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Wish I could put a bit of time into some #Airstream Polishing … Nevertheless… Still love taking some pictures of this.

Note to +Toyota USA  – I'm towing with your vehicle ) … you should get a hold of me, let's chat.

I pulled to the side of a sleepy little Amish countryside road. I almost didn't find a good spot for sunset… but right at the end when I was getting some good color I came across 2-3 nice spots there in Holmes County Ohio.


#Airstream in #Amish lands

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  1. ?????? ????????? says

    beautiful !

  2. Shelly Gunderson says

    Very nice!  Those Toyotas are tough even if they don't usually recommend towing..  :-)

  3. E - Mulas says


  4. reeta borba says

    Cool…loved pic… ;-*

  5. Michael McGimpsey says

    Love this shot. Nicely done.

  6. Gary Munroe says

    Hmmm… Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego +Scott Jarvie???  Nice shot! :)

  7. Eric Larson says

    "on the road again.."

  8. drum roar says

    the skly looks sweet bro

  9. Lydia L says

    a little weirded out over here by the fact that you can, apparently, leave your car (ON THE ROAD whoa) running  and have time to take a photo or two before anyone drives by and calls the highway patrol. 
    and by "weirded out" I obviously mean "wow how sweet is that?"
    truly loving that pink road :)

  10. Scott Jarvie says

    yeah well if they drove by it'd be in a horse drawn buggy most often… since i was in Amish country.

    I was there a few minutes (maybe about 10) and I did have one local (non-amish) drive by.

  11. vinayak kubasad says

    I like

  12. vinayak kubasad says

    I like

  13. vinayak kubasad says

    I like

  14. Bruce McCallum says

    Love the details like keeping your lights on

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