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I sit here wondering if this church (which was frequented by some of our founding fathers such as Washington when they were up as far north as Maine) was placed here in relationship to the North Star, it was all just to perfect a set up. It's something I actually don't run across all to often on my trip.

I know old buildings are often moved from place to place with the changing landscape and changing times. 

I however choose to see the uplifting symbolism in this shot.

Btw I took this while working on pictures in the airstream, initiated while in there with a camranger and reviewed with the Note2, it was 45 minutes if I'm not mistaken, so it was nice to have that ability to sit down and do some work.

I consciously opted to include the street light knowing it'd add some "flare" to the picture… both kinds of FLARE. 

It's an obvious symbol and part of the leading lines aesthetic but it's also so very inviting.  it also speaks to how sometimes the way is so simple that many aren't motivated, it's small and narrow and old and unpretentious. 

I think most of us understand the symbolism of the North Star even in our GPS-device governed world.

A guide we can be sure about, which however only works if we know where to find it, trust it, and know how to use it. There are other options and this one is a bit tough, but it won't guide you astray, assuming you use it correctly. 

Just as you choose to be happy or to believe, you can choose to see symbols all around. I choose all 3

And my trip has been more than wonderful so far.
I look forward to sharing the VLOG from this day on https://www.youtube.com/user/JarvieDigital
Stay tuned and watch the other videos until then.

2405 seconds

Camera (D80 0) – http://amzn.to/190HEzU
Lens (14-24) – http://amzn.to/188uOQK
Trigger (Camranger) – http://amzn.to/HPeXjz
Together with Galaxy Note – http://amzn.to/1fl87hd
Edited in LR – http://amzn.to/1dOOrBT

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North Star

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  1. g turrietta says


  2. Kashan Kalwar says

    L0velY Scene <3

  3. D A. BERNALES says

    Thats great

  4. Meryn Johnson says

    love the texture and color. nicely done.

  5. Chelle Anderson says

    Just wondering how you like your visit in VA??

  6. Jussta says

    Did you see all the ORBS in this photo?  These are Spirits, no wonder with the history of this church.

  7. Linda Seagris says

    moved by your thoughts and this amazing capture!

  8. Linda Seagris says

    Look at the orbs,they are watching what your doing fantastic luck to get this!

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