Missing the Midwest

Posted by scott at October 30, 2013

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I know it sounds crazy but I really appreciated their general lack of excessive traffic and their way cool skies (weather) 

DC traffic kinda makes a person sad. Oh well, I'm gonna try to escape the city a bit more tomorrow.

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Midwest travels

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  1. Bruce Feingold says

    Happy Trails!

  2. Sharonda Jarrett says


  3. Greg Norris says

    Great photo

  4. Julian Ortiz says

    Sometimes DC traffic is make you crazy but is not so bad… How about the churches around here..did you find an interesting one?

  5. farah godoy says

    bello imagen:)

  6. Barry Andrew says

    Love that caravan.

  7. ANISH MATHEW says

    WoW nice place and nice shot.

  8. Lydia L says

    I have never ever seen clouds all rolly polly like that

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