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I know +Trey Ratcliff doesn't need me to share his post to get his point across to millions of folks but I really appreciated his write up so I'm gonna write my reactions and link his post here anyway read it!

It's a fascinating read… and it doesn't matter that me and most of you won't be switching… but I think we can understand why he did and many in his situation may also switch as well.

{Some Thoughts}

1. I just wanna say I got a chance to play with a top of the line micro 4:3 camera last week and take hundreds of pictures and it was eye opening… I kinda expected it to be kinda lame (or non exciting… like taking pics with a point and shoot) … and it wasn't… there were some great features. thanks +Dave Veffer 
The pictures are still in the queue for being edited.

2. I think I was most impressed at how fast and sharp the focus was.

3. I didn't rush out to buy one if you're wondering. Though I may prior to my year long road trip.

4. Would I like to have one? Yes

5. Would I still use my NIKON more? Yes. (It fits my type of photoshoots better and fits my style/look better) and I already have tons invested in Nikon… no use spending more money.
6. I'm not the target market of the mirrorless – I do astro-photography, I do heavy bokeh portraiture, and I do action stuff a lot.

7. Years ago i bought a Canon G11 seeing if I'd be inclined to use a point and shoot. Turns out I don't mind taking my big DSLR every where I go already. So while it may be nice to have a smaller camera it's not a big selling point for me. Maybe when I get as old as +Trey Ratcliff I'll care more about weight 😉 haha

8. Ok I must admit I do see some uses FOR ME of having a small pocket carried camera for travel stuff

{What do I want to know more about?}

9. How long do these cameras last. My D700 is at 300k+ pictures… does not having a mirror make these last longer. Or does the lower quality non-pro build make them last less?

10. Timelapse. I wanna know more about the options for timelapse pictures. FOR ME, I see this as the easiest most probable usage.

11. I know one of the reasons to keep the full frame dslr's is for the better bokeh… what are these cameras gonna do to attract someone like me… can they do anything?

12. Question… Is there any reason nikon wouldn't do a pro camera like the d800 without a Mirror? 

13. So what is the best thing about the mirrorless cameras, the size, the cool features or simply not having a mirror?


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Hello Sony. Goodbye Nikon. The Story of why I am Switching from Nikon to Sony.
Oh, Nikon… Sad Emoticon. Nikon, you’ve been good to me over the years. It’s not you. It’s me. Well, maybe it is kinda you. You’re kinda getting heavy; let’s be honest. I have this other new spunky Asian I’ve been seeing. Her name is Sony. Yeah, she doesn’t have those giant lenses…but… she fits …

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  1. Dave Veffer says

    Nice. Looking forward to seeing the shots in the queue :)

  2. Stuart Dyckhoff says

    LOL at #7 but I'm older than Trey and still happy to ferry my dslr around.

    One key point that perhaps Trey doesn't really address – for folks like me – is the initial huge investment in gear is frightening and I would imagine not many have the capability to change gear.

  3. Martin Tyler says

    Size/weight has got to be the main draw for most people – after that it's hard for people to be objective about the other features and quality – how much is a compromise where the size benefits outweigh other things. I think Trey has done a pretty good job of stating those things.

  4. Gary Sprowls says

    I'm with you +Scott Jarvie The bulk of my photography is fast action and I'll keep my dslrs for that. :)

  5. Mark Esguerra says

    I had commented on one of Trey's post earlier this morning stating that this was a fine example of photographer skill being able to work with any camera, not that mirrorless cameras are anything to snub. They're very good and underrated cameras I think. I think if you picked one up you wouldn't miss a single beat as well +Scott Jarvie. I've been using an OM-D E-M5 a lot as of late, and I absolutely love it. And while I don't travel as much as you or Trey, I think I still do my fair share and having the small guy just feels quite freeing, and I don't feel like I'm sacrificing quality at all. The only thing I do question is low light in a super long exposure situation. I plan on testing out my OM-D soon while the Milky Way is still bright, but if, goodness forbid, anything were to happen to my main squeeze the D3S, I feel fairly confident that I'd be able to go out and get the kind of shots I like with the OM-D. 

    As for bokeh, I have a 25mm Panasonic Leica f/1.4 and the bokeh is deliciously creamy. I think it's quite comparable to my Nikkor f/1.8. Then again, I don't really concern myself with overly examining each photo. He he he. But as with any camera, at the end of the day, I think it's all up to what makes the photographer feel comfortable. Making all my gibberish just now seem pretty pointless. ;-P

  6. David Stahl says

    One could buy today (from B&H) a NEX 7 + kit lens + 55-210 zoom + 10-18 wide angle for ~$2,500. Such could be financed by selling some gear or by using $ saved for one's next DSLR upgrade. Personally, I'd wait until we see the NEX 7's successor in early September. 2014 rumors have a FF NEX coming that is also a possibility.

  7. Scott Jarvie says

    {Regarding Benefits}
    +Martin Tyler – I liked the points +Trey Ratcliff made about working with a company like +Sony over +NikonUSA … Seems like Sony cares more and is capable and willing to adapt, exand, be dynamic and exciting AND reaches out and listens. There is no evidence of Nikon/Canon doing this at all.

    Oh and Sony can't be worse at Repairs than Nikon. haha

    ALSO seeing that they are willing to entertain APPS makes these cameras very interesting. I would never imagine nikon doing that.

  8. Blake Zimmerman says

    +Scott Jarvie on a pro camera, I don't see Nikon doing apps yet, but they have dabbled in android…although not very successful at it.

  9. Jeffrey Yen says

    +Scott Jarvie I have been playing with a Fuji X-E1 for the last few weeks (thanks to their incredible instant rebates) and will admit is has really impressed me.  I didn't love the NEX-7 (although I admit that I tried it early and the lens lineup and firmware wasn't quite there yet) and the OMD was fun but frustrating because m43 doesn't have the greatest long lenses and I didn't care for the way the files processed.  This X-E1 has been a lot of fun and Fuji has great lenses.  I am keeping all the Canon gear but the Fuji system I find to be a great compliment, it is the lightweight setup that I carry when I don't have a set photographic goal.  It isn't a perfect system and then AF is still rather slow, especially compared to the OMD, but the files are beautiful and the lenses are little gems.  I am quite smitten and while there is definitely room for improvement it is a quirky and endearing system of which I am becoming quite fond.

  10. Pietrina Chazzie says

    Jeffrey I'm with u .. I've been looking at the Fuji as well as the Olympus and Sony Nex7 .. I'm getting into photography as a hobby and I don't own any DSLR cameras .. I'm basically starting from scratch and the mirror less cameras r really impressing me .. I wanted light weight .. My only problem is I love all 3 cameras that I have mentioned above .. HELP!! Lol .. Lost in cameraville :-)

  11. Jeffrey Yen says

    +Pietrina Chazzie How about renting them and seeing which you like best.  It isn't cheap but at least you know that you are investing your money where you will be happiest.  If you're in the US has all three :)  But really, you probably can't make a bad choice, they're all great cameras and those of us who are used to DSLRs are probably going to be pickier when deciding which we like best.

  12. Kevin Rice says

    +Scott Jarvie my first dlsr was the Sony a100. Funny, at the time I was looking to get a 35mm film camera and I got sold on the Sony because of 1) price, 2) it was a good camera for that price for someone just starting out and 3) digital was just the way to go. I have sense "upgraded" to a Canon 7d and I am just now looking to upgrade my lenses. This has me considering a mirrorless for everyday photographing, kids and whatnot while using the 7d for sports. Anyway, thanks for the mind provocation.

  13. Jj Coronet says

    the sony in low light makes the pics go purple

  14. Vincent Mo says

    "Maybe when I get as old as +Trey Ratcliff I'll care more ;)" Wow. Haha! But also wow. :)

  15. Marcus Long says

    I will personally never switch to Sony. Nothing against Sony but they are a tech company. Sony has a history of making one great product then taking five steps backwards for its predecessor. Take the disk man and then the Sony MP3. But only time will tell.

  16. Cheng Hoo Sew says

    I started with a used Canon F1 then a Nikon FM2 now I'm shooting Sony a65 and NEX5r. I might move to full NEX or keep on using both.

  17. Cheng Hoo Sew says

    By the way, NEX is not micro 4/3. It uses APS-C size sensor. Same as most dslr. I won't recommend micro4/3 even if you're going mirrorless unless it's significantly cheaper which it's not.

  18. Scott Jarvie says

    +Vincent Mo haha he knows it's out of love … but for reals though… maybe I will care more about weight when I get older. :)

  19. Martin Sundstrøm says

    +Cheng Hoo Sew I don't want to start a discussion on why sensor-size is overrated – there are plenty of discussions out there on that subject. However, as Try also pointed out, Sony's usability both in terms of physical construction and operating system leaves a lot of room for improvement, while Panasonic and Olympus are miles ahead – also many reputable camera tests have proven the newest generation of M4/3 sensors to be superb and capable of competing with many larger sensors, if you simply adapt your lens-choices to account for the slightly lower light gathering limitations.

  20. marcin kolonko says

    #11: is bokeh not depending on the lens rather than the camera?

  21. Cheng Hoo Sew says

    +Martin Sundstrøm for me sensor size does matter. Larger format provide better low light performance, more bokeh and greater dynamic range.

  22. Cheng Hoo Sew says

    +marcin kolonko you'll get more bokeh with larger sensor. For example if you're shooting a 50mm on a portrait shoot, you'll stand closer to your subject with a larger format because of the crop factor.

  23. Eric McPilot says

    I don understand, whats wrong with mirror? If D800 is big, its not because of mirror

  24. marcin kolonko says

    +Cheng Hoo Sew then you just have to shoot with the appropriate lens like a 30mm, no?

  25. Jeremy Branham says

    Last year, I bought a Sony as well.  I use the Sony NEX 5N while Trey uses the 7.  Love my camera.  Takes awesome photos and even created my first travel photography book – Yosemite in Winter.

    I am actually working on a post for amateur travel photographers – how less is more.  You don't need big bulky DSLRs and huge equipment to take great photos.

  26. Cheng Hoo Sew says

    +Eric McPilot mirrorless got ride of the mirror and the optical view finder as well as the dedicated focus sensor. Which can be a double edge sword. Without the mirror you'll get faster burst shoots as there is no flipping for the mirror. Evf is so good right now there's basically no need for an optical one. But that can be argue. I prefer evf. It just so fun to use. Feel like I'm inside iron man. The focus sensor is the big draw back. Without it, mirrorless always focus slower then dslr. Sony does have a alpha to nex Lens converter that comes with a dedicated focus sensor and motor but it add weight and size to the system. It's like Trey said, depends on what type of photography you do. But I think mirrorless will replace slr as slr replace tlr camera

  27. Cheng Hoo Sew says

    +marcin kolonko but 50mm have smaller depth of field then 30mm. Same reason 75mm works great on Ff for portrait while too narrow on apsc.

  28. Kayvon Motamed says

    Good points, but I believe the Olympus OM-D E-M5 is better

  29. Dave Veffer says

    If you look at a sensor chart like this one you'll see that there isn't a huge difference between aps-c and micro four thirds

  30. Jamie Ackland says

    Love my Nex5n, Does the nex-7 have the IR sensor? I seen something in article about camera shake auto-bracketing at night. there is a good Android App and DIY IR sender that works really well for low light bracketing, altho it does use bulb setting to do the bracketing so MF is recommended in for this. but may be worth looking at!

  31. Robert LeBlanc says

    +Cheng Hoo Sew While larger sensors produce wider angle of view and tighter DOF with any given focal length compared with smaller sensors, they do not inherently produce better bokeh. Since bokeh is the Quality of out of focus areas and not the Amount of it, it is a trait of the lens, usually determined by the quantity and quality of aperture blades and a bit on the design of the sensor.

  32. a hason says

    I like Sony because they using Android

  33. Federico Montemurro says

    Shoot film!

  34. Cheng Hoo Sew says

    +Robert LeBlanc you're right it doesn't directly effect the quality of the bokeh but it effect the quantity of the bokeh as it effect the depth of field

  35. Charles Le says

    I'm a Canon shooter. Hated lugging my equipment around for those shots while traveling. Picked up the Nex-7 for mt traveling needs and haven't looked back. It's also the only one of the Nex lines that's not 4:3 format.

  36. Charles Le says

    I'm also planning on picking up the megabones adapter to fit my Canon glass onto the Nex7.

  37. Jesse Spangenberger says
  38. John Kirkby says

    If what you already have works fine why waste money on the futility of 'keeping up with the Jones's'?

  39. Greg Golightly says

    great review and article.  I sold my canon DSLR and switched to a m43 setup (first a GF1, which is no my daugher's and then a GX1).  For what I shoot and how I shoot – it is exponentially a better setup due to size.  It is also much more disarming to people when shooting urban stuff.

    This article is for the Sony mirrorless system of course, but much of what he says applies to m43 gear.  I think m43 has better glass options at this time, which is nice

  40. Matthew Thurman says

    It's the photographer not the camera…. always has been always will be…

  41. Maxwell McCullough says

    Please stop reposting this conversation

  42. Mafer Yu says

    Yeah, camera is just a tool. It's the photographer that has the artistic eye.

  43. Douglas Hopkins says

    Ford or Ferrari, both have 4 wheels and get you there!  Is is the inner landscape which rules.  Please read my book, "Real Views", on heightened visual awareness.

  44. John Kirkby says

    …Curious you mentioned Ford and Ferrari +Douglas Hopkins since Ford reputably offered to buy Ferrari….Enzo Ferrari refused and Ford went about showing both him and the world they could build a better race car which did indeed win at LeMans (beating Ferrari amongst everyone else) for 4 consecutive years (1966-69)…and the first time the Fords finished 1,2,3! I'm sure you know that, but I couldn't resist making sure the young people in particular know that.

  45. Robert LeBlanc says

    +John Kirkby Did you read the article and Trey's article? They clearly list their reasons.
    Also, they make their living by producing and selling images. They aren't concerned with "keeping up with the Jones'". They are the Jones'.

  46. Gavin Isaacs says

    There are some brilliant tools available from several manufacturers these days. I think too many people are looking for the camera to make the picture. Unfortunately it is not the camera that makes the picture. The biggest mistake I read in so many comments is that everyone has different needs, shooting styles and personal preferences, and this is overlooked. What is a dream for one shooter may be a uninspiring box for another. That's why it's so fantastic we have so much choice at various price points. Personally when I tried the NEX range, it felt as exciting as my tv's remote control. But they still capture great images. For my style of photography the Fuji focus system is not a problem, but for others it will be a deal breaker. Lastly I do think the manufacturers/distributors support and service in each country makes or breaks the products long term success. People need to realise that camera equipment is not one size fits all, and the after sales support is very different in some countries.

  47. Pietrina Chazzie says

    +Jeffrey Yen, what a great idea in renting all three.. Thank u .. the very first one I looked at was the Fuji and fell in love with the retro look .. And I'm loving the Olympus one as well .. Yes, u photographers upgrading from a DSLR will have a difficult decision when going to mirrorless .. I also believe it's the photography and not the camera .. I have a G12 canon at the moment and I took some brilliant shots of Japanese Cherry Blossom trees and i have a friend who is really great with his photos , saying how beautiful my shots were .. It's all in the eye and the imagination of making your photos unique .. :-) .. Great discussion here ..

  48. Dan Hawk says

    Scott, I use the NEX 7 as my only camera and while it is more of a hobby than an occupation for me, I've never been dissatisfied with the Night time star capabilities or the bokeh producing abiliites.  The Sony Zeiss 24 f/1.8 , 50 f/1.8 and 35 f/1.8 all have great depth of field seperation.  There are some even faster lenses out there in manual focus.

    In terms of lasting a long time, go hold a NEX 7 in your hands. It's a solid feeling magnesium body and the insides of these things are built to even higher standards than Canon an Nikon Pro bodies.  Here's a look at a tear down that LensRentals did of a cheaper body.

  49. Manuel Bergeron says

    that's useless to switch. Nikon use Sony parts. Now it's almost the same…

  50. Gary Coll says

    No camera beats canon DSLRs

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