After 16hrs in this chair today

Posted by scott at February 6, 2013

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I'm downright GIDDY about my last project (7-8hrs) 
A 3 minute video about my adventures in Jeep photography.

Being my first video of it's type (And having taught myself video editing) I'm getting lots of feedback before I release… in order to get maximum impact.
But I love it and I fancy I'm decent at these visual things. #biased

Look for it on
Hopefully Later today.

Msg me if you want a sneak peak and to give helpful feedback

But for now it's 4am and it's bedtime

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  1. Cynthia Hardaker says

    You do some very good pictures and i do enjoy looking at them .THANK YOU .

  2. Kuldeep Dhaliwal says

    looking nice  ……….. and adver…. gaving insprraseion

  3. James Davidson says

    Looking forward to it, mainly because I drive a jeep :)

  4. Nate Parker says

    now that is a bad ass Jeep!

  5. Rich Carstensen says

    Looks like it was a fun time!

  6. Jonathan Jacques says

    that actually looks like a scary thing to do, just image that guy falling, his face will be no more!!!!

  7. Braden Ta'ala says

    I hope my little jeep was looking good enough to make the cut! :)

  8. Scott Jarvie says
  9. Jay Jarvie says

    your getting good. Steady phone in development!

  10. Scott Jarvie says

    +Jay Jarvie oh yeah I need to send you that email. haha

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