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That's right… I've been planning a project that will have me on the road to all 50 States. It's a huge endeavor. 

It's a Crowd Funded campaign. (Ala Kickstarter)

Rewards for Helping
Rewards for funding include a Digital Image Pack, Books and several Photo Education options.

And extra bonus if you love the theme of the project
"Faith in America: Religious buildings of the United States"


Will I see you out there on the road?


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Faith in America: Religious Buildings of the United States
A photographic trip to all 50 states to document the buildings that stand as symbols of the “Faith in America”. (Plus books)

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  1. Tom Long says

    Scott, I would like to suggest a couple of beautiful little country churches in West Virginia – Mt. Moriah Baptist in Alma and Forks of Cheat Baptist in Stewartstown.  Also, consider Palapala Ho’omau Church on Maui.

  2. Wray Post says

    I know of a couple of churches with no cities, in case you are interested. Or is this LDS buildings only? Good luck with the funding. God bless!

  3. Scott Jarvie says

    +Wray Post  ALL faiths… I'm super excited to photograph some iconic 1 room country chapels and light them up and get the milky way and everything. 

    And of course some lesser known and exotic churches are gonna be fun.

  4. Dave DeBaeremaeker says

    Do you have the smallest chapel in american on your list?

  5. Wray Post says

    Near St. Francis KS, ~10 miles or so, is a small Lutheran church out in the boonies. No light pollution.

  6. Gary Munroe says

    Need to expand that to North America. 😉

  7. Laurel Johnson says

    Charleston SC is a wonderful place with amazing historic churches and cemetery's .

  8. Scott Jarvie says

    +Gary Munroe well the good news is that I'll be traveling in Canada for my second book… The one of Temples.

  9. Gary Munroe says

    +Scott Jarvie – Cool… several impressive temples around Toronto… from the outside anyways. :)

  10. Jacob Gramm Gren says

    Hi Scott! I wanna back you, but I'm living outside the US. Is It possible for you to somehow change it so you can ship outside US? :)

  11. Scott Jarvie says

    +Jacob Gramm Gren hey so does it not let you back? I mention in the FAQ that we will ship outside the US but our prices do not reflect that and we're letting people know per country the shipping rates.

  12. Daniel Gifford says

    Hi Scott, might I suggest the Bahá'í House of Worship in Wilmette, IL. I have yet to visit, but it is the only Bahá'í temple in the U.S. and is very beautiful.

  13. Scott Jarvie says

    +Daniel Gifford  it's the only Bahá'í temple?? Well then… I'll certainly have to put that on the list for sure!

  14. Daniel Gifford says

    +Scott Jarvie There is one on every continent at the moment. The Wilmette House of Worship serves North America. The gardens are very impressive, so depending on when you pass through that area on your tour, trying to time it in spring/summer would probably be best for photography. You don't want to be in the midwest during winter anyway 😉

  15. Ivan Makarov says

    Ha – told you you should include non-US book options. Maybe you'll listen someday!

  16. Scott Jarvie says

    Oh I listened 

    Been willing to do that for a while… don't give misinformation mr +Ivan Makarov  haha

    What I am not doing is screwing everyone over (including myself) by having 1 fixed shipping rate. They'll need to get a hold of me to find out the rate to their country.

  17. Scott Jarvie says

    I think I have a solution that will let international users know about their options.

  18. Scott Jarvie says

    K new reward specifically for international backers

  19. Ryan Kirk says

    Yo. theres this place called the Masters House in colorado Springs. Pretty nice building. Would love to tag along w/ you during your Colorado Tour. I will try to donate $1

    You can also use my place as a 'hotel' since the springs is central!

  20. Julian Ortiz says

    When you visit DC, could be great a photo walk. Churches everywhere

  21. Scott Jarvie says

    +Julian Ortiz yeah I'll probably spend a little extra time out there… it'll be either november or early december. My senator wants to take me around to a couple of buildings.

  22. Heather Brockway says

    Come to Iowa city there are some beautiful churches in a cluster downtown!

  23. Julian Ortiz says

    Great +Scott Jarvie . if you wanna organize some drink and click or photo walk here that will be great! And btw., great idea about the book. I'll try to help in any way

  24. Margaret Tompkins says

    +Scott Jarvie did you complete your book on LDS Temples?  If so, where could I buy a copy?

  25. PJ Evans says

    +Scott Jarvie  all set! Here's to hoping a canon image slips in there somewhere..not that it would matter. :) good luck!

  26. PJ Evans says

    and for some reason i was just in Minneapolis–lots of churches!!

  27. neil dolman says

    Like the bit about churches of Europe, if you come to Switzerland let me know. Good luck with the project. Neil

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