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This morning my fiancé and I took my engagement pictures with Scott.

I have to say that I’m usually the class clown but getting out there today and having someone take pictures of you while kissing your girl was a little nerve racking. I just didn’t have any idea what I was supposed to do or how to act. I was stiff and awkward at first, but working with Scott made things super easy and we ended up getting the pictures that we wanted because he was a funny and very relaxed photographer.

He knew what to do and would get us in good positions without making us look like mannequins. He really worked off our personalities and we ended up getting awesome pictures. During the process I finally relaxed and acted like myself and we got pictures that expressed the true me rather than the same old engagement pictures everyone else does.

At the end of the day I ended up having a lot of fun and it was an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.
I loved working with Scott. He has his own style which gives you phenomenal pictures. He could take to an average looking location and have it look as if you are in Brazil in some exotic rainforest.

Thanks Scott!!!

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I love sharing what the people in front of the camera think about their photoshoots. When they share their thoughts and feelings and tips I think all people learn (future clients and other photographers reading the blog)

So this is what the mom from this phtooshoot thought about her short session from my Free Fall Photoshoot and some of her favorite pics.


We were fortunate to get in on the charity shoot and I’ve chosen my favorites to share.

One of the first things Scott said when we started the shoot was to my two year old.  “Where should we go?”  That was indicative of how things went with the kids.  He worked with them and didn’t try to force them into an “ideal picture”.

Why a picture of my son with a stick?!?!
This picture captures a big part of who my son is.  Like most 2 year old boys he’s WAY too busy to stop what he’s doing and look at the camera and smile, but he just found a HUGE stick and he’s all about showing it off.  Scott took advantage of that and this smile is more real that any “say cheese” smile we could possibly coax out of him.  I don’t mind the stick one bit, in fact it just shows what a little boy he really is and what he finds joy in.

We tried to get the baby to sit up for pictures but he wanted to be down on the ground, so Scott went with it and the picture of him turned out beautifully.

You saw this picture before (In a previous post) but it’s a favorite of mine.  When I see it, it reminds me of a special part of motherhood- those extremely rare moments when my kids aren’t screaming and tearing the  house apart, when they are focused on something besides me and I have a moment , unnoticed, to look at them and ponder the true miracle they are.


These are my boys and this picture captures a typical after-work game they play in the evenings.  It shows off their connection and the fun they have playing together.

My one regret (am I allowed to admit I have a regret Scott? :) is that I didn’t come with a vision.  My impression after the shoot is that Scott, unlike photographers I’ve used in the past isn’t a “set the perfect pose up” kinda guy. I felt like he was trying to capture what’s unique about our family and capture the interaction and feelings we have together.  We were caught off guard and stiff and there is only so much he could dig out of us in 20 min.  If I had prepared for that, I wouldn’t have been caught off guard and I think we could have accomplished even more.  I appreciate his approach because with two energetic little boys, getting into the perfect position and posing has never gone well for us.

Surprisingly, this is my favorite family picture.  I chuckle to myself when I see it because it fits our life.  The perfect picture with everyone looking and smiling is nice to have to put on the walls.  Beyond that, this picture tells the story of the bigger part of our lives where things are crazy and nothing goes as planned.

My few tips of advice if you do a mini-session with your family…..

-Come loose and with a vision of what YOU want to get your moneys worth (HAHA!)
-Trust Scott.  If you stay relaxed and do what feels natural, it was my experience the he will make you look good doing whatever it is.

 002_J7S9905 001_J7S0012

What I wanted is what I got!

Where it all started….
I was planning a destination wedding to Hawaii and all I wanted was amazing pictures. I tried searching photographers in Hawaii and was finding disappointing results. That lead me to a google search and that linked me to Scott’s work from a previous Hawaii wedding. The pictures were beautiful and I had to contact him. The things that were really important in my search were…..someone who was really creative with a good personality, price was obviously important as this was a destination wedding, and even more was the time that would be allowed on the actual wedding day.

I talked with Scott on the phone and then decided to send out my sister and mom to actually meet him. My sister told me that he was very “artsy” and the pictures would turn out, and more importantly we would get along with him.


I’m from Utah but living and working in Wisconsin and my husband was living in Utah so we decided to take our engagements and bridals in Utah. It was a little crazy because I had to 1 week of vacation and took engagements on a Wednesday and bridals on a Friday. I was so excited because it was April and I was thinking outdoors, sun, tulips etc. It just so happened that of course it was sunny and beautiful all week, except for those 2 days. I was getting ready for pictures and it starting hailing and my dreams were almost crushed. I didn’t have time to reschedule and when I called Scott he said that sometimes overcast days make for the best pictures.

I was also a little nervous because my husband has never been a big fan of getting his picture taken. Within 5 minutes we were smiling and comfortable. Scott gives great cues like “hehe” for smiling, serious, and our favorite “having a moment” which to us meant kissing (if you look at our galleries we loved having lots of moments). I really loved that we had some individual shots as well that is a fun idea.

See more from all of the 5 photoshoots here


I want everyone to know that this is pic 13 of over 300. My mom was looking over his shoulder and after this pic she smiled and said…we have the picture! At that point I knew we had made the right choice

My fave pic of Greg and his fave pic of me

 036_J3S4702 019_J7S7236

These are some of my favorites bc these shots were captured when we were not paying attention. This is our real smiles and laughs. I would hear the camera snapping and think to myself I wasn’t ready




Here is the set up…..we were at our first location and the weather cleared for a few minutes and Scott said we need to run up the canyon right now. We were at a park and after 30 min we could see the storm coming. It started hailing once again, Scott asked if we were up for it (of course, it’s all for the sake of the pictures). We ran into the hail and all we heard was smile, kiss, smile, kiss, and we are done! These are incredible




Another post written by the bride about her wedding with some advice and some pictures. I encourage other brides to get a hold of me for the chance to also write short blogs like this and share some of their memories associated with the pictures.

When things got busy in times past I would miss posting a lot of things last year with 50 weddings that happened a lot. But now I’m having Brides talk about their own experiences and share pictures as well, whether I’ve done a post or not, because their perspective will always be different and interesting. You can see the full galleries of the wedding and bridals from last year here – The bridals were pretty dang awesome in my humble opinion.

Dear Future and Beautiful Brides,

I am so excited to share the experience I had on my wedding day with the wonderful Scott Jarvie. Everything turned out wonderful and perfect, and even if it didn’t, I didn’t notice, because it was my wedding day and I was on cloud 9!

My journey in searching for a photographer began about a year before I got married. My boyfriend, Brett, was still serving his mission for the church, and we were POSITIVE we were going to get married on September 15, 2009. I had PLENTY of time on my hands (with Brett being on his mission and all), so every. single. day. I was searching the internet for wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, rings, flowers, reception places, and the second most important thing…a PHOTOGRAPHER! (the wedding dress is most important) I wanted to make sure that I had almost everything set and ready for the wedding, before Brett came home.

I had narrowed my search down to about 4 different photographers. They all were great, but each had their own style. I had to think about what style would be best fit for MY wedding. What style I would like to see, when I will look back at my wedding photo’s 20 or more years from now.
Jarvie Photography was my final and best decision! I don’t know much about photography, but I do know that I loved his lighting. I loved the way he made people look. I loved how flawless it all was. I loved his pricing. I loved everything.

After I did my bridals with him, I knew I had made the right decision. He’s awesome. I love his personality, how ‘chill’ he is with everything. He was fine with all of the mosquito bites he got that night. His pants ripped, and he didn’t let that bother him!
This is my FAVORITE photo (and I think his favorite photo) from that night at the Great Salt Lake.

The rest of these pictures are from the actual wedding day. I am sharing with you my favorites, and photo’s that show off how amazing Scott really is.

Every time I look at this, I am reminded of what a beautiful day it was for my wedding, in the middle of all of the rainy days.

This picture makes me so happy. This is what I felt like the entire day.

I LOVE this.

This time we get to hear a few words from the Groom talking about how they found me and then sharing what went down on the engagement picture experience… on another day we’ll get a different perspective from the bride and see what pictures she talks about.

I’m really happy to be doing Robbie and Jesse’s wedding in November they care so much about capturing the character of their personalities and their wedding. And it’s a big plus that they both have developed and dynamic personalities.

Jarvie Engagment Pictures Experience

When I first saw Scott Jarvie’s work, it was of the Sego Festival that was held in Provo. The pictures were of my brother’s band Eyes Lips Eyes. As an aspiring photographer, I really liked his style and had kept the name in my mind. The photos that caught my eyes were these:

 003_7SC5800 029_7SC5798


The colors and lighting in these were amazing and really brought the energy that the band had during their performance and that’s something I strive to do when I take concert pictures or pictures in general.

Right before we were engaged I found his photography page, ‘Jarvie digital’ on facebook and became a fan. After me and Jesse were engaged, our thought was to get a great photographer that was different and took amazing pictures. She being an artist and me loving photography, we both wanted something special. We were ok skimping on other things, but our engagement and wedding pictures we wanted someone that we could trust with the memories of our wedding; someone that could do much more than me taking the pictures myself. While discussing the options, I mentioned that I really like this one photographer that I had recently become a fan of on facebook and that I really liked the Sego pictures that he took a while back. We met him and discussed our options and what we were looking for with him and felt really comfortable. He was open to the ideas that we had and let us know if they were feasible. We were really excited about the possibilities. We wanted somewhere that not many people had been to and that was out of the way a bit. We (me and Jesse) both wanted to do something that was personalized. Me enjoying photography, I wanted to include cameras in my pictures. I brought older cameras to match the older, run down areas we were in.


Jesse really liked the movie “The Red Ballon” and wanted to include that in the pictures.





I present to you another couple that has taken a few minutes to write a few words of advice to future brides along with some great stories for random pictures they liked from their wedding experience.

Once again the pictures they picked were not your typical pictures you’d see on a photo-blog (Except probably the one I chose above) but when you read the stories you can understand why they’re so important to the bride and the groom.

I had a lot of fun doing their engagement pictures in San Fransisco and wedding in Idaho. You could tell they had a great love for good photography and that always makes things easier for me. Thanks for the great day Bobbiejane and David

To see more pictures go to the blog I wrote about them Part 1 Part 2 or their galleries online

Jarvie’s Digital Review – by the Culbertsons

Finding a Photographer

We enjoy a more artistic approach to wedding photos instead of the boring and typical posed pictures that seem to all look the same. When looking for a photographer for our wedding, the first thing that we looked at were their pictures. This way we could see what the finished product was going to be, and if it fit our sense of style.  The photographer was important to us because we knew that the photos would be the lasting memories, and documentation of our very special day.  We really wanted them to portray our personalities, and not a cookie cutter, mass produced, blah wedding album. We were getting married in Idaho, where neither one of us was from, so we had to rely on the internet heavily to find a photographer instead of by word of mouth. At first it seemed a daunting task, but we feel like it was actually better to be able to see the finished product, and be able to rule out photographers automatically if we didn’t like their finished product.

Because we were definitely working with a budget, our next priority was pricing and packages. Luckily, Scott works with couples by offering discounts, and various ways to pay off the cost of his wedding packages. We were ecstatic that we had found someone whose artistry we loved, and could also afford to get the best pictures for our wedding day.

Advice about finding a photographer:

The photographer was really important for us to remember our wedding day, so we would recommend picking someone whose style you like since it’s your day.  Also, we starting looking for our photographer first thing so that we ensure that he would be available on our wedding date.

Scott; the man, the comedian, the photo master.

We were extremely impressed by the commitment that Scott showed us for our wedding pictures. Our engagement photo shoot lasted 7.5 hrs, with 10 outfit changes. A little over the top. We started at 2pm, and finished around 930pm, driving all around San Francisco, taking photos wherever an opportunity presented itself. He went above and beyond the norms of a photographer, and we couldn’t have been more happy with how he interacted with us, and how the photos turned out. He also kept us entertained!

When the wedding day came, we were surprised to find that there were 3 photographers instead of one to capture the best photos. Unlike other photographers, his package covered the entire wedding day. He was there for the wedding ceremony, as well as the reception, so that every aspect of our day was covered. He orchestrated the many family members in all of the photos very well, and was always looking for a good angle and gorgeous backdrop for our photos. He is also charming and handsome, and we were lucky to have him as our photographer, if you have any single lady friends, we believe he is single and willing to give free photos for life for finding him his mate.(haha)

Advice on photographs for the wedding day and engagement photos:

One of the best parts of looking at our photos now is being able to see how everything looked throughout the entire day since it was a blur to us. We would recommend knowing what specific photos you want. Look around beforehand at pictures you like, especially the poses used so that you can recreate them for yourself on your wedding day. Modeling doesn’t come naturally to all of us! For the engagement photos, I would keep it short and simple, 2 outfit changes max, it can become overwhelming if you try to do too much.

Pictures With Stories



We both loved this photo because it was so random. We pulled up to meet Scott, he was sleeping in his car on the streets of San Francisco, and there was this door right there.  We wanted to start the photo shoot right there! So this is what we got!


We loved this one because we wanted to be original, and Scott worked with our creativity to produce quality photos out of our odd ideas. We were waiting for our sandwiches at Ike’s, our favorite place to eat in San Francisco, we wandered down the street, and were inspired by the crosswalk, and the streets.

Wedding photos;


I love this because we spent a lot of time finding the rings that we wanted! Dave’s is really special because its Bobbiejane’s fingerprint actually molded into the ring. Also, Bobbiejane’s ring was a total and complete surprise.



Today we’re bringing you the words from a recent bride, who I’ve become good friends with after she interned for a summer, she’s like my little sister now. She’ll share her two cents about picking wedding photographers and interacting with them.

I’ve done posts previously on her wedding picturesBridals Engagements

Then she’ll share a couple of her favorite pictures and why. In a style I like to call: “Pictures with Meaning”. Which is really neat because I typically wouldn’t put any of these pictures up on the blog (Besides that last one)… they all seem to have special meaning to her (which is why I took them… but usually they wouldn’t translate to a large crowd online unless we were to explain why… which is what we’re doing)


Hello future brides.

So, I’m going to be honest. When Scott first asked me to write this post, I had absolutely no idea what to say. I interned with Scott the summer before my own wedding, and when it came time to pick my photographer, the decision was easy for me.

I knew Scott very well, I knew his style and I knew how he did weddings. And that was that. What more could I say?

But that would be a pretty lame blog post. So I figured I’d go a little farther, dig a little deeper than that. You know, take one for the team. This is what I’ve come up with.