… (Get used to it)
Fall in love with Scott Jarvie all over again.


Ok maybe you don't need to "fall in love"
but just learn why I'm doing a Youtube Channel.
And understand why it's worth giving someone $20 in prints.

{I think I can recap why I'm doing a channel:}
I like sharing and it's given me more sense of purpose to create these videos while on the road and at home. It's made life more interesting. More of a voice.

{SERIES of Videos  – a.k.a. Playlists}
– Interviews
– Product Reviews
– Location Reviews
– VLOGS/Updates (like this)
– Photo Stories
– Photo Tips
– Randomness
– Temples
– Timelapse videos
– Slideshows and Photoshoot reviews

{200 subscribers = celebrate}
I know I have over 100,000 on a couple different locations but YouTube is new for me.

Write a comment and put #20 in it (on any of my videos) and I'll give $20 to one of those folk.


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  1. Scott Jarvie says

    Yep, I'm not above bribing people to interact with and subscribe with my new passion (youtube) $20 to celebrate 200 subscribers in 1 month . hahaha

    Next stop 116,703 😉

  2. Gary Harris says

    Love the hand movement! Boisterous fun.

  3. Scott Jarvie says

    +Gary Harris haha thanks… It makes me feel more comfortable talking in front of a camera that way. 

    OR just a love for all things Italian

  4. Kamal Singh says

    This is going to be very interesting, looking forward to see more videos!


  5. Gary Harris says

    Glad you laughed. Just  love people being people!

  6. Scott Jarvie says

    +Kamal Singh Awesome! Well you're in luck I filmed over 100 on my 35 day road trip and I have LOTS of plans for stuff to do while here at home. 

    And make sure to put that comment on the youtube. I'm tricking people into subscribing to me I hope 😉

  7. Scott Jarvie says

    +Gary Harris It would be tiring to try to keep up false identity for too long… so I figured i'd be lazy and just be myself. Which I guess can be tiring as well haha

  8. Scott Jarvie says

    I've hit 200 officially

    Facebook 159k (8 years)
    GPlus 116k (1.5 years)
    GPlus Page 5.3k (1year)
    FB Page 4.6k (? years)
    Abandoned Twitter (4-5yrs?) 2.8k
    Instagram 1k (6 months)

    Youtube 200!! (29 days)

  9. Katie Wright says

    I never fell out of love with +Scott Jarvie !

  10. Gary Beasley says

    Great Intro Video Scott… have enjoyed following your roadtrip with photos and videos. I will be going on line to your You Tube Channel to watch and comment. I am curious as to what equipment your using to record and edit your videos – is it just your dslr ? Also are your edtiing and adding your comments with an Adobe product? Looks good! Wishing you all the best! Looking forward to your Book!

  11. Scott Jarvie says

    K i'll make sure to point things like that out more +Gary Beasley 

    I've tried to stay away from editing too much right now so that I can focus on just feeling free to make content and I organize video with lightroom. But yeah my D800 or even my Galaxy not2 have great video.

  12. Howy White says

    Im liking the beard.. I've grown my photography beard but my photography has not improved! Please advise..

    Great seeing you on YouTube.

  13. Frank DeMarco says

    Another enjoyable video, +Scott Jarvie!    My Wife and I haven't missed one yet.   I've scheduled a re-share of this post for later this morning.  Good Luck with all of your plans.

  14. Lotus Carroll says

    Ah, the Jarvie Hand Flourish. Nothing else like it. xo

  15. Betty Manousos says

    interesting! you never fail to amaze me! :) love the hand movement.

  16. Scott Jarvie says

    +Betty Manousos +Lotus Carroll I guess the people have spoken… flourish away!

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