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Posted by ScottJarvie at February 24, 2011

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Wednesday at WPPI in Las Vegas

You know the scoop by now… get the pictures here and feel free to use them on facebook and blogs.

Wait for all 69 to be uploaded – some are uploaded now but I won’t have internet until probably late friday. So check back later to see your smiling goofy face.





Posted by ScottJarvie at February 23, 2011

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Another day of Jarvie Window pictures… feel free to get the pictures of yourself and use them as your avatar online. All good with me.

Sunday pictures could be found here

Monday pictures can be found here

and yesterday’s pictures can be found here

If you already visited a gallery looking for your pictures but couldn’t find them… it is probably because they weren’t uploaded yet. The internet connection is pretty bad here at the MGM as I’m sure you know. So check again.





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It was a hit last year at the SmugMug party and it was again this year.

I will say that the D7000 has a lot of trouble focusing without light. Seems like the D300s does a much better job with lack of light (not perfect… but better)

Feel free to follow the link to the gallery and use these pictures. Use them… make a gallery on facebook… profile… whatever. I know photographers sometimes worry about this but you have my full permission to use them.

I have a lot of fun at these parties because I get to meet people taking pictures… in fact I’m sure I’d have a lot less fun if I wasn’t “working”

So I’m glad SmugMug lets me come and spread the joy.

I’m happy everyone loves the pictures so much… glad to know I’ve helped contribute in some small way to the world of photography.

Next year we’re doing some Badge Bling… some ribbons which will read “I Looked through Jarvie’s Window” – If there’s something better let me know. Many thanks to Brittany Cascio for the idea. Hope it’s cool and fun and people like the idea.

We’ll see you next year at the party.

I’m hear til thursday so come find me around anywhere. Twitter me at @jarvie

We’ll get you some more pictures … while you’re sober … or specially if your picture turned out blurry.





See the gallery here

Please allow time for all 200+ pics to upload to the site on this slow Hotel Internet


 009_7K00862 012_7K00715

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Last year was the first be unveiling of the style known as Jarvie Window

It later went on to be featured on Strobist and Photofocus and for lots of random photographers around the world to use the style at weddings and other such events.

It’s been a lot of fun seeing what’s happened since.

I do these pictures at every wedding and the guests (and bride and groom) have a lot of fun with it.

I like to think of it as the new PhotoBooth

In any case each day I’ll be sharing some pictures taken from the previous day.

And so it goes from WPPI 2011 day 1 (sunday)

See them all – Gallery


Pictures are presently uploading… so I’m gonna go play down at the convention floor… if you’re at WPPI make sure to look me up, you’ll see me walking around and will probably see me at the SmugMug booth and the SmugMug party which is tonight BTW




Hey this is Scott I’m back again


Well here we are again… where did we leave off?

Well we were fighting bad guys and saving orphans.

Ok Ok we were looking at pictures and hearing about the eventful day in which an eternal family was formed. (And saving defenseless kittens from savage wolves)

It went something like

Bobbie Jane met a boy


He took her into his arms


They sat there on the pier contemplating their future

 006_J7S1211 022_J7S1149

Sometimes doing dip kisses

He then took her to the Temple


Now he’s married to Bobbie Jane


And now you’re caught up…

So finally we can get down to business and talk about the PARTY

(A celebration of love if you will)


A time for…


 106_J3S2399 113_J3S2434

 110_J3S2424 115_J3S2444

 129_J3S2400 118_J3S2380

 112_J3S2431 125_J3S2392

 116_J3S2455 157_J3S2451


 865_J3S1609 866_J3S1613

A wedding recently at La Cailled in Sandy Utah. I took out the Jarvie Window for just a few minutes and got some pictures when they started dancing and pulled some people in for some close ups of course.




 868_J3S1617 875_J3S1646

 900_J3S1725 902_J3S1730

 869_J3S1625 898_J3S1716


The Color


The Scene


These are just my pictures… see what happens when you combine the work of 12 great photographers in a day long event?
By going to the following links.

The Moment


The Window

The Powder

The Temple

 0052__7SC2182 092__7SC2150



The Festival of Colors is about Colors… so I figured I’d do a post focusing on the Colors at this year’s Holi festival in Utah.

(Above) The big launch of the colors at 4:50pm

 0037__J3S2242 0003__J3S2243

(Above) The launch of the colors the first time around.


I Didin’t get any colors on me until about 9hr into the day when this batch of yellow hit me.
Choosing your spot for the color explosion is very important. I picked a bland spot… but I made it work and focused on the crowd experience and colors.



To see all of the last batch of Jarvie Window images from WPPI 2010 – go here

To see all each of the galleries go here – Including the SmugMug Slumber party

Give me feedback on the new layout where I’m putting matching images next to eachother.


 042__3S26548 002__3S26549

 026__3S26556 043__3S26552 027__3S26567

 006__3S26461 016__3S26467

 012__3S26454 013__3S26458 015__3S26462 035__3S26472 021__3S26526 032__3S26447

 011__3S26423 004__3S26426


I really do Love SmugMug as much as you think I do!

Glad I offered to help them out this week at WPPI in Las Vegas.

The party was way fun… and I’m not a huge party guy.

I lasted way longer than most parties at the MGM suites.

People seemed to be having a lot of fun.

People flipped about the Jarvie Window… I’m serious, like they were floored… and frankly I was flattered often.

And this is a party of hundreds of professional and mostly Full time photographers.

(You guys are all awesome)

I’m just happy that I can share it all with you. Hope to see the awesome things some of you do with it.

So true to fashion the full gallery will be uploaded to a SmugMug gallery.

Please be patient with MGM internet for all 300+ pics to upload. Later tonight.

Not only I give you permission but 1000% encourage you to make Facebook galleries or email or blog or Avatar them (Many have asked)

So have at them and tag these people… because frankly I can’t remember everyone and it’ll be a while before I can get the time to get them on facebook.

 011_3S26109 017_3S26312 022_3S25801 037_3S26277 040_3S25766 016_3S26309


Those coming by the SmugMug booth today at WPPI will get pictures like these.
Just ask for Jarvie – or even Wade.

We’ll get them posted the next day.

You folks from yesterday… check out your pictures here

Don’t forget the SmugMug Slumber party tonight –
I’ll be there… you’ll recognize me because I’ll have the funny looking thing on my camera.

Scott Bourne was in heaven me thinks.

OK so maybe this one wasn’t as creative or funny… but she’s gorgeous.

And the guy below had awesome eyes.


Sushi dinner party at the MGM amongst photographers and photography industry exhibitors called the Jarvie Window into action.
Me thinks it will come out a little more often this week.

see them all here