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Yeah so they're working on putting up the Christmas lights at the DC Temple it takes many many weeks to put up 600k lights apparently. haha

So here's one of my faves from a 3 second shot of a crisp fall morning today.

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Just think you can help me pay for my Wisdom Teeth surgery today (And/or a tank of gas) with the purchase of some prints.
Yes… book pre-sales will be online soon enough for those that didn't get in on the +Faith In America  KICKSTARTER. 

The DC LDS Temple is actually located off the freeway in Bethesda Maryland. 
This building is open to all those that want to take pictures, visitor center parking lot was even open at 6am when I took this. 
Hords of people come during the Christmas season for the amazing lights and for the general spirit of Christmas feel. The the visitor center itself opens at 10am and closes at 9pm and has great exhibits and tours.

I used a polarizer to get nice blue skies, I lightened some of the darker bushes and I removed some of the leaves in the pond. 
3 seconds
ISO 100
Camera laying on the ground

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DC Temple

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  1. Daniel Mora says

    I wonder how many bags of groceries could have been given to the poor and hungry instead of 600k xmas lights…

  2. Rick Schwartz says

    Wow. Awesome.

  3. Tom Sparks says

    My mom and dad sang in the dedicatory choir for this temple. We used to take an annual bus trip as youth to do temple work there. It was a long 18-19 hour ride. Beautiful image Scott.

  4. Tom Sparks says

    Daniel, are you aware of how many groceries the LDS church gives to the poor and needy of all faiths? I wonder why some people can only see the negative and cannot see the beauty. Making beauty is also important. As an LDS person, I dontate money to buy food for the needy every month. I volunteer at shelters for the homeless. Our youth and our womens groups do a variety of service projects to help needy people. The church encourages us to give generously to other charitable groups that are not affiliated with the LDS church.

  5. Tiffany Martin says


  6. Saiko Shiroto says

    perfect :)

  7. Bethany DiTecco says

    So beautiful!

  8. Sunny Wu says

    beautiful shot! nice portfolio btw.

  9. Sandra Powell says

    stunning xx

  10. Sebastian Gotthardt says

    absolute great!

  11. Zalam Kazeem says


  12. Andrew Chatham says

    Wow, great shot!

  13. Jason Barden says

    Beautiful. My mom and dad were sealed in this temple after joining the church. I remember many long drives and sitting for many hours in the parking lot as my parents did temple work here back when we were in the DC temple district.

  14. Cody Edwards says

    I served my mission in the DC North Mission and this beautiful building was a wonderful missionary tool. Who hasn't seen this magnificent building off the 435 beltway? Beautiful lights during a beautiful time of the year. Some of my best missionary moments were at this site.  Thanks for sharing!

  15. Randy Patton says

    +Tom Sparks I know that the LDS Church gave $680,000 to non-church charities the same year that they built that multi-billion dollar MALL.   Hypocrites.

  16. Julian Ortiz says

    amazing photo and living in the area I always wanna visit this temple and take photos but I thought that only member can go. Thanks for the info. I think I'm going to visit the place. I hope you are better. take care Scott

  17. PJ Evans says

    look at that composition..Jarvie!

  18. Scott Jarvie says

    As an artist I have a special place in my heart for Beauty and anyone that attempts to bring beauty to others.

    It's kind of my thing in life I guess: to share beauty with others, I personally feel it is of great worth.

    I believe We can all benefit this world in so many various ways.

    I also have a deep appreciation for those things that create a sense of awe and work hard to create experiences that motivate feelings of love or peace… and in this case a real solid Christmas time joyful experience. A wonderful thing in my book. 

    So many people and places out there doing wonderful things to help in all aspects of life.

    A good job to everyone that improves this world.

  19. Julian Ortiz says

    So true words Scott. I totally agree

  20. PJ Evans says

    I wish people would appreciate the beauty like you said and stop being petty

  21. Beau Sorensen says

    +Julian Ortiz only members can enter after a temple has been dedicated but all are free to go to the visitors center and/or wander the grounds to their hearts' content.

  22. Tom Sparks says

    +Randy Patton , +Scott Jarvie has a beautiful post about faith in God and I don't want to distract from that. I don't know where you get your "fact" but it is far from the truth. The LDS people have always been a building people. We like to build and improve. Not just buildings like temples or re-investing in the vitality of a city center, but also building people and saving them, both spiritually and physically. Here are some statistics from 2011. Humanitarian giving between 1985 to 2011 was $1.4 billion to 30 million people in over 179 countries. I realize that this won't change your outlook, but the truth should be heard anyway.

  23. Julian Ortiz says

    +Beau Sorensen I knew that only members can enter to the temple but I didn't know that I can enter to the rest of the complex.? that is good to know :)

  24. Doug Morrison says

    Is this the long-awaited makeover of Battersea Power Station?

  25. Isoult Tibby-Cattistock says

    Fab edit!

  26. Miguel K says

    Wonderful photo capture!

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