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The Airstream is my home for a year and I had my first experience parking it at a friends house and driving all around Vermont and being gone for over 24hrs.
(Not really a huge deal since I've done dozens of trips in my venza… but still a cool first for the trip)

It finalized with a sunrise shoot of this old ROUND church building in Richmond Vermont. 

I love having the Airstream as a home base with a nice bed and a great computer and storage of stuff… But nothing quite like the added freedom and easier parking of ditching it for a day or two.

BTW didn't think I was going to be photographing many Round Churches… but hey… I suppose I'll be seeing lots of unique sights during this year long journey for Faith In America Project

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  1. Tiffany Martin says

    This is really nifty neat! :)

  2. Shelly Gunderson says

    This is beautiful!

  3. mark waslick says

    Nice! Where in Vermont +Scott Jarvie? I live here and the color in the Champlain valley is peaking now.

  4. ali shariati says

    Great colours my friend

  5. Scott Jarvie says

    +mark waslick I drove around the state yesterday from middleburry over close to Lebenon and then up to St Johnsburry and this was up in Richmond this morning and now I'm back in New Haven.

  6. Scott Jarvie says

    +mark waslick wait are you in Middleburry? Come up and visit I'm about 8 miles away hanging out in the Airstream on a friends farm… I'm gonna get some computer work done for a bit before I take off for maine later today.

  7. mark waslick says

    Yeah I'm in middlebury. Where are you? Nice fog yesterday no?

  8. Scott Jarvie says

    I'm on North St in New Haven in the Airstream.

  9. Scott Jarvie says

    +mark waslick  If you're up for an adventure and want to photograph something for sunset I'm looking for something on the east side of Vermont maybe a bit into NH. Not sure what to aim for… but I need to start moving east for sure… trying to get to maine by tomorrow and I move kinda slow. haha (But I'll probably photograph a ton along the way of course)

  10. Volvo of Wilkes-Barre Scranton says

    This would make a terrific postcard to send back home!

  11. Wray Post says

    Will the Airstream provide enough heat for comfort this winter, or are you planning on warmer climates?

  12. Laurel Johnson says

    Really nice shot, interesting architecture. Were you able to go inside to get some images?

  13. Scott Jarvie says

    +Laurel Johnson Most of the time churches are closed when I'm there… this one is however on display to public… but i would have had to wait like 2-3 hrs for it to open.

  14. linda buzzell says


  15. Bruce McCallum says

    Great image! I'd sure love to know more about that church. Did you see the interior? If so, post some shots of it. Wish I could do what you are doing! And, you don't even need a darkroom! Would be great if you did a Google Hangout – talk about your photos, the landscapes, etc. 'a day  in the life'… or maybe weekly like a diary

  16. PJ Evans says

    U continue to amaze! Glad I'm signed up to support your project

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