"Night Jeeping"

Posted by scott at April 9, 2013

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And to think I almost didn't go because it was midnight I was a bit tired and the shots were a bit tricky. (Obviously)

But I think it turned out well. I know these guys put a whole lot into their jeeps and they love doing the night trails and I bet they've never gotten a picture like this before.

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  1. Matt Lerner says

    Gorgeous! I love the way you captured both the Jeep and the night sky. I seriously need to get out to Moab one of these days.

  2. Pasha C says


  3. Derek Kind says

    Oh YEAH! Epic! 😀

  4. Benedetta Scaglioni says


  5. Craig Pifer says

    Wow! Amazing shot. Am I wrong to guess that this wasn't a single exposure?

  6. Brian Bonham says

    As a photographer I say "Awesome!"
    As a Jeep owner I say "Awesome!"

    Great work +Scott Jarvie!!!

  7. Scott Jarvie says

    Single shot +Craig Pifer

  8. Paul Johnston says

    Are the rear wheel larger than the front wheels or is that because of the 14 mm lens?  Excellent photo!

  9. Scott Jarvie says

    +Paul Johnston both are 42"s … so it's because of the 14mm

  10. Jamie Zartman says

    Love those dark, Moab nights. Some serious meats on that Jeep. Great shot!

  11. Dana Hastings says

    I LOVE this shot… so amazing!

  12. Mark Lloyd Lusuegro says


  13. Lydia L says

    there is just something about a jeep
    and it looks like someone had some light painting fun here :)

  14. Steve Zhang says


  15. Man putra says

    i like

  16. ??? says

    I like ? How much?

  17. Thando Bekwa says

    nice pic

  18. Anthony Stretten says

    This is awesome. Would love to be able to take pics like this. Can i ask what camera you are using?

  19. SHANE BURTON says

    Now that looks like fun!

  20. arselo Irwan says

    i like it ..

  21. Paolo Piccoli says


  22. Supry Ginting says


  23. Akbar Ali says

    crazy man

  24. Lily Onyango says


  25. Laura A says

    beautiful very successful

  26. Scott Tooley says

    You sir, are a master of light.

  27. Amrit Zoad says

    Now, that's EPIC!!!

  28. Luukas Mepham says

    This just epicc!!!!!!

  29. Pratik Biswas says

    is that u driving

  30. ????? ?????? says


  31. Ashutosh Patra says


  32. Carla Forest says

    Looks awesome

  33. Ranbir Singh says

    looks awesome…….

  34. Keith Moyer says

    Man Scott,  this is so awesome!  Never seen a shot like this.  Great work.

  35. Scott Jarvie says

    I was using my D800 at about 2000 ISO and 30 seconds. 
    Had them flip their lights on and off as fast as they could so they wouldn't over expose the picture.

    I'd say the 2 days of shooting jeeps during the day really helped prep me to know what would look good even at night.

    Also having a really good looking jeep with a driver that would do cool things and be really excited about it was helpful.

  36. Rich Carstensen says

    This is so awesome Scott!

  37. Bethany DiTecco says

    Epic shot!!!

  38. David Clifford says


  39. Elizabeth Hahn says

    Sweeeeeeeeeet! This is awesome, Scott!

  40. Zach Grether says

    fantastic lighting Scott

  41. Rezza Azzelia says


  42. Hannah Clydesdale says

    This is amazing! Did you use lightroom and photomatrix to get the HDR effect?

  43. Scott Jarvie says

    +Hannah Clydesdale it's all lightroom … Single image shot.

  44. Xan Craven says


  45. Xan Craven says

    Scott…this is absurd….in an amazing way

  46. Benko Ta'ala says

    You're an amazing wizard Scott. It was an honor being with you when you took the shot, and look forward to seeing the other creative and fun-loving jeep photos.  Your hard work paid off as we wore you off your socks, jumping over ledges past midnight with your lights and magical gadgets, while all along the epic results were unbeknown's to us. A One-of-a-king shot.  Coincidental green hoody to complement red brake lights and white-knuckle emphasis with exposed hands. Thanks for sharing your incredible talent!!!

  47. Josh Teo says


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