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Posted by scott at February 24, 2013

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If you want something shorter than the boring oscars to watch while you edit your own pics… 

Of a photoshoot I did Friday with +Amy Whitcomb 

You'll get an idea of what my photoshoots are like

Maybe laugh a little, get a few photo tips, listen to some witty banter, see some peacocks and hear my peacock call, listen to some singing, see some flashing etc.


FYI – My youtube channel was actually NOT nominated for an Oscar #snubbed  

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  1. Scott Jarvie says

    While I plan on perfecting the "photographer vlog" and aiming for about 20ish minutes I am still pointing out that this is 6 times shorter than the Oscars and not as predictable.

  2. Ian Laird says

    JARVIE you are the man i'm so jealous!!!

  3. Bryant Feaster says

    It was fun hanging out with you guy's last night. +Scott Jarvie  & +Amy Whitcomb  great photo shoot.

  4. Daniel Bierstedt says

    Great video, was great fun! Anyway, a little preview of the photos after each set or in the end would have been nice.

  5. Scott Jarvie says

    +Daniel Bierstedt I bet… gotta ease in to these sorts of things.

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