Fall still around?

Posted by scott at November 13, 2013

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Anywhere out here on the East Coast still have some good fall colors?
I'm think I'm recovered enough I'm gonna head south from DC now.

BTW if you've got a place to park the airstream (19ft + car) then fill out the form. http://bit.ly/AirSurfinJarvie

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  1. Ian Laird says

    Everything is dead here in west chester pa

  2. Shelly Gunderson says

    Beautiful image!

  3. Rachel Heil says

    I'd say definitely go south… everything up here in MA has gotten quite cold in the last few days. Broke out the pea coat today (in the 20s). And what hasn't already changed over to brown has mostly fallen off the trees after a couple of windy days.

  4. Dian Restiana says

    Too bad we don't have fall here..

  5. Geoff Whitaker says

    How elemental an Aura Picture Scott, & Artistry par Excellence  during Leaf Fall in Autumn  Cascades prolifically in colourful Glory by the elemental kingdom  for mankind's Pleasure Love  Geoff.

  6. Jess Curren says

    We made it to Williamsburg and all the leaves along the drive were pretty much gone. :( Time to fly south for warmer weather. lol.

  7. Scott Jarvie says

    +Jess Curren where you at now? I'm heading to Williamsburg today

  8. Jess Curren says

    +Scott Jarvie Still in Williamsburg! We need to get together. What are your plans?

  9. Blanka Pospíšilová says

    beautiful, shining, tony colors captured, in this fine shot, natural scenery

  10. Bill Loney says

    Beautiful Picture, well captured.

  11. Hajo S says

    Wunderschöne Aufnahme

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