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Many of you know I’m very active on GooglePlus (my profile)

I’ve added these pictures on my business profile as well so you can comment on them individually.


I very quickly perused the thumbnails of 4000+ pictures and picked out about 50 pictures I thought would be nice to show off from the event, just to wet the curiosity of those wanting to see pictures of the event.

I organized a 3 day photowalk for many of the GooglePlus photographers and we went to this event for 2 days. I’ll write more about that event as well as post lots more pictures from the event.

For now… Enjoy the pictures: (See them here as well)

In the comments let me know which one I should talk more about and I’ll put it up on GooglePlus and Facebook




 0007_7363944 0008_7363948

(Above) The organizer



Characters Welcome



Had the opportunity to take pictures at the stadium of fire.

Thanks to Gordon for getting me in, he’s been doing it for many many years, always fun to hang out with him.

I recently posted the fireworks from after the event here.

Brad Paisley and David Archuletta performed as well as a few other bands


I packed light. Meaning I didn’t bring in a bag. Well not a big bag, I did have 2 lens holder bags; one around my neck and the other hooked to my belt. I also carried two cameras for fast changing and also to help me carry the 4th lens that I wanted to carry.

Carrying two cameras has another advantage (beyond helping to carry a lens and for backup) it makes you look more official. There are plenty of people that have DSLRs but rarely will you find a person carrying two cameras to not assigned to cover the event for realsies.

I used the 70-200 a lot because we couldn’t get super close to the stage. I shot with the 85 1.4 because I wanted my pics to stang out a bit more.

And if I didn’t mention it Monday but most of the fireworks pics were taken with the 24-70


If any photographers are reading this… OR … people peeved with photographers at concerts.

  1. Please don’t just stand in front of audience members for long periods of time.
  2. Can you get the same shot kneeling down so people can see over you.
  3. Are you not taking a picture at that moment? Are you waiting for a moment?
  4. Can you be out people’s way while you wait?
  5. Move around! I think audience will be alright if you’re only there for a moment, but they paid a lot to be there and don’t want to stare at your head or butt for a full song.
  6. Yes I’m talking to you “photographer” in the green, wish I had written your name down, because you were rude! Not in the intentional way, I just don’t think you realized what you were doing. (And yes I kind of mentioned it to him, but the music was so loud that I don’t think he really understood what I was saying)

Here were a few of the introductory things. Yes that was the guy that crashed into another photographer about 15ft from where I was standing. (Below-left)

The crowd was enjoying themselves of course.

Check out more photos here.

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Taken Saturday night at the Stadium of Fire at BYU stadium. In fact from on top of the stadium.

Taken without a tripod in bulb mode (but braced against something to prevent from shake)

Basically I had the shutter open for as long as the firework looked cool.

 _7B06570 _7B06557




Before I explain what my plans are for this year, Let’s recap.

The first year I went to the Festival of colors I just went to take pictures at a cool event. I didn’t have any plans… just shoot. I was lucky to get some of what are still my favorite pictures.

Since then my blog posts on the event and in particular what I do as a photographer to keep my gear safe are very popular. (Note: I will not convince you it’s safe because I stopped caring if more photographers come or not, haha)

Last year I went to document. I was there to document every aspect of the festival from morning when no one was there… until well after sunset when everyone had left except some of the staff.

you can see all the pictures from previous years here


 0029__J3S2880 0003__J3S2243

Last year I also wanted people to go and get pictures of themselves from the event. Just give back kinda thing.

While I had fun last year it was exhausting organizing about 10 photographers and going through all those images. But it was awesome having a home base like we had with the trailer.

Last year I introduced the Jarvie Window to the festival… or did I introduce the festival to the Jarvie Window? haha

 0008__J3S3194 0051__J3S3382


I want to take memorable images. Something different… something more than just the documenting.

For sure I’ll take part in taking pictures in many if not all the count down throwings they will do every 2 hours.

But I also want to do pictures in a more controlled environment.


I played at it a little last year when a couple people dressed up for pictures.

 0049__J7S3153 0027__J3S3067


I want to turn them into more planned approaches with people there throwing the right colors at the right time from the best angles and Avoiding my lighting equipment which I’ll have to make even better images.


This is part of my IDEAS WEEK (on my facebook page)

I want people to be the creative director of some of these shoots… not just ideas person. Help organize with me an idea from start to completion.

While ideas are great… it’s people willing to go the extra step to help make it happen.


Individuals, groups, couples, Weddings, brides, High Fashion, event, marketing, random things, planned/staged events etc etc…

Raid your old wardrobe for that awesome outfit that can be worth the exchange for some great pictures (maybe it’s one that you just don’t wear anymore)

Raid a local thrift store for the best outfits.

Come in costume.

But make it more than … this will look cool.

Because I only have so much time that day and the best ideas with people willing to put in effort will get that time.

Companies you should think how we could make this work for you. It doesn’t have to be on the day of. We can do commercial shoots using the colors… anywhere. It promotes you, it promotes me and it promotes the festival.


While I’ve got a couple of fun ideas already planned and in motion, I have a few others I’ll gladly put to the wayside if others come up with better stuff.

GAUNTLET… thrown down

so you models, aspiring models, creative directors, past, present and future brides who love wearing pretty dresses, you crazy wild fun people, and all you CREATIVE individuals… let’s see what you can come up with.

OK so how do people feel about slideshows on blogs?

Yes before you say anything this won’t work on flashless-apples (of which I have some myself… sad day)

But it could be cool… but you’re the readers so let’s hear it.

Now if this is received well I can make these posts so much faster and easier.

The thought is you can just watch the pictures roll by until you’re done…because the whole gallery will often be on them.

This is a new thing for me… I’m not sure how long SmugMug has had the feature.

So what shall I show off first? How about parade pictures?

Yes there is an emphasis on NuSkin pictures since they were the clients for the day.




So I love the concept of family lifestyle photography. I don’t often find the time to do a lot, but it’s a lot of fun and perfect for my style of shooting.

BTW, if you have ideas or events like these let me know… who knows I might be free and able to come do them. It’s worth a shot.

So the question is… Who’s totally jealous of this little kid’s birthday party?? Come on now, admit it!



Yes they did have Jedi Training available!

 015_3S21442 016_3S21520

Yes I made a church cultural hall look pretty OK! I’m awesome! hahaha


 004_3S21383 003_3S21371

Oh and the jarvie window pictures are always fun for a little end of party.

 018_3S21654 021_3S21695 020_3S21666


1. Photo By: Summer Cottam

50 pictures of the largest Festival of Colors (Holi) in the United States.

It takes place in a small farming community in Utah! At the Krishna Temple.
20,000+ people come to the event often parking miles away.
Pictures were taken by a group of 12 photographers organized by JarvieU

They had 2 countdowns (color explosions) this year.

2. Photo By: Julien Gomez

3. Photo By: Scott Jarvie

4. Photo by: Scott Morris

5. Photo by: Tabitha Davidson


The Color


The Scene


These are just my pictures… see what happens when you combine the work of 12 great photographers in a day long event?
By going to the following links.

The Moment


The Window

The Powder

The Temple

 0052__7SC2182 092__7SC2150



The Festival of Colors is about Colors… so I figured I’d do a post focusing on the Colors at this year’s Holi festival in Utah.

(Above) The big launch of the colors at 4:50pm

 0037__J3S2242 0003__J3S2243

(Above) The launch of the colors the first time around.


I Didin’t get any colors on me until about 9hr into the day when this batch of yellow hit me.
Choosing your spot for the color explosion is very important. I picked a bland spot… but I made it work and focused on the crowd experience and colors.



So what do you think? Should I quit the Wedding Photography business (Day Job) and jump into the big bucks of Political campaigns {sarcasm}? Specially the non-incumbent ones that don’t have the big funding?

Well as much as I enjoyed yesterday… which I did a lot. I think weddings are actually a lot more exciting adventure and are more apt towards exploring artistic avenues. I’ll be sticking with weddings for now. That and travel photography.

See the Full gallery here

I have (i think) a good aptitude and personality for a political photographer and the realms of photojournalism it touches. After years as an All Day wedding photographer the days aren’t even that long. I shot 8-5 for this campaign today along with plenty of editing to get done. Par for the course, except it appears post-process stuff is even a bit faster because I don’t feel inclined to any “fancy” edits.

Meeting the great fun people and creating even stronger connections that even at most weddings is very appealing. The challenge of making something repetitive (like speeches and rallies) and greetings and pomp look new and to bring originality into it is an interesting challenge that I do happen to like.

However in the end of it all I have my guess that campaign/political photographer is kind of like an area of service, something I’d like to feel is beneficial to Scott Jarvie the citizen and probably isn’t in the cards for JarvieDigital the creative photographer. That being said I bet you, you’ll see a lot more political type pictures in the months to come, when I can fit them in. I believe it will really help to hone my skills. It will also help me to be around more of this stuff and get me a nice education about our government along with lots of great connections.


Me adding a little spice to the campaign rally.

(Above) Lots of different photo ops and ways to make the day/events look very special and historical.

(Above) I was able to play around with 3 flashes on radio trigger and what all that meant and how to position them around the room.

(Below) This was an interview by a NYTimes reporter



March 27th the colorful day arrives.

When: Saturday March 27, 2010 at 12-7pm
Where: Krishna Temple, 8628 S Main St., Spanish Fork, Utah
What: COLORS – There will be 50,000 bags of Colors for sell.

They will do the event TWICE this year 12pm and 4pm
The initial start of the throwing will happen about 1 hour into each event so about 1pm and 5pm

What happens? Throwing of colors, dancing, chanting, body surfing, indian cuisine, people watching etc…

FB Event with about 9,000 people going and another 4k maybe going + Another FB Event

FB Event for the PHOTOGRAPHERS going to the event – to discuss stuff


I will be there from before sunrise until after sunset. I will have about 12 other photographers there helping out. (See bottom or contact me for details)
Anyone is invited to come and take pictures, they love having you there and seeing your pictures.

 012__DS20848 009__DS21190

Photography safety

Last year I wrote a post that dealt more with the philosophy of being smart with your camera. It still applies.

This year while I would go without any protection to the camera… I will also be buying underwater bag so I can get a little more crazy and closer.

Key Suggestions:

Stay away from people that are throwing if you don’t want to be thrown on.
Consider a long telephoto lens to shoot from far.
Consider staying in no throw areas. (If you’re more worried)
Use an internal focus, internal zoom lens… or a prime.
Pro lenses will handle the dust better than cheap lenses.
Use lens filters.
Consider a lens hood.
Don’t change lenses, specially not anywhere near the action.
Don’t change memory cards, specially not anywhere near the action, dust can be even more dangerous than water to a memory card.
This means get a big memory card.
Bag them cameras and lenses up… get some tap and cover any openings.

Wear a jacket and tuck the camera inside when not being used.
Make it known you’re not part of the action and they’ll tend to be nicer.


The mentality

This festival is meant for the throwing of colors, what do you expect? You’ll probably get stuff thrown at you. If at once you involve yourself you become part of the crowd and you’re probably fair game to everyone. If you’re clean you could either be a target to some or a keep-clean-sign to others that this person isn’t here to be thrown at.

People in the middle of the fray are way into this and expect anything and do anything.
People on the outskirts tend to do a little throwing hear and there but aren’t as hard core as the center.

Watch out for un-savory characters who don’t care that you’re carrying a nice camera. 99% will respect the fact the other 1% don’t care.

My 1st time experience

I took my brand new DSLR and didn’t cover it with bags or anything. I had a jacket which helped. I kept it under the jacket most of the time until all of a sudden i needed to take a pictures and I pulled it out fast took a picture and put it back inside. When I was in an safe spot I didn’t worry as much. More so when going through the crowds.

I even changed lenses and used an external focus and external zoom lens along with a prime 50mm.

Result: I was fine! The camera bag I was carrying was the hardest thing to clean. (Washer in delicate mode was best) The bag got hit hardest because from behind no one knew I was carrying a camera.
I made a lot of eye contact and was always vigilant of people with bags of colors ready to throw. I avoided areas that might be problematic

Safe Zones – and Crazy Zones

There will be areas (on or in the temple) where throwing will not be allowed for those wanting refuge.
The closer to the throng of people the more you should not have problems with claustrophobia and the ability to hold your breath when the initial throwing happens.


Worst Case Scenario?

Colored corn maze gets inside the camera and you need to take the camera to Kew’s in Provo and for $135 he cleans a large DSLR, meaning he opens it up and cleans out the intire insides.
He’s done a lot over the years after Holi

Photography for the more adventurous or the more paranoid.

Get an underwater casing. They can cost $1500 and up or perhaps get an ewa-marine bag. B&H sells them. for $300-400
They’ll make it a bit harder to navigate your controls but you shouldn’t have any problems taking pictures.

You can even use a point an click made for underwater.
I’ll have an EWA bag for one of my D-SLRs and my G-11 will be in the underwater casing.
Then I’ll probably have another 1 or 2 DSLRs that I’ll prep with bags and tape the night before.

I’m mounting a camera for time lapse pictures right above the stage.

Join JarvieU photographing the event

We will have about 12 photographers shooting the event.
We will have our own safe and clean staging area.
We will have an area for people to come and get portraits done quickly.
We’re syncing our cameras, they’re all getting sorted and edited at once (each photog can use their own pics at home As Well)
We’re printing up 10,000+ business cards with the link to the pictures
We’re donating half of the enlargement profits to the krishna temple
We’re using other of the money (if there is any) for future JarvieU events and projects.
We’re contacting newspapers and national media outlets to tell them about the event and offer our pictures for use.
If we can get it done in time we could even do banners they said.
We’re trying to get them all done and online in one day.
We’re experienced on how to edit them well. (But we’ll take as much help as we can that next day)
We’re having a prep our cameras party the night before.

This really isn’t a photo-making event… for me it’s a labor of love.
So if you’re thinking of joining us because you want to make money… sorry think again. You’re free to go on your own and do your own thing.

I do need some help on some of these things.

Let me know what you have to offer.


 011__DS21204 014__DS21054 013__DS20907 015__DS21109 010__DS20916



Fates align New fun emerges

The fates aligned and the photo angels have blessed us with the coolest thing ever.

At the Photowalking Utah event today. See their website. (Organized in part by Rich Legg)
There were a bunch of lighting setups (at least 10)
I wandered around with one extra. My ring light on my sb-900 flash.

I set it to manual and figured out good manual settings and let everyone use it even the canon shooters were shooting with the nikon flash on manual.

Enter 8mm

At the end of the event a friend (Jeremy B.)
Lent me his 8mm fisheye… I’m thinking what in the world would I do with this lens… I wanna play with my flash.
Oh well… maybe I’ll just keep it on. (Read later for more of what I was thinking)

Well getting to the point… This is what happens.
A couple of inches away from their face. Short enough lens that it actually sees the ring flash.


 009_3S22588 006_3S22524 004_3S22547 010_3S22603

“Jarvie Window”

Consider it shamelessly branded. haha

Really. I’m not opposed to calling it something else, but I do want it to be called something. And that something should be cool and memorable.

Before I posted the pictures (full gallery)
I asked what we should call it, so I could title the post and what not.

Only a few people spoke up but they came up with “Jarvie Window”
I figured it would be fun and catchy.

I assume others will continue to do this because it really is quite simple and very fun.

Now this being said… I like my last name and I’m not shy.
But it’s not like it’s a typical thing. And the literal “Through the Ring Flash fisheye” isn’t too catchy 😉

Yes you will see me doing this again… often

Yes it’s very gimmicky and doesn’t replace being able to take good pictures otherwise.
But you better believe that I’m going to be doing this a lot.

A whole series of faces in square format, doing crazy stuff.
Up in the face… no personal space allowed.

I can totally see this as the hit of a party or wedding reception.
There’s something me and Bryan Jones just couldn’t put a finger on… something about it that makes it so endearing.
It has to do with shooting through the circle.
Yes the lighting is cool.
Yes it’s often more of a caricature Than a picture

I’m just someone somewhere has stumbled across it in a similar fashion… but they sure didn’t share it much, because it didn’t catch on.


 017_3S22618 020_3S22475 014_3S22526 015_3S22587

More technical?

Put the flash on the lowest setting… i was doing 1/128th
Use a super wide that is short enough that it won’t actually go through the ring flash.
Use a ring flash like this Ray Flash – (Also available at OPGear)

Put the aperture up at around f/8

Be careful to focus on the eyes really well.
And then just get CLOSE.
And be creative.

Camera+Flash+RayFlash+8mm lens+Characters


 023_3S22522 021_3S22510 027_3S22538 031_3S22576


 028_3S22553 022_3S22516 030_3S22568 034_3S22610


 032_3S22597 033_3S22599 062_3S22573 069_3S22614


This is the man! (Above)
He said “Hey Scott try out this lens”

And I thought I could be sensible and take off the ring flash.
Or I could be half lazy and half non-sensible and one more half inquisitive.

Apparently the 8mm is available for $900 from B&H – Nikon version here

And the Ray Flash is available through places like pictureline – here – (Also available at OPGear)

my guess is they’ll be selling out fast with sites like Strobist and Photofocus featuring it soon.

 025_3S22530 037_3S22481 042_3S22498 041_3S22496


 051_3S22541 053_3S22543 060_3S22567 068_3S22604


The theme is The Giver & The Receiver

I was just going to straight up share the pictures and be done with it.
But readers of the blog have probably noticed the trend to share photo shoots along with commentary and perhaps even a lesson from time to time.

Those interested in the pictures will probably just view the pictures anyway
or maybe they should just skip right to the FULL GALLERY
With an open invitation to use these pictures online to your heart’s content (Assuming they’re of you)
Read the end for more info.

Those wanting to wax philosophical might do so with me in the text of the blog.

I’ll be intertwining some pictures as well.


 003_DSC3615 005_DSC3514

 006_3S02472 004_DSC3412

Read my discourse about giving and receiving and see more pictures after the jump


I got about 500 shots off at those zombies and quite a few of them landed. Here are the results.



So I went and shot Zombies

Here are the results.

To see them all (as I get them done) GO HERE

 001_7S41971 005_7S42123

 003_7S42077 007_7S42234

There were a lot

Whatever became of the old farmer and his pitchfork?

(SEE tons more after the jump or on smugmug)




 002DSC_5723 001DSC_5720

 004DSC_5849 005DSC_5852


 009DSC_5622 007_7S47391

 012DSC_5835 013DSC_5840


 015_7S48156 003DSC_5604