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Posted by scott at January 17, 2013

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It happened just a bit before this shot and with the camera up at the edge of that water that my new $800 phone took a swim … for over an hour in the ocean. 
After lots of worrying about the phone and the pictures and videos on the sd card on the phone… a prayer was answered.

The story on video
Listen to the whole story of the lost phone AND my experience there at Pfeiffer beach on my newest daily Youtube video. 

Hint: A replacement phone is happily in my hands as we speak and yay for SD cards in phones … all is recovered.
Which means you'll be seeing those videos roll out on youtube over the next couple of months.


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  1. Susan Marinello says

    I'd say it was worth it!!!!! 😉 THis Rocks!

  2. Jussi Alanko says

    It really was worth of it, great photo :)

  3. Matt Adcock says

    whats up with phones these days…they just don't swim that well!  DOH!

  4. Shelly Gunderson says

    Gorgeous image!

  5. Mark Esguerra says

    Knowing that your SD card is okay, knowing that you have a replacement now, and seeing this shot I'd say it was totally worth it. 😉

  6. Justin Balog says

    That's awesome!

  7. Allan Cabrera says

    Beautiful capture and totally worth it +Scott Jarvie sorry to hear about the phone mishap.

  8. Nicholas Pappagallo Jr says

    Swim! Swim lol – not good I did that one time along time ago … not fun

  9. Gatto NineNineNine says


  10. Matt Leitholt says

    That is a killer photo Jarvie! One of your best.

  11. Chuck Jackson says

    +Scott Jarvie I will go out on a limb here and say, "YES!!!" It was worth it to capture imagery like this!!! Replacement phone definitely makes it worth it times TWO!!! Bravo, sir!!!

  12. Beau Sorensen says

    This is a lovely image Jarvie!  Great work!

  13. Peter Herget says

    Once again I am reminded why you are the "pro" photographer, and I am the "hobby" guy with also an amazing camera :)

  14. Alistair Nicol says

    How many times have you been told not to go swimming with electronics.  Its dangerous!  :)

  15. John H. Moore says

    That giant light is serving you well!

    My phone goes in a ziplock bag and/or in my camera bag when I'm at the ocean….

  16. Christer Westerlund says


  17. Justin V says

    For a shot like this one? Absolutely. What phone was it?

  18. Tyler Foote says


  19. Scott Jarvie says

    I have a Galaxy note 2

  20. Manon Beaulieu says

    Wow! amazing shot..

  21. Sheila B. DuBois says

    Whoa!!! beautiful!!! Love the lighting and the colors!   and I so believe in the power of Prayer!!

  22. Thomas Schwartz says

    Totally believe it was worth it! At least it wasnt your camera…one time I was trying to take pictures of some seals and I had forgotten my zoom lens…so I stepped out onto a rock so I could get closer to them. Then I saw a big wave coming, so I tried to get away and my foot got stuck in the mud..I tried to protect my camera, but a small splash of water got on it and it wouldnt turn on for hours

  23. Chris Gardner says

    Awesome Scott. You got a great trigger finger. Keep shooting.

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