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About the Reviews

I am doing these reviews to be of an added benefit to the many photographers that are following me on Google+ and as well as to the regular readers of this blog.

I am writing my posts not simply to the maker of the image but in a fully educational format with tips and concepts that will apply to all.

If there is sufficient response to this set of reviews I will open up another submission phase and do another set of reviews.

I assume there will be as this time I have 17 items submitted on Google+ and many of them seemed very interested, excited and sincere.

They did it by including the phrase Real Reviews Welcomed +Scott jarvie

My reviews are long and in depth looks into the pictures… I don’t simply say you should have done this or that… but I also say having taken the picture as you did you could make the following changes.

Yes I did two extra reviews that I promised… and I’m probably hurting on time because of that. Next time I might do less. But I do want more submitted… because it’s fun.
I didn’t look at any of the reviews that other people might have wrote on the pictures prior to me… except in the sunset picture.


I spent a long time writing these dang reviews… and life needs to continue now… so if you have a problem with grammar or spelling, don’t read my review. Seriously… don’t. You don’t deserve my insights if you’re just gonna get distracted by my faults. I really do need to move along. If someone privately wants to rewrite and send me the rendition, while 100% maintaining my personality in the writing… go ahead I’ll fix it up.

Image #1

By Janqi Oo – From kampar,malaysia


“Shot this during a cub prix in my hometown.”

My Review

Well first off it’s awesome that you have the red biker in the front; certainly the most photogenic of the bunch. Had it been switched up I think the red biker might have been a distraction in the background.

I also love the colors and textures found throughout the picture, specially the textures.

Wasted space on the left. While I can appreciate not cropping into the honda logo on the left it doesn’t help the image, so as long as you’re not shooting for Honda I’d come in. If you were reshooting I would have not given him so much space on the left but since it’s said and done what you can do now is crop… maybe move it over to right after that honda sign.

Also another cropping problem is that the bike did not receive a proper border underneath. You need at least a tad bit more space under that wheel.

A small item to consider that can be easily be cleared up is the white painting in the bottom right. Yes there’s lots of painting on the ground in the picture, but this one is the most in focus, furthest forward and the brightest meaning it will be the most likely to garner attention. It is very easy to clone/heal that out; even in lightroom.

And one last thing about the picture. As much as I like the image… it just isn’t terribly exciting sad to say. Catching them on a turn when they’re laying low to the ground or doing something awesome would have spiced it up.

But as it stands with the background and the moment you’ve been given it did well.

Image #2

By Ugo Cei from Pavia, Italy

This Picture

“On my way home from a business trip, I decide to take a detour along the coast. It’s the end of May and I know the sun will stay up till late in the evening.
After a few kilometers of twisting, narrow roads, I arrive in Vernazza, where I easily find a parking spot (had it been July or August, this would have been impossible).
I cross the small town and head up on the steep rocky trail that leads to Monterosso. When I reach the highest point on the trail from which the town below is still visible, I am completely covered in sweat. I find a space to place my tripod, secure my camera to it, with polarizing filter, and catch the last rays of the sun hitting the town as it sets behind the mountain at my back.
Later, I precariously climb down the slope until I come to another point I had previously spotted. There, I wait for the sky and the sea to turn a deep cobalt blue and the town to light up for the night. I take a few more shots, climb down the last steps in almost total darkness and head back to my car.

Nikon D90, Nikkor AF-S 18-105mm @18mm, f/5.6, 2.0s, 200 ISO.”

A quick word

I was excited to review this one because I am a self professed Italio-phile (meaning I love all things Italian) I really want to go back to Cinque Terra … I haven’t been there since 2004 when I wasn’t so awesome at photography.

The subject sits there, specially in travel photography, we see and we take… we don’t pose the buildings. What do we have the most control of in a picture? We can change our exposures, but even still the light is given from above. We do get to choose our framing.

When I look at images from photographers I gravitate first to what framing did they select, what borders around the main subject did they give. Did they seem to get it by mistake or get it from a solid eye for what they’re doing.

My Review

I love the colors, I love the time of night it was taken. He mentions it was twilight.

He must have had a tripod to shoot at 2seconds length or propped it up against something.

The dark blues and the streetlights are awesome.

I love the perspective he chose… from above.

If I were to take the picture as it is and work on it I’d say at least put those leading lines in the corners.

You already have one coming from a corner in the bottom left but how about cropping it in a bit on the bottom right and heck you’re already soooo close in the top left might as well just move it down a little bit.

For me the weak part of this image is the sky… compared to the dark blues below the sky just can’t compete… it seems to detract from the main scene ever so slightly.

I hesitate to just say crop it all out because then we’ll loose that leading line that of the hill coming right from that corner. I hesitate… but I’d do it.

Show this city with it’s only backdrop being the water. However there is another problem The top of that building in the distance is just a bit too close to the horizon line… if only it were to have just a tad more space.

A Solution for everything: If we revisited the past… we would have shot from a higher angle. It solves so many things. You don’t get the sky in there and there’s also more room above the top building and you can still get all 3 of those things in the corners as effect leading lines from the corners. AND you avoid those bushes from interfering as much.

Yes the bushes are in the way, I don’t mind them being in the picture … but they are covering boats and part of the most dynamic portion of of the scene.

Other things to have tried were longer shutter speeds for a smoother water… but the problem is the boats would move and not be as sharp. Also it would have been interesting to see what would have happened if a circular polorizer was used… to get a glimpse a bit further into the water. Not saying I’m for sure it would have been better… just saying I would like to see what would have happened.

In the end obviously an awesome picture… and I can’t wait to make my way back there. We’ll hang out there right Ugo?

Image #3


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Melissa Dorner did a post on Google+ – asking for a review.

Critiques more often?

I’m cool with doing reviews like this on Google+, so you can feel free to ask for reviews and I will do some from time to time. +Tag me in the post if you’re ok with me also turning it into a blog post and therebye using the image on the blog.

If it’s useful and remains fun for me… I’ll continue to do more.

I won’t pick all pictures but I’ll do them when I have time and feel inspired. (like today)

She Wrote

[Review – Be Harsh]
GULP. Well here goes. I’m taking +Dave Cox up on his idea to improve my work by getting it reviewed by him, +Lisa Bettany+Scott jarvie+Colby Brown+Wil Wells+Brian Matiash andanyone else who might be willing to take a minute and let me know what I can do to improve.

I’m not sure if this is the best way to do it, but since everyone is busy and swamped with a constant stream of information & images coming through G+, I thought I’d create an album of images on which I’d like feedback and post to it once a day. Please comment if there is a better way to do this.

Thank you in advance to all who take the time to help me! It is much appreciated.

You can read Dave’s original post here:


I’ll be going from the viewpoint that this is either a picture of a close friend of mine or myself.

I am attracted to the textures of the skin and the hair, it feels sharp.

I myself wouldn’t want that angle on my face the left side (our left) of her jaw line doesn’t look it’s best. But for guys that might be exactly what they’re looking for.

The expression is intriguing. (A nice way of saying it garners my attention and I think some will like it… but I personally would prefer another) If this is amongst the pictures given to a paying client then she’ll have to decide. If it were of Me (because us men like to look stoic) I would be alright… if it were a girl friend or something I’d portray a happier tone. But with portrait shoots I like to show off a plethora (good word… I know) of expressions that portray her personality so it’s hard to judge based off of one shot.

I’d soften a bit the wrinkles under the eyes… not remove… not porcelain-ize. Just a tad softer… it’s part of who she is or who she was that day but it doesn’t need to be as sharp as the rest of the important parts of her face.

As for the background I am a fan of that dark green… given the choice i’d take all dark green/black instead of the brown whatever.

Try a slightly different cropping. The top left corner does not help, it kinda serves to make her head bigger than it is. I think it could also be fixed with a prudent application of darkening brush.

Bottom left has too little of the black undershirt to be of much consequence at all, so how about excluded..
You’ll have to think about that crop (we’re talking tiny amounts) because the hair looks great there on the left side (our left)

As for the fly aways on the right… one would think just get rid of it… but I’ve been surprised on some of my pictures where girls liked some types of blowing hair (even if they include what might be classified as a fly-away). Can’t say I know how they’ll react with this one. As for myself I put my finger over them and it helped me focus more on the face. (Meaning remove… but let’s be honest I’d probably only spend the time in photoshop doing that if they printed a pretty large print or you’re submitting this to a contest or if it’s being used commercially)

Continuing the discussion about cropping I cropped (with my hands) a little down from the top and found the image better for me. We don’t have the whole head so we can be a bit creative. This also will be a little divisive to people (me thinks). I seem to like it a little below her part.

I think it’s a great Image…

Knowing where i come from:
my style of photography is quick and on the move, it’s a lot of moments and plenty of candids. I rarely am with a paid model. I’m there to make someone who’s uncomfortable with pictures feel like it’s a downright pleasant experience and bring out the best of their personality … what I’m saying is: I can pick apart the imperfections with ease on all of my pictures. But I can still remain focused on how difficult the situation was… the 3 minutes total I had in that location the half a second I had of great moments and expressions.

While critiques might be useful to some I think we all have to separate the beauty of a picture from the technical retrospect. I like the image I do see part of what she’s like.

… I don’t know how often I’ll be able to write long things like this… but hey there we go.

Knowledge is obtained through time and continues to grow each and every day.

(Photos by Britney Brent unless marked otherwise:)

Hello all!!! My name is Britney Brent. What a blessing it is to be able to have people in my life to help me grow and be better in every aspect of life; particularly in PHOTOGRAPHY!!!!! Photography is a passion I developed my during my first year of college. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, who I wanted to be, how I wanted to contribute to society, but I just wasn’t able to figure that out throughout my classes in college.

My roommate had an awesome Nikon film camera that she let me play with throughout our rooming days. I absolutely loved my life when I was behind that camera. It literally brought me a joy that I never even knew I could experience. However, for 3 more years I worked in college to do what I thought would be better for me by getting a college degree. Only, I wasn’t happy there.

Those experiences are what have brought me to where I am today. Those experiences helped me decide to get training where I really needed it, where I would be most benefited, and in a field that I knew I would be happy doing for the rest of my life! Those experiences brought me to Scott Jarvie Boot-camp!!

I’m not the quickest learner, and sometimes I do have to be shown how to do something a couple times before it clicks, but that’s okay. Having 3 other interns with me throughout this 10 day camp was very helpful, I was able to ask and observe them to learn different aspects throughout our time with Scott.

Now for the play by play of my boot-camp experience:

Day 1 – Using location

Location is HUGE when it comes to photography. Location can literally make or break a photograph in my eyes. How you use the area where you shoot is so important, and SO EASY!!! I was one to go to a location and use it for a few shots and move to a completely new location because I didn’t know how to USE the area. With the help of Scott and some creative games he used with us I was able to better learn how to use a location to its fullest. How to make one location look like 12.


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SMUGMUG an Overview

Experience with SmugMug

I have used SmugMug for a few years now. I am a full time photographer, not only do I do a lot of photoshoots every year but I take a lot of pictures at every event because my style is to document and show off the personality of every event I’m at, Every couple that comissions me and every place I visit. I have a true love for photography that motivates me to always have a camera near because it makes me happy and I strive to learn something new each time.

What I’m trying to say is I have taken a lot of pictures and put a ton of them on SmugMug.
I have spent a lot of time using it and figuring out all that the program has to offer. As one of the most prolific users I think I can say a bit about the service.

Below I’ll focus on my WORKFLOW and how it interacts with SMUGMUG
Then point out features more people should be using on SmugMug


I have a lot of pictures on SmugMug which gives me peace of mind in case something ever happens to my SmugMugPro.Luckily nothing has
I have a lot of pictures on SmugMugPro which gives me peace of mind in case something ever happens to my DroboPro.
Because I could use a cool program and download the images.
Luckily nothing has ever happened to them and I’ve never needed the pictures because of something bad going wrong. If I did need them I could re-download them from SmugMug for my clients. I did however once need the pictures while on the road away from the computer.
MANY TIMES i’ve wanted to put them on facebook, not just one or two but most of the album… I used to rt click on each picture… then I learned it was much faster to drag and drop into an album. Now i’ve learned it’s much faster to use a program that’ll download them for me, like all at x2 size and then upload to facebook.
Why get them from SmugMug? Because it preps the pictures to look mighty nice on facebook which is known to have problems… it also puts my watermark on, which saves me tons of time.
What’s out there
I have always used AlbumFetcher which works perfectly and only works for Windows. I haven’t used RapidFetcher which I’m told is cross platform.
SmugMug Downloader Review
But I tried out SmugMug Downloader which is a Java app – so I’m assuming it’ll run on both mac and windows. It looks nice, it seems simple. But it’s lacking a ton of functionality. I wonder if they’re just gonna keep it simple or make it more robust and usable?
For one: I have a client needing their pictures like right now for a political campaign. This program requires a password which I’m not going to give to a client. I also don’t see where to select the size pictures you want to download. Which makes it so it doesn’t help me out.
Organization can only be sorted in 3 ways and one of them is not date gallery was created. So for someone with almost 1000 albums of pictures yeah it makes it hard.
But I will say kudos to trying it out and making it look nice. I would hope there are some people out there with some good use of this program.
For now if you’re on Windows Album Fetcher is pretty complete.

I have a lot of pictures on SmugMugPro which gives me peace of mind in case something ever happens to my DroboPro. Because I could use a cool program and download the images.


This is how my winter photography has gotten so much easier this year.

I wear warmer shoes ready for any condition and ready for any place I might have to step.
Sometimes I’m even ready to wear thermals so that I can wear a sweater and avoid a big puffy jacket, because that gets in my way.

I’m still willing and able to get down on the ground for the shot.

But most of all my hands are staying warm.

I bought these gloves and they work like a charm and were well worth the money.
I bought them at Outdoor Photo Gear

Buy them here and have a better winter

There are other options
Certainly plenty of much cheaper gloves and perhaps many are “good enough”, but if you’re still looking for something this will be better.
If you’re happy with where you’re at then I guess you don’t need new gloves anyway.

I will say that this is a photographers glove not a glove that happens to work for photography.

Anytime you’re bothered or burdened and not putting you’re best towards the client it decreases your abilities exponentially

So SmuMug has released a feature I’ve wanted for a long time ever since David Terry told me about the idea.
(BTW happy birthday David)

I’ve been waiting for a version of coupons that would ease the way to let the clients choose their pictures straight from the site.
Like a little shopping spree. But allow me to still be in control of the end result.

As a photographer I want to focus more of my time on creating better pictures and not spending so much time picking pictures and dabbling in business things and I would hope my customers would appreciate this.
I also like the fact that it all still goes through me when they select pictures, and I’m sure that’s what the customer hopes for as well…
I love their print delay feature… having a few days to review their order and enhance the pictures before they’re sent to the printer is perfect.

There are 4 types of SmugMug coupons.
Percent off
Dollar amount off
At Cost
Print Credit (Gift Card)

I’m mostly interested in the last of these… which is also probably the most complicated type.

“Print Credit – This functions just like a gift card. If a customer does not use it up in an order, the balance will remain to use on future orders. You can optionally set a start and end date for its use.”

So thanks for the coupons SmugMug and I hope my customers love the idea as much as I do and look forward to incorporation of coupons in 2010 packages.


Now for the questions and requests:


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Highlighting JarvieDigital

For the rest of the month I’ll be highlighting the many projects and sites found on the JarvieDigital launch page

The launch page itself was designed by Thom Allen and Jake Spurlock with some prior input by Jonathan Bond

It seems fitting for the first highlight that I present a brand spanking new project… a blog.

All the Photographers BLOG

Finally here

I’ve been developing the idea for a while now, and have just recently freed up enough time to get it going.

Each day we’ll highlight a different photographer from all around the world doing different kinds of photography at different skill levels.

At the moment you’ll notice a lot of Utah photographers, as it was easiest to start off dealing with people I know.

There are already 10 photographer reviews and we have another 10 drafts which we’ll release on a consistent basis

Multiple authors

Next I’ll be training other authors how to log-in and create their own reviews.

If you are interested in being another author please drop us a line we’d love to consider you.


To share great photography with aspiring photographers and non-photographers alike.
The site is a jumping off point, these are only recaps of photographers, there will be links so people can go see more of their work.

A place you can go to find new people you might never have heard about.
It will also be used as a place where  people can search for photographers (by type of photography, country/state, and keywords)

We intend that the site inspires people with all the wonderful work and creativity.


To make great photographers more well known.
To share beautiful art.

I also have a personal goal to have several authors with multiple posts a day.
I also have a goal to hit 10,000 consistent readers by June .

To get involved

If you’re interested in either
Becoming an Author
Being reviewed

Feel free to send an email to

I hope to stock pile a good 30-40 reviews in advance.

If you’re a photographer or aspiring photographer, this can be one of the best opportunities to learn and be expired.
I know many of you already spend a lot of time searching for photographers.
Why not spend 20-30 extra minutes and create a post and share your finds with the rest of the world, and make better connections and network with other photographers.

Highlights so far:

Charles Uibel


Whitney Lewis



Hey look!!
I used a lensbaby on an actual photo-shoot.

These are wedding detail shots from two weddings.
Both were pictures of rings.

That’s not to say I probably couldn’t use it even more and get some really fun results.
But I just haven’t… many times the situation wasn’t right or I didn’t have enough time.

Focusing takes a lot longer so the situation had to be right.

Taking pictures of rings are cool… because they don’t move.
I did these without a tripod and it took a while.
I was using the macro filter adapters, and focusing and the depth of field was so narrow it was really hard to nail down.

I ogirinally bought the Lensbaby because I was trying to purchase the Nikon 105 macro and pictureline was out of stock that day.
Therefore I used the lensbaby to get Macros.

Next wedding I’m taking the G11 and testing it out to get some macros (details)

May I add I had a second generation lensbaby years ago… tried it on one wedding and never used it since.
The LensBaby composer is much more user friendly in my opinion.

To learn more about LensBaby go here


This is probably the most iconic LensBaby look… with the blurred edges.

First wedding that I used it on was the following

 055_7158570 471_7158562



Are we going with MAC as an industry for some actual reason?
Or just because everyone else is doing it? Is it all HYPE a sort of placebo affect?

(FYI: I own a PC and a MAC.)

What actual benefit does MAC have on graphics that everyone says

“If you do anything with graphics or video, 100% hands-down, no option go with a MAC.”

Pictures look real pretty on a MAC and I hope my clients view on a really nice big mac display.
But I run a color calibration to get Real-as-they-should-be-looks and it seems to take away all that niceness so I can view the picture as it really is.
(So doesn’t that erase the benefit of those displays?)
This is because of the way they build their displays and do their color profiles… so should i just be buying a Mac Display?
(Aren’t the color profiles replaced when you do a color calibration?)


I signed up for SmugMug Apr 2nd 2008 – And this is my review

(200K+ pictures and 1000Gbs later)

Read the FULL long and Intensive review after the jump


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(D300s with a 14-24 on – taking pictures every 20 seconds for about 3hrs – don’t ask me if that’s normal i just kinda made it up as I went)

I’m gonna make this short or I’ll get overwhelmed and you won’t see many more of these.

I just wanted to take a minute to say I loved having the Joby Gorillapod while in Mexico for a week.
It was small and easy to cary around, weighing next to nothing and attaching to the outside of my bag.

I love pictureline and all and me them are all friends, but I must say the pictures on their site are less than astounding as you can tell from their lack of photo of the product on the website. Tisk Tisk!

But nevertheless here’s the link

GorillaPods aren’t perfect you have to fiddle with the legs for sometimes TOO LONG and the screw in base isn’t that great, but I was too lazy to screw in my kirby tripod head into the gorillapod and have a better option.
So I dealt with it.

But overall it came in way handy as I photographed pictures.

I did 2 sets of time lapse projects.
Both of a group of humanitarian workers working on a cement floor for someone less fortunate.

I probably won’t get to compiling them for a while but it was fun doing it and at least I have the raw footage.

having an extra battery made that all possible. Also getting an umbrella over the camer on one of the non-cloudy days was comforting.

While those pictures were being taken with the interval timing function (found on most mid to high level D-SLRs) I was able to use my other camera to do other pics.

The GorillaPod did seem like a little too expensive at first. But I was viewing it’s small size and comparing against the other gorillapods that are for the smaller cameras and cost a lot less.
But i’m very happy I bought it. I used it much more than my nice fancy pantsy carbon fiber tripod. As it just wasn’t practical to lug around to these humanitarian jobs anyway.

For now I’ll keep you in suspense until I complete the time lapse videos. Keep checking back… haha… someday it’ll pop up.

More on my trip to mexico to come.

Including a few more words on
photographing while river rafting
photography in a foreign country
photographing from a car (my speciality)
photographing with a GPS device connected (I realized that after almost a year of ownership I still haven’t written a proper review on the GP-1)



I bought a small camera (A Canon G10) and the corresponding Underwater Housing.

I’m in Mexico at the moment at a nice resort.
It’s on the beach and has a nice pool.

I’m whitewater rafting on friday, I couldn’t think of a safe way to bring along a DSLR on this event… So i tested out the camera today.
A DSLR underwater housing would be cool but it costs well over 1000 and wasn’t readily available and certainly not in time for the trip.

I bought my camera and housing from pictureline the day I left for Mexico.

Plus some other considerations were that I wasn’t going to have many opportunities to use it and I tend to upgrade cameras so which camera do i buy it for? (D700? well it’s already hit over 150K clicks and is ready to be replaced just as soon as there is an upgrade)



Might I add having the small camera has been nice for certain situations.

It doesn’t make any noises making it even more sneaky for times when you didn’t want people to know.

It’s more acceptable in certain situations such as malls or airports or other places they look down on my big cameras.

And the obvious is that it can fit in my pockets (bigger guy pockets)


It’s fun!

I can see how a Snorkler or Diver would have a ton more fun!

Small cameras are frustrating sometimes. The lag from when you hit the button.
Frames per second…. yeah right. I can take fast shots for nothing!

I wanted to take pictures of the waves rolling in and it was frustratingly slow.

Timing means so much in photography, difference from a good shot to a great shot!

The biggest test was passed… no water got in!

I couldn’t hardly tell i was shooting through an underwater casing, until I was out of the water and the beads of water were on the glass rolling down. Kind of a pain…. maybe there’s a trick.

 004-IMG_0254 013-IMG_0185



This is our huge Gulf of Mexico waves, i think this one topped out at 6

6 inches!!


What Am I Introducing

So we’re not really introducing video to cameras,

But we are itroducing video to this blog.

And I am introducing the D300s

Since now I own a camera that does video it makes it so easy to record video, upload to smugmug and imbed that video here on this blog.

My disclaimers are:

This is the first video on my blog, my first video I’ve recorded for a blog. So I did several takes because I wasn’t about to spend the time to edit and splice stuff.
But I still made verbal mistakes and since I only have owned the camera for a few hours I still don’t have a handle on the focusing.
I also did hand hold it…
So basically don’t get too after me about the quality of filming.

But I do aim and can promise I will get much better.


Rundown on new notable features.

  • Video
  • 7 frames per second without grip
  • faster access to live view – 2 button clicks to start recording
  • on camera mic and plug in for external mic
  • better d-lighting
  • quite mode – means take a picture without much noise. (forgot to mention on video)
  • dual CF and SD slots
  • Better latch for memory card slots
  • the cool center button I love (like introduced on D700)

If you want me to talk about anything else… I might be persuaded to make a few more videos.

This blog also happens to be a test of the amazing video features of SmugMug – the place where I happen to put all of my pictures.

I searched for a while to figure out how to embed video into this blog (it being my first time) there were ANY good resources I could easily find online (we know how a mess the internet is)
So I’ll quickly say I grabbed the embed into web code from smugmug much as one would get the embed link for a picture.
You must keep in mind this is code and not a URL or link… so you switch over to HTML on your wordpress editor and drop it into its place.
This suposes you know how to do a lot of what i just explained. But for me that’s exactly what I was hoping to find out that took me 20 minutes to figure out on my own because there were no good sources.

Shameless plug: Who wants to buy a used D300 (or even a much less expensive D200)


I’m talking about tons of editing… fast editing.
A computer for tons and tons of editing with fastest speeds possible.
Not a computer that will be used from time to time to edit.
Because if you have other pressing needs for the computer then your decision might differ.

My solution isn’t for the pretiest or the most user friendly… I’m talking effeciency!

Fastest, most powerful machine to run Lightroom or Photoshop. = Saving Time

Winner = Hand built PC for serious editing

If you want the fastest machine possible (at the moment) for picture editing you’ll have to stick with a PC for now.

-Good news is it will be abt half the cost (Roughly $3000 less)

-You’ll either need to set it up yourself
OR – Pay someone a couple hundred to set it up.
Still much cheaper than a Mac by several thousand.

Price has a lot to do with my consideration… so if several thousand for a similar powered machine isn’t a concern… by all means go Mac.

I don’t like store bought PCs

Thing about PCs is that stores sell cheap PCs or sell the good ones too expensive.
(Not an efficient move)
The PCs in stores aren’t that good… companies trying to make a buck on shoddy stuff. Therefore the whole PC system gets a bad rap.

And I must admit Macs are great for people who don’t know much about computers and have no desire to learn. But they just aren’t as fast for the same cost… and the options are way limited in comparison. (Stick with them for laptops)

Get a really great one set up by someone

Like i said just pay some techy friend to set it up…
or I’ll find you a techy friend to set it up for you.
Spend the couple hundred you save by buying hand selected parts and pay someone.

My old PC vs New MacBook Pro

I have a brand new MacBookPro for traveling but it’s way way slower than my PC. (1 yr Old quad core)
But laptops are small and convenient and great for travel. I don’t expect to use it all the time, just travel… that’s what it does best.
Why mac for laptop – macs don’t have a huge price difference when it comes to the higher end. I think it was only a few hundred more than the HP and it was smaller and had better battery life. The mac laptops are great…

BUT… For serious editing – use a desktop with real power

But come on, don’t use a laptop for editing if you do lots.
If you edit just a bit… it’s ok, by all means… get a laptop and plug it into a monitor and use a mouse.


Top of the line PC can be built sub $2k (w/o monitor)
(See details below)

Throw in a dell or a mac 30″ monitor and then you’re loving life, you’ve saved several thousand by going PC why not.

MAC = $5549  (w/o monitor)
8cores 2.6, 2 video cards, 2HDs
(NO FAST HD option like an SSD … at least not from their store… so you’ll need to get one of those somehow and reinstall OS)

So yeah it’s a fast machine I can only imagine, perhaps due for an update… but it’s nice.
They really don’t have a lesser version I would recomend unless get the 4 core instead of the 8 core.

Mac is $3000 dollars more and isn’t technically quite as fast. (Not sure how it compare honestly)
But it is prettier and the Mac/OS is nice for many people.

But let’s face it… you’re using Lightroom and Photoshop not finder or laucher all day long.

Seriously I’ll find someone to build it for you


i7 8cores, 12gb ram, SSD fast HD with several 1.5TB HDs, best video card or two for up to 4 monitors, full tower, best MB with tons of toys.

Crazy fast for Lightroom editing.
Add in a 30″ monitor or a couple of regular size ones.
I recomend always having a couple of monitors

Oh and if you play games on the side… You’ve pretty much built the ultimate gaming machine

Yet another reason to get a PC for editing?
Fusion IO is coming out with their incredible new pro-sumer HD and it’s a PC device!
And no longer do you have to spend $3-$10K to buy one!