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To My Wedding Photographer Peeps

Me sharing some ramblings on Google+ and the wedding industry

Warning Please note: It’s a¬†long post … but at least I’m taking the time to discuss things, there will be spelling mistakes and maybe even be wrong on an idea or two and it could be organized better… but hey I need to get back to editing now. So if the lack of perfection bothers you I’m more than happy to give the money you paid me back ūüėČ
Pasted from my Google+ post found here

Lopsided representation
There are TONS of photographers on G+ sharing and interacting on a daily basis. BUT…
Let’s face it: My wedding photography peeps haven’t really gotten on the bandwagon yet. Meaning: They are mostly NOT on Google+ yet. Yes there are a few… but there are sooo many more out there (aspiring and established)

A few of them have profiles but even then they don’t use G+ very frequently.

I shouldn’t complain
Granted I don’t suppose I should complain too much since I get calls about weddings all around the world because of Google+ and have become known as “Jarvie: The Wedding Guy” (Which aint bad branding)

Some thoughts on Wedding photographers
Wedding photographers are a diverse group… sometimes they’re social but often they do quite well for themselves and decide to seperate business from their personal lives (I know tons of Amazing wedding photographers in Utah who have a very selective group of friends) and aren’t very social amongst other photographers. (Let’s be fair sometimes it’s because they want a life outside of photography and they prefer non-photographer friends)
Somtimes it’s just because wedding photographers are among the most busy photographers of any out there. They take and edit crazy amounts of pictures… more than most others. Who has time to do the other stuff? right?

Some come from the old world where they view helping other photographers is like shooting yourself in the foot by helping your competition. (something I can understand but isn’t my personal philosophy) those that do socialize seem to do so based on a dollar numbers only… they’re trained to do so when economically advantageous.
It’s actually kind of the Joke at the WPPI conference/tradeshow that you always end your presentation by pimping your workshop, book, video or training organization.

(again I don’t fault them for trying hard to be successful… yes there are appropriate ways to get people to want your services or product)

But being on google+ doesn’t really mean fast money to anyone as of yet. it’s an investment into yourself, into other people and into a system that they’ll have to have faith will still be there for them 4yrs from now. Many people don’t have the vision or are simply more than happy with where they’re at… that’s a lot of them. They’re happy with their past investments and their position in the mediums they’ve found themselves.

As for me
It’s kinda fun being the big fish in the small pond (even though the pond is 90 million people big) Twitter was harder because it wasn’t really about how awesome your pictures were. But google+ people are more apt to recognize that because the pictures are much more in your face.

Yeah I’m not technically a huge fish like the 30 or so other amazing photographers that got on the Google+ suggested users list. (with good reason) (And got 300-400k because of it) But I am aware and appreciative to be the most followed photographer Not on those lists and that’s cool and is pretty amazing to me. But my creativity, hundreds and hundreds of hours of work and many hundreds of posts probably had something to do with it.

Frightened of Weddings
What’s neat is that let’s say 90%+ of the photographers on here wouldn’t touch wedding photography if someone bribed them a lot of money to do so. (isn’t that so +Trey Ratcliff +Colby Brown +Thomas Hawk +Jay Patel ?) But those people still get requests to do weddings… and some photographers even get married from time to time. All around the world… which should be nice with my lack of a travel charge for weddings.

I’ve invested hundreds and hundreds of hours sharing, teaching, and helping to organize a community that I know it will all play out well in the end. And if not I’ve still made lots of friends and gotten better at my craft with the push to share and help others.

FACEBOOK – TWITTER: A historical perspective

I was an early adopter to facebook… in fact I used to get a lot of weddings through ads on facebook back before anyone else tried. (Been years since I’ve done that.) Then all photographers started to realize how helpful facebook was. Then they came out with FB pages and now every photographer seems to have a page.
I still use facebook a lot because that’s where the more typical clientelle are and that’s where my clients are and where they put their pictures.

I remember the first WPPI where there were a few of us that would meet up because we knew eachother through the new site called twitter that was already getting attention in the media but photographers hadn’t quite jumped on yet.

* #wppi searches*
WPPI is a conference for wedding and portrait photographers… it’s like wedding photographer spring break. It’s heavily talked about on twitter these days and even amongst my friends on FB but isn’t really showing up on Google+ yet.

I was gonna do a giveaway of passes on my account with +SmugMug‘s help
But the people just aren’t on yet. So now I’m wondering what to do… and that’s what prompted this write up.

It will take time
I understand why wppi is not showing up on searches yet.
I remember a few other topics that I would search for on Google+ and they would barely show up and every week I check and more and more content is showing up on those themes each time.

So it will come along eventually. Specially when photographers know they can post with their phone. Though granted conferences like WPPI have horrendous cell phone/internet reception and using twitter via text is not a pretty thing. so twitter can sometimes be much easier and will continue to be most prevelent this year.

Soon they’ll come to Google+
Granted there are ALREADY hundreds of thousands of photographers on G+ along with lots of early adopter types I just don’t know if the rest of the wedding world will jump on til probably late this year or next year.

I have little doubts that they’ll come and those that made the investment now will be benefited in the long run if they play their cards right.

Understanding the Google+ crowd
But they’ll need to understand that the crowd on Google+ is much more accommodating to people that share and the crowd is more discerning on great work and great personalities. So some of the old twitter / blog tricks will have to be adapted. But hey there is still a decent cult of personality which let’s face it exists everywhere. Yes I admit that many of the leaders of the wedding industry have actually abandoned doing wedding photography and they’re heavily followed because they spend their time teaching how to be successful in business above teaching photo-skills. (And I can understand why people love this) But it’s a different crowd on Google+

They’ll come when…
1. I think they’ll wait for there to be vendors giving away things on Google+ or some talk about it at WPPI in las vegas. Then they’ll all rush to it.

2. They will come when they understand that posts to Google+ will help their content show up much higher on Google searches specially among their friends.

3. They’ll come when they know how much better a location Google+ is to present their pictures and how much more social it can be. They don’t know that they can connect with all sorts of clients and clients friends with Google+ and not have the clutter that connecting would create on FB or twitter. I can understand why they’re sticking on FB where they’re used to high levels of interaction and many or most of them will just wait to follow the crowd to wherever they go.

4. They’ll come when their heros come this way… when the people they know and respect come this way.

Follow the leader
Think about it your landscape/travel people are who are here on google+ but the big names in the wedding world aren’t the people that talk at conferences at WPPI are not. None of them. Not a one. I am not one of those guys.

not even the organization WPPI themselves is on. They don’t even have an account.
If they do have an account they’ve written something like this 4 months ago:
“Hey folks, I think I am over Google+. I’ve reached the Facebook friend limit, but you can still subscribe to my public updates at¬† I won’t be updating this page or checking it anymore (not until G+ catches on to the masses at least). Connect with me on FB or Twitter @thebecker.”
Funny because these were some of the pioneers in things like blogs and twitter and facebook before they reached the masses and they didn’t have a problem then.

They used to be the thought leaders… and now they’re getting comfortable is my theory. There are many that with their influence just want to dictate what the industry should get into and where it should go. It’s easier than leading by example and taking a temperature and relating that info.

About me
I’ve just been silently doing weddings for years now and never ventured into the national/international scene until Google+
I am the high end photographer for the mid/low-range wedding. (It makes me happy but it doesn’t make me known) I don’t submit to wedding magazines or the wedding blogs that act as king makers. (Style me pretty, 100 layerd cake)

I don’t mind if they don’t come
It’s alright … I don’t mind at least getting a head start and being here with just a few of my wedding friends… there’s some pretty amazing wedding photographers out there… all the great ones have very good and sometimes unique styles. A rising tide

But when they do come
I will be happy.
It’ll be great… more awesome photographers to share with us awesome wedding photography. A rising tide
Wedding photographers are very talented… they use their skills in many arenas beyond wedding photography. They can be good at so many different styles because they’ve been through the fire/gauntles of being a wedding photographer.

And when they join I hope at least my personality and willingness to share keeps me ahead of the curve. haha

Until that time… Who are those Wedding photographers who are going to be at WPPI or want to go but need a pass?

Let’s get our G+ “Clique” on at WPPI
And share my ramblings with your wedding photo buddies if you so desire.

We are helping CONNECT communities on Google+

Facilitating Circling

Please note that the project is still being developed at a quick pace


What we are doing

We are facilitating by getting more people aware of these lists of people based on interests, locations and languages.
The project is heavily centered around Photography/Photographers seeing that I am a Photographer but it is welcome to any other groups.


I am simply an organizer, aggregater and advertiser.
I provide direction to the moderators
I put all the information into one simple location.
Then I promote the list of lists.

I reserve the right to list and promote the circles/lists I find interesting


1. FULL LIST We will have lists of Google+ Users that fit a group. A Full list of everyone that fits the bill. We will be using the Group.As website (A third party site I have no affiliation with… nor anyone on this project)

2. MOST INTERACTIVE LIST: Moderators will be asked to look for those that are actively using Google+ and involved in providing posts in regards to that list. They will create a MOST INTERACTIVE circle and share those circles to the community


The original post: A call for Moderators (People can still volunteer to moderate a circle)

If you have already created a list/circle and want to be a part that is great! Basically we’ll be able to advertize it for you. As long as you or someone else is willing to make a “Most Interactive Circle” and share it

Reason for Most interactive lists:

This is a quick and fast way to connect with possibly hundreds of other people that share similar interest.
Presently there is no way to use a third party system to quickly add groups of people but Google+ shared circles is a great resource.
We also need actual people to read posts and see who really is interactive in their respective communities.
Most interactive lists assures the users adding thes.e lists that the people will actually be involved in this interest/community



Photographers by Location

Announcement by Moderator Р+martin ollman | Full List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Announcement by Moderator Р+Christopher Jay | Full List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Announcement by Moderator Р+Johan Peijnenburg | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Announcement by Moderator Р+Robby Candra | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Announcement by Moderator Р+David La Spina | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Announcement by Moderator Р+Johan Peijnenburg | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

United Kingdom
Announcement by Moderator Р+Gerard Charnley +Mark W | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

US – Arizona
Announcement by Moderator Р+Christina Lawrie +Matt Suess +Nicholas Pappagallo Jr | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

US – California – San Fransisco
Announcement by Moderator Р+Peter Adams +Sam Breach | Full List 1 Ful List 2 ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

US – California – North
Announcement by Moderator Р+Benjamin Glatt +elizabeth hahn +Jeffrey Sullivan | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

US – California – South
Announcement One & Two by Moderator Р+Lisa Borel +alejandro carabes | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

US – Colorado
Announcement by Moderator Р+Colby Brown | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

US – Illinois
Announcement by Moderator Р+Rebecca Borg | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

US – Minnesota
Announcement by Moderator Р+Andy Levesque | Full List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

US – Montana
Announcement by Moderator Р+Melissa Breen +Hope OHara | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

US – New England
Announcement by Moderator Р+Geoffrey Ogonosky | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

US – Pacific NW
Announcement by Moderator Р+Jacob Lucas +Anthony Procissi | Full List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

US – Texas
Announcement by Moderator Р+Ben Godkin | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

US – Utah
Announcement by Moderator Р+Jeremy Hall +Scott Jarvie | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Photographers by Language

Announcement by Moderator Р+Ludovic Godet +Alexandre Roschewitz +Younes Bounhar | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Announcement by Moderator Р+Ugo Cei +Francesco Gola | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Announcement by Moderator Р+Nuno Ferreira +Luís Pedro +Ricardo Williams | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Announcement by Moderator Р+Lili Ana +alejandro carabes +Jeff Hill | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Photographers by Theme

Fashion Photographers
Announcement by Moderator Р+Shawn Ray +Brent Burzycki | Full List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Glamour Photographers
Announcement by Moderator Р+Shawn Ray +Brent Burzycki +Christopher Jay | Full List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Landscape Photographers
Announcement by Moderator Р+Younes Bounhar +Siddharth Pandit | Full List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Macro Photographers
Announcement by Moderator Р+Ron Clifford | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Portrait Photographers
Announcement by Moderator Р+Laura Mitchum | Full List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Portrait (Conceptual) Photographers
Announcement by Moderator Р+Scott Detweiler | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Travel Photographers
Announcement by Moderator Р+Elia Locardi | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Wedding Photographers
Announcement by Moderator Р+Shelley Porkolab +Christopher Jay +Scott Jarvie | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Wildlife Photographers
Announcement by Moderator Р+Robby Bowles | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Relgious Images Photographers

Announcement by Moderator –+Charles Lupica |¬†Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming¬†End of October

Panorama Photographers

Announcement by Moderator Р+Charles Lupica | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Other Photography

Full Time Photographers
Announcement by Moderator Р+Scott Jarvie | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Photo Business Discussion
Announcement by Moderator Р+Catherine Vibert | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Behind the Lens Critique Group
Announcement by Moderator Р+Colby Brown | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

SmugMug Users
Announcement by Moderator –¬†+katherine cheng +Scott Jarvie |¬†Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming¬†End of October



Announcement by Moderator Р+Donny Nyamweya | Full List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Announcement by Moderator Р+Scott Jarvie | Full List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Announcement by Moderator Р+Michael Beckett | Full List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Politics (Liberty Minded)
Announcement by Moderator Р+Michael Beckett +Scott Jarvie | Full List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Announcement by Moderator Р+Gavin Dash | Full List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Announcement by Moderator Р | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Tips for Incoming Google+ Friends:

A guide to understanding what to expect of Google Plus, How to use it and Tips, Tricks and Resources to use it well.


I wrote a post July 8th just over a week after Google+ I wrote it to help my friends.
Now I’m revisiting/revising it now that Google+ is Open To ALL

  • Part 1: I have put a few expectations to have prior to starting
  • Part 2: I have put step by step actions to get going
  • Part 3: I have put tips and tricks
  • Part 4: I have recapped the key principles
  • Part 5: Lists of people to help you get going
  • Part 6: Other write ups of interest



Expect: to Think Different

It’s the same but different. It’s like Facebook… but it’s not.
So I say “think different”

Expect: Excitement

The excitement for me of Google+ is that it allows you to do “amazing things”.
“Amazing things” with what?
Well amazing thing with your interactions with PEOPLE and INFORMATION.

Read about some of the amazing things below, but don’t limit yourself to simply what I say.

Expect: Changes and Commitment

It’s new, it’s growing and the company is incredibly committed to hearing feedback and improving. So expect amazingly new changes.
You know what’s nice… I have never heard someone say they didn’t like a new change.

What we love about their changes are that they seemed influenced by desire for what’s best for the user and not what makes the most money. (Cough… FB… Cough)

Expect: NO “Wall”

There is no wall like facebook.

There is only Posts and Comments on Posts.

You are in control of what shows up on your profile.

Expect: Control

Control in what you share and what you read.
Control of your posts, your comments, your notifications.

You can write a post to:

    • One person
    • A group of people (circle)
    • All of your circles
    • Or the whole world (Public)

Expect: An “INTEREST Network”

The power early on of Google+ has been in it’s ability to attract people of same interests to have meaningful interaction with eachother.
You can see this powerfully in the photography community.

But of course it can still be used to simply communicate life aspects like facebook and twitter. This will continue to grow as more people join, it’s not the primary usage at this present time.
People of similar interests are the most likely to use more often.

Expect: Varied levels of interaction

The gist: Some will be silent – Some will be vocal

To expand

In every form of social interaction (online or not) people interact at different levels of frequency.
Each form has different frequencies from every person. Email exchanges, Phone calls, Personal Visit, Post-Mail, Facebook, Twitter etc.

A great proportion of FB users will rarely write anything on FB and use it to check up on people from time to time.
Many will use any of the forms previously stated only on a need to use frequency. “I’ll call/email when I see a need”

On the other side there are some who post more… because they thrive on interaction and/or they love sharing information be it of personal/connection nature or an educational nature.

Many are used to the FB quality interaction and have created profiles, but are waiting to make the switch when a critical mass has moved.
A great proportion of social media users

So you might connect with many on Google+ that will be silent for now… and others (like me) that say a lot.

What level of interaction will you be?
Pick any… it’s OK.

Expect: To Produce and To Consume

It’s information… some people produce and share information and others Consume it.
Those who get the most joy and benefit do BOTH.

Expect: People you don’t know to follow you

Does this mean you have to share anything or say anything to them? NO… You decide.



Simplified (Later more detailed)


  1. Fill out your About section… list all those things you are interested in AND that you might talk about on Google+
  2. Write a post … make it PUBLIC (if you’re wanting people from the public interacting with you). Talk about your interests and show your personality. (All business, fun, funny)
  3. (For photographers) Post some pictures… be you beginner photographer or long-time-full-time photographer.
  4. Follow the people you know
  5. Follow the people that inspire you in your interests
  6. Comment on, +1 and Share Other people’s interesting posts
  7. Keep doing steps 2-6



Just join… no more invites needed… go to


Think about how you’ll interact because everyone you interact with will fit into some role with you.
Make a circle for every group of people. Do this first.

Here are some Circle Ideas (examples):

    • Friends
    • Family
    • Photographers
    • Utah Photographers
    • Located in Salt Lake City
    • LDS
    • Politics
    • High-school¬†Friends
    • Co-Workers
    • Cute Girls
    • Wedding photographers named Jarvie
    • Basically any INTEREST you have… make a circle. Make a circle for locations. Groups of friends from different aspects of life.


Decide if you’re going to talk to the world or just your friends

Of course you can talk to directed at only your friends at any point even if you say stuff to the world (“Public”)
If you decide to talk to the world expect that the world will follow you back. (This means people you don’t know)

If you never say anything public no one you don’t know will ever hear you.

Both options are fine… now you decide.


Fill out your info.
Specially the about section.

If you’re interested in connecting with people you don’t know yet … filling this section is a Must. (Not filled and no one will follow)

I suggest you write what you’re about and what interests are most compelling to you.
People will know what interests and connections you both have in common.

Write a Post

You can decide to just listen to others but if you’re interested in others following you then you Must write a post… this tells people that you are going to be part of the community and interact.
It’s OK if all you want to do is listen and not talk

Follow Others

Follow your friends at any time.

Follow people in the community that surround your interests/circles later.

You can follow your friends earlier on in the process because they know who you are.
But if you’d like to network with other people you really should wait to add them until AFTER you write a post or two and fill out your about section.
That way these people know you’re the type that will interact

Get a VideoCam and Mic

You’re just going to have to trust be that the Hangouts technology will change the world. That we are just starting to see all the possibilities that are to come.
I would wax long and eloquently on the subject, but I’ll just ask for your faith.

Note: Many laptops have a built in Mic. (I personally suggest the logitech c910 – it doubles as a mic too)

Come Back

There’s something to be said for consistency. And hopefully you see the benefit and make the trips back. Because then you’ll get more value from the system.

You only get what you put into it.

Follow me:

Because everyone needs a great Wedding/Portrait Photographer (And Photo Teacher) in their network of friends.  CLICK


TRICKS and Random TIPS

Notification: The red box on the top rt corner tells you something has happened. You’ve been notified = Notification Box.

+1 : It’s simple, it’s how you say I “LIKE” or I’m listening

MUTE: You can comment on something and then be notified with each successive interaction or you can mute it.

EDITS: You can edit and re-edit posts … you no longer have to simply say whoops… my bad. Fix it.

POST CONTROLS: Edit posts, Edit Comments, Disable Sharing, Disable Comments, Remove Commentary

Text Controls: *Bold using asterix*  & _Italics using underline_

Email Control: You can stop or filter the email that comes your way when people share or comment. (So no complaining)

PICTURES: They look amazing here. Make folders and upload pictures. It’s great!

Join a Hangout: Look on your news feed for “Join this Hangout”

Go Mobile: Download mobile aps on iPhone and Android.




You have to make an investment to reap a reward.


The desire and need to share information with others has not changed… the methods of exchanging that info has.


Your friends are not all there yet… but then again wherever you’re communicating right now they’re not there either… and even if it appears that way They are not all listening.

Trust that people believe in this system so passionately and it is backed by such talented people that it will continue to grow by leaps and bounds.


A party is not a party if you want to sit there by yourself.

Don’t complain if nothing is happening if all you choose to follow are 20 people that are boring and do absolutely nothing. (Make sure to find interesting people)



You need to follow people.

Beyond finding your friends, I can help you if you’re interested in Photography.

Find lists of photographers here and there and everywhere and mostly on Group.As

But if you’re like me you’ll like there:

LIST 1: (Interaction)

Follow this cast of users that are the most involved in the photography community.

LIST of Photography Interaction Community

It is not an insight into how good their photography is but how prone they are to interact with other users on Google+

LIST 2: (Utah)

Are you in Utah and a photographer?

Photographers in Utah List

LIST 3: (Full Time Photogs)

Do you aspire to do photography full time?

Follow a list of those that have done just that

Full-Time Photographers list

List 4: (Vetted by Jarek)

Whow are the really talented people posting stuff.

Well you’ll have to wait until my list is done.

But until then I am very fond of a very popular list vetted by Jarek Klimeck

165 Users Google+ Photographers Need To Follow

List 5: (Most Followed)

Here’s a list of the most followed photographers on Google+

List 6: (Me)

My shortcut link:

I fancy myself helpful and interesting.


Other Documents

A better guide to guide than I could come up with by +Paul Allen
“Welcome new Google+ Users!”

For photographers learn all about using Google+ with photography and the photography community in mind by +colby brown

Google+: The Survival Guide for a Photographer’s Paradise

Welcome to the World Of Jarvie

Version 3.00 (A categorized list of what I’ve shared on Google+)


Google+, FB, Blogs are all fleeting – (Some more than others)

I will try work to make knowledge a little less fleeting by giving a resource to look back.

* Denotes New


INDEX (I will turn these into links in a future version)

  1. Albums
  2. Important
  3. Photo Stories and Tips
  4. Critiques
  5. Surveys
  6. Lists
  7. Follower Q&A
  8. Thoughts on Themes
  9. Awards
  10. Circles
  11. Re-shares
  12. Political


My Photography Albums

Pictures are devided between best and rest and are moved back and forth based on

Best or Rest Concept explained


(Of Importance)

Of Particular Note Right Now:

My most Popular Posts

Big Announcements



Story and Tips:

(I give background to my pictures and try to give a few tips at the end)

Photo-Deconstruct (A challenge to break down the submitted pictures)

In the words of a Client

You Decide

Between these three of the Tetons – Sep 19 *


Themed Pictures

#Caturday 12
#SacredSunday 1

#JarvieWindow – PhotoShopWorld


Thoughts on these THEMES



Google+ Help Articles



Surveys I’ve done

My Google+ Suggestions (Users)

Questions I’ve Posed -> Answers received

Photo Challenges


Jarvie Awards

Re-Shares of Interest


Video Shares

Political (Those that are Public)

Photo Critiques – ‚ÄúReal Reviews‚ÄĚ

WorkFlow Hangout – Recaps

Google+ Lists (OLD -TO BE REVAMPED)

Religious (Public Posts)

    Posted by ScottJarvie at August 3, 2011

    Category: (j) Tips on Social Media

    Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

    Our (Photography) Crack Dealers

    145 Google+ users that work for some of our favorite photography services and stores

    (AKA: The people that bring us the products and services we couldn‚Äôt do ‚Äúour thing‚ÄĚ without.)

    Version 1 – The list is growing, *please share more* in the comments here or on Google+ and I will update. And of course like all good lists re-share it.

    NP = No Public Posts

    Meaning they haven’t, yet, posted anything publicly.

    So think before you add they might not be the most exciting to follow

    TOG = They are also photographers who post photography stuff on Google+

    If you have additions submit to me – On This Post

    BH PhotoVideo (19)

    Adorama (11)

    Pictureline (1)

    SmugMug (44)

    onOne Software (2)


    I’m on Google+ … Duh!

    • By now it is no surprise that I’m using Google+
    • I’m using it A LOT
    • I’m sharing tons of photographic stories and tips.
    • If you’re a follower of this blog and have appreciated my tips and/or my pictures you will be well served to go to google+ and find me there.
    • I share¬†publicly¬†most all of my photography related things. (I have other circles for most of my other things and closer friends that I’ve met)
    • You can even read some of my stuff without even using google+ … or add me…
    • Google+ is the perfect place for Photographers… specially aspiring photographers.

    Why I wrote this post

    I wrote this as a Google+ response. I did not write this because it is a serious problem (I see very little of it actually) but to nip it in the bud. To put out fires before they even begin.

    This was written on Google+ and was not written with the terms/vocab of a blog. (Keep that in mind)

    *Photographers: Don’t make enemies or get blocked*

    This post will be a tad preachy (I prefer educational) but it expresses the unwritten code in photography and in life. I hope it benefit others and says what many of us want to say.


    The internet is not so different than “real life” … We still are supposed to establish a¬†relationship¬†of trust and understand the expectations that prompt us to say what we say.

    Google+ is a great place for constructive¬†feedback … but it is still to be done with tact. I’m not gonna wax eloquent about how to give¬†critique¬†… more about when, where and why.

    About Review Requests

    My new friend (and great photographer)¬† wrote a good post about how those wanting reviews on their pictures should state that they want critiques… even that people are allowed to be “harsh”.
    (Why did he write that? Me thinks, so people can share their expectation for others to react to)

    Here’s his post:¬†
    to quote a portion:
    “3. If you have thick skin and can stand both positive AND negative reinforcement, and really want to learn the craft and get better at shooting, composition, and processing then post “[Review – Be Harsh]” prior to the text in your post and you will surely learn from some of the pros on G+ and learn to make your stuff better. People like¬† ? ? ? ? and myself () will be around (along with others) to rip you a new one.”

    *May I add*

    • Make it about the pictures and still be respectful
    • If you ask for it… don’t be upset when you get it.
    • Share the good And the bad (aka places for improvement)
    • Give context. To your advice. Say what you say and say why you said it.


    Establishing a Relationship
    Much of this is about establishing expectations and building relationship of trust.
    If you are good friends with an individual and they have established their desire to hear from you on an ongoing basis… so be it. Many will continuously want feedback in their photographic journey… so be it. They might write a general post saying “I’m learning, review away” it might even be on their “About Me” section.

    Trolling is stating things with disregard for proper social tact. Just because you can say it… doesn’t mean you should. In addition there is probably a better way to say it.

    *Not all posts are created equal*

    You may think that the only reason to put up pictures on Google+ is for them to be reviewed… but I assure you that is *not the case*.

    For example. Sometimes I’m saying (to those that are interested):
    “This is what I did yesterday” (and the assumption is that if they’re following me they’re interested)

    I think it’s accepted that much of the time we take pictures for them to be shared and seen. I have all my clients put my pictures on their FB (now google+) so that their friends see the happy moments in their life. (not particularly for reviews)

    In many of my posts I am sharing *stories* and *tips* . They are meant to be an educational post. Yes, We can learn from the good and the bad… it just so happens that in many posts I tend to focus on the good as I find that people get really hung up on the bad… (and with some stupid inconsequential stuff too.)

    *Let us not get so hung up on process that we forget to see the art*

    or stated in another way:

    *May all those entering into photography understand how to better their pictures without loosing their ability to appreciate art for it’s beauty and not for only it’s process.*

    *Look before you cross the road*

    • Did they want a review?
    • Again, You may think that the only reason to put up pictures is for them to be reviewed… not so.
    • Do they want a review from YOU?
    • The best reviews come from those you trust… two people may say the same thing but the person who has earned a higher level of trust will be the one with the most impact.
    • This is why you tag people into your post (don’t tag the picture itself) ¬†those you’d love to have a review from (assuming they are OK with giving them)
    • If you really want to give critiques but you don’t have that relationship with them and they didn’t state they wanted it… but you really want to… how do you go about this?You can ask them if they want it… but don’t ask them¬†publicly¬†because that puts them in an awkward place.

    *My expectations?*

    (Earlier I said different posts are based on differing expectations)
    I’m posting pictures and sharing educational tips… why? To educate… also to share my pictures.
    I am not perfect and my pictures are not perfect… I could look at my own pictures and give plenty of critiques.

    *How I would do critique requests?*

    When I find it of interest to do one; I will state that I want a review/critique and I’ll ask those that I want one from (but welcome others).
    Personally my style would be to give my own critique and see how others might differ in their critique.

    *We forgive you*

    I think it’s also important that if someone offends in this simple “unwritten” societal code that we *forgive*. Lack of understanding breeds most of this. Bad habits are easy to come by in photography. I think attacking only breeds defensiveness and no one gains from that.

    The solution is not to complain… it is to educate. (So I hope my post is seen as education and not as a complaint)

    Heck maybe you just like being that person and you don’t want our forgiveness… so be it.

    *If all else fails*

    When someone understands and disregards it’s then that the block button can come in handy.