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My 3hrs in Death Valley
And the impending trip back there

Take the LONG WAY home

I try to take the Long and Scenic Roads.
Short Cuts mean nothing unless there are a lot of great pictures along the way.
Big Highways are often the enemy. They are what people drive on at night or because they hate photography.


Rethinking Jarvie

I think you underestimate just how many Travel Pictures I take every year. Not just slightly underestimate… but crazy underestimate.
I have driven 31k miles so far this year. I rarely drive at night and I am up at sunrise almost every time and go until sunset.
If I had simply driven straight to my locations I’m guessing the number would be closer to 25k miles this year.
I drive far out of my way to visit places.
And I fancy myself the world most prolific and experience Drive By Shooter to boot.


I can take tons of travel pictures … but paid gigs, like weddings, take first place in the editing.
So that’s what people will continue to mostly see for the time being.

These Pictures

This set of pictures represent my 3hrs I had in Death Valley when driving back from a wedding in California last november.
There is a couple taken just outside of Death Valley on the long and lonely road back to Utah.
My style is pretty different… I push myself to take pictures at all times of the day and in all sorts of less than ideal situations.
I took hundreds in those 3hrs… many of them were crap if you’re talking fine art and highly experimental and documentive in nature.

You’ll notice that when i’m “Driving through” that there will be a decent amount of pictures of the road itself.
Me and the Road bond.




(Aka The Death Trip 😉

These pictures represent a few pictures taken on the drive home from California to Utah. It took just a few hours to drive through the Valley of Death and now one would expect I can get a better assortment if I were to spend a little bit more time.

Well as it turns out I’m gonna head over there for 3 days. That’s about 20 times longer as my last trip.


So since I’m gonna be there so long I’m thinking of what all I could do.
I wish there were a bunch of people there so I could throw in a bunch of portraits while I’m out there.
I wanna call the set the “Deathly Pictures” or “Photographers in Death” or “Barren of Life”… we’ll see.
But where to find people in such a desolate place.

Too bad there isn’t a group of friends out there.
It’s not like I’ve been included in a list or something of like 50 other photographers going from California.


Of course as far as I know it’s just me for now. I’m on a list by myself.
I mean if I were on a big list I wouldn’t want to just be just “a number” and stuff…
I’d need to be a Cool number… Jarvie insists of the coolest number available… a cool looking number full of awesomeness. number 1 Billion is pretty cool.

#1,000,000,000 – SCOTT JARVIE

What I would bring to the table

If there were people willing to come out there for a few days I could probably:

  • Take a small but good set of Portraits of every single person with some cool Off Camera Flash work.
  • I could probably even surprise them with a Jarvie Window picture or two.

It’s a photo vacation and I don’t want it to seem like work… but I do love taking pictures of people.

So bring a good outfit or two.

Make it Happen

Personally I’ll be there the 18th-20th-ish of November
(I’ll come back when I feel like it) This is like the longest i’ve staying in one area taking pictures for a long time.

Maybe there are some Google Plus people wanting to go. 😉

You can too

So now you all wanna come!
Do it… I think the Valley can accomodate like at least 2-3 dozen people at a time!

I bet my memory card could handle that many portraits as well.

So bring your eye patches, your tutus, your frilly dresses, your Ferraris and your llamas we gonna shoot people to Death.

(One would assume the play on words would be a lot easier than it has been for me)

Let them Eat Cake

So come get your Cake… aka Portraits for all! Jarvie Windows for all… and smiles from yours truly for all.

Update: I figured it out… we should be called *The Death Squad!* — That’s rockin!!

(Below) A near bye city



(Above) This was in the middle of no where in Nevada about 2hrs outside of Death Valley

Story and Tips

One of my favorite pictures from my trip to Hawaii in November of 2009 (I went there for a wedding but spent 9 other days traveling around the big island and Oahu)

We had just got done taking pictures at Sunset Beach on the north shore of Oahu. The sun had set and most of the people had departed the shores. I had gotten a lot of great shots of surfers with the sunset. (I’ll have to share some of them later… you can see them here for now

 120_3S01917 109_3S01803 112_3S01849 108_DSC2587 116_DSC2603

If I was on my own schedule
I felt pretty done for the day… I wasn’t looking for any more pictures. I was ready to drive back to the hotel. I like doing night shots but you really have to be in the mood for it. Most of the time I travel alone and I don’t find joy in being outside taking night shots alone in strange places. Therefore I just don’t do many, so when the sun set and twilight was over… I was ready to go.

Two Things that happened
One of our friends +Dustin Bess was on his phone (to a girl), he seemed pretty intent on carrying out his conversation so we rolled with it. Meaning we waited on the grass near our Jeep… we were kinda sitting under the palm trees. This also meant we had more time to be there and take pictures.

My other buddy +Clint Louish kept on taking pictures which kept me moving. (I wasn’t about to be the first person to stop taking pictures… I was the full time photographer, can’t let these others show me up… haha)
Since my mood was different… I decided to just try something unique and lazy… because I really didn’t want to move from where I was.

30 Seconds
I didn’t just start taking the picture at 30seconds. That’s a big commitment for one single picture. I started shooting at a higher ISO to test my shot.
I situated the camera under the trees shooting directly up and let it go for a few seconds. Then when I saw it was gonna be pretty cool I put the ISO down and upped the shutter speed. I got all the way to 30seconds. I would have gone longer using Bulb… but did not have the remote trigger that made that easy.

There was a light wind that ruffled the leaves but you can mostly see that effect on the outside and not the inside portions near the base of the tree.

The street lights weren’t your normal colors they were really funky… so I kept on getting really funky colors. So I decided to use the kelvin scale on the WB selector… I set it all the way down to the very lowest it went to. (Which is like 2500? )
It brought the trees back to the correct colors… but it did make the sky a bit cooler than perhaps it might have been. (I added a Color version)

Personally I like the B&W version. You?
I want to print it big for an upcoming gallery setup… what should I print it on?

There are no overt tips in here… they are hidden in the story.
Things like sticking with it even after you are “done” taking pictures. Take advantage of all situations.
Experiment with WB and Long shutter speeds.
Even if it’s very dark a really long shutter speed will counteract.

Hope you like these stories with tips. I’ll keep doing them… at any point you can get me links to the pics and I’ll see what I can do.

My name is Scott Jarvie and I went here.


As in right here. (see above still… no new picture quite yet)

What the picture is of is not where I’m standing but the general area at which I was at. I promise it’s a real place, I did not lift it from Lord of the Rings or some fantisiful tale with dragons and fair madens.

Where is it? It’s a secret… only I get to know… you can’t have my precious! Only me… well and the other thousand people there that day… well I suppose the other (cough) few dozen million that have probably been there. And yet I will still maintain my secrecy and not tell you where it is… so don’t even dream of looking at the metadata and keywords of this post.

So yeah I drove a long way to get here… I had company and it was a sunny day… we sang songs and made several other scenic stops along the way. But let’s face it just telling the story of this final stop is probably going to take me longer than I actually have time for so we’ll make you wait in desperate anticipation for those other pictures. Right after I finish those pictures from may of 2008 from an awesome road trip that… well yep I still haven’t finished yet. woops. No I promise this time will be different. I will catch up one day… (voice trails off into the distance)

Oh yeah that’s right… we were in the middle of making you jealous of the cool places I get to go as a internationally famous amazingly gifted and supremely humble photographer.

BAM! Take that!


I’d like you to take notice of the water… it’s BLUE!




What was gonna be

OK I meant to post this like months ago.
As you can tell… I didn’t.

And maybe that’s to your advantage.
I wanted to do a small workshop for either 4 or 8 people in Maui for 3 days.

Not so much to make money but to have fun and of course pay for the trip and to share.

Well I’m still going to Maui June 6th-11th, I have a condo, I plan on getting an off-roading Jeep and just going everywhere and taking tons of pictures.

But I doubt in 2 weeks time we’ll get the people together to do a workshop. People seem to plan months in advance for large expenses like that… and let’s just say Jarvie isn’t the best at planning that far in advance so I don’t know if workshops will ever be the road I go down.

What is now gonna be

SOOOOO…. Who wants to go on a Photographic Guided Tour?

1 or 2 people can even jump over to Kona to help photographic the wedding that saturday.

I kinda figure if you’re interested enough and have the time you’ll probably make it happen.
If you want to, you can think of it as a cheap priced 4-day workshop.

But in the end I’ll probably just end up having you split costs (housing, transportation)

Heck I know most of my friends are poor so I’ll give the fun/cute people a deal. Like you know they can be the model or something.

Why have people go?

Because last time I went i found that having other people there kept me motivated and sane.

Motivated: because I need to get my butt out of bed at pretty darn early times for sunrise and there are times when you just don’t want to but I know I can do it when I have someone else to help or when I feel responsible for providing a great experience. (Unless you’re hardcore don’t ask what time it is)

Sane: I enjoy talking. I enjoy sharing. I enjoy teaching. I feel that all of those make me a better photographer, and knowing I’m helping someone else become a better photographer makes me happy as well.

Qualified? Worth it?

Well I don’t know… I’ll show off what I did last time and personally I hope to get twice as good of stuff next time.

My style is this: I drive around a bunch and just capture everything and everywhere and hold up for a little while during sunrise and sunset.

So if you like 100% structured then you’ll hate this. I structure just enough and then allow for amazing opportunities and inspiration.

The results

Go Here for 200 more


Cliche – yes sunset beach at sunset… of surfers!

 112_3S01849 127_3S02127


Wait for it… sunset is cool… but twilight things get crazy!!



Snorkeling is a must!! (Maybe some scuba)


When things get so busy I sometimes step back and do the lest important things on my list. You know… just to take a break. Well that’s what I did today. I edited pictures from my trip last week.

On my way to WPPI in Las Vegas I spent the night at Bryce Canyon and woke up early to do sunrise picutres. Spent a couple of hours there doing all the stops and then drove through Zion’s and on towards Vegas by night fall.

Here’s a bit of what I did. See the gallery of some of my favorites here

 001_3S24807 002_3S24855

 022_3S24835 014_3S25135

Having the snow on these formations really added a lot to the whole experience. I was suprised just how much snow there was there.
Way more than there was up in northern Utah. But the same snow storm that had hit provo the night before didn’t hit here so none of this was new snow which I was hoping for.

 004_3S25124 008_3S25078

 005_3S25082 007_3S25071 006_3S25099 034_3S25061

I’ve been using the 8mm fisheye so much for the JarvieWindow that I thought i’d try it with some other stuff.
I must admit… I loved using it and now I’m glad I own it even more. It’s not just a one trick pony like I had supposed.


Most people often have a lot of things they say they’ll “get back to” when they have the time.
Well I’ve got tens of thousands of those things.

And right now I’m getting back to a few thousand of them… from May of 08 when I drove down to Caliornia to do a wedding and proceeded to spend a week traveling around California.

I went through several deserts, including mojave, anso borego and death valley.
I went to the san diego vild animal park.
Traveled up the PCH all the way to San Fransisco.
Visited the Salton Sea.
Spent some time in the Sierra’s including Yosemite.
And made lots of other random stops along the journey.

I will proceed to edit them nice and show them off over the course of a few posts.

The first set is from the first couple of days.
Gallery Here

 012_DS21082 015_DS21231

(above) Some Highlights from wild animal park.

 002_DS20780 009_DS20829

(Below) I can’t even remember the name of this place… I don’t think I owned a GPS for my camera at that time either.
Big sand dune.




More of the Wild Animal Park

 014_DS21152 040_DS20974


 013_DS21094 012_DS21082



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I wanted to relax and edit a really short shoot.
Well I only took about 45 pictures on my drive from Utah to Oregon.


I stopped to take a couple of pictures near the salt flats, then later a random mountain cuz it looked cool (not sure I stopped for this one)
Then luckily in a repeat of last year I came accross a pack of wild horses in the middle of no-where nevada.




I suppose many of you do not realize how much a fan of “Car Photography” I am.

No, not pictures OF cars… but pictures FROM cars.

I find a great satisfaction from taking an awesome picture while being really lazy, and that means taking it while in my car.
Some of my favorite images and favorites of others were taken while in a car.

I’ve turned it into a science… I could go on an on for a couple hours about the finer techniques of “driving photography”

Of course I do consider myself somewhat of a documentive photographer, I’m more concerned with capturing the image and capturing LOTS.
I don’t have a pressing need or desire to come away with the ONE shot… I like lots. (motivated by one of my future projects)

When I travel I’m always wanting to see what’s around the corner… I don’t want to stick around here.

(Above) For this picture I stopped and rolled down the window, because I just couldn’t handle not stopping… the light was too amazing

(BELOW) For the following I didn’t roll down the window… I shot through the window… no… actually it wasn’t clean.
But I couldn’t worry about it, it was clean enough and the site was drawing me in so much I just had to.


So I shot straight through the front window.
In fact I didn’t stop for this one… I suppose I was still going pretty fast, but these pictures were taken at 2.8 pushing the shutter speed to 1/8000th


Here you can even see the outline of my dashboard.

Warning: Do not attempt at home 😉 – I am not only experienced at this, I’m a long time veteran and very cautious, and a tad crazy.


I’ll try to do more posts talking about my travel photography and driving photography if people are interested.



This is pretty much all I took pictures of this day… on the road back from San Diego


Good things happen when the sun goes down… twilight is often more exciting… and then there’s a clear evening with the stars coming out and some nice palm trees.

In this post I’d love to drive home the point:

Make wherever you happen to be work for you.
And get good at seeking out spots and SEEing the spots you’re at.

Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity… make it the perfect opportunity.


(Above) As you see these pictures you might wonder why they call it Sunset Beach… haha

This day was proof-example, after example, of why going out with a set purpose (set picture) in mind is in many (not all) ways is retarded.
But having a “way point” can be smart.

Yes have plans… but be open to all the amazing things that surround you.

In this case we penciled in Sunset beach for sunset.
When you’re on a road trip with me you realize I’m using a pencil and that pencil has an eraser.

But beyond that when you are wherever you are… be ready to shoot them when they happen. (know how)
And be ready to SEE them.

It makes me wonder how/why those photographers who set out with one specific shot in mind do it.
That would drive me batty… and doesn’t seem like a good idea. (Open for discussion, as long as we’re trying to understand eachother)
(Though perhaps having fewer pictures would sure cut down on processing and make picking easier)

 005_3S01821 019_3S01810

Going back to the car to grab the tripod… low and behold, I saw the light.
I was saying to myself… how do these things like this keep happening to me?
I really couldn’t have planned the mist, the sunlight angle because of clouds, the color of the sunlight is beyond our control as we know.


Yes I put myself in a situation where i could get back lit pictures of surfers when they came out… but I certainly wasn’t expecting this.
I can’t move this dude I’m not in charge of the posing.
I just frame it up to tell the story and wait for the elements to be in a good spot.

 002_DSC2586 008_3S01868

This is a big example of just wandering around searching and being in the right place at the right time.
We didn’t write Hawaii 2009 in the sand but we came by literally seconds before the wave washed it away forever.
I barely had time to aim and spray fire shoot it as it got washed away.
The lighting was hardly what people aim for, but I knew that it would make it unique and that I could add back some of the contrast from shooting towards a setting sun.


This was not planned it was a result of waiting around for other people to be ready to go and getting bored and saying… hey why not take pictures of the palm trees.
If only I had my cable release to take longer than 30 second exposures. But that’s what I could do…
and I set the White balance to 2500 kelvin to bring out the blue because the street lights were throwing off the colors.


On this trip I discovered the joy of setting my white balance to Shady A2 to really bring out warm colors
I think any white balance could have worked for this evening and the camera itself would have been stumped with the colors of the sunset at sunset beach.
Don’t just take good pictures and call it good… add spice.


OK obviously the above picture was taken a while before sunset colors hit… but I wanted to show the kind of waves they were looking at.
You’ll see some better pictures of waves coming up… but I take pictures to document what was going around a whole lot.


Now planning your shots ahead of time is not a bad thing… don’t misunderstand.
I planned on being at sunset beach at sunset.
And when I got there an hour before sunset I said I wanted to  be on such and such side of the water/beach.

But the point is: Up until that time (your way-point time) and after and maybe even instead be willing to let your hunches, ideas and the light take you where they will…
Kinda like the waves of see, they go here and there and wherever the wind and tide takes them.
Yes there could have been other paths… but make the path you decided on, or were thrust into work for you

You’ll find some amazing things start to happen.
And you’ll learn to deal with (photographically) what you’re given… and not just search for what you want and always see the green green grass just beyond reach.

I’m saying both things can be good when done correctly.
But don’t wait for the perfect opportunity… make it the perfect opportunity.


A lot of my pictures are a testament to my laziness… i was shooting sunset here and just didn’t feel like moving.
I was hoping more surfers would just walk past me. (They’ve done it in the past)
So i just sat around, not being pulled in any other way.

So I made where I was Work.
Instead of perhaps finding another better location. (Which might have been good too)


People almost seem to refuse to take pictures when the light is not perfect for them.
I say learn how to deal with the light no matter what it’s giving you.
Use it to your advantage… take the pictures the present light situation is giving you.


Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity… make it the perfect opportunity.
Even better if what’s been given is pretty darn nice!


I know I did a post with a link to all the pictures from the trip in a recap… but I’ll continue with the 3 remaining days with a post for each
So this is post 12 of 15

Above – Sunrise
Below – Sunset


We did sunrise on the north end of the island and couldn’t really find a good spot so I focused mainly on the sun itself with the waves in commotion.
We found some of our best sunset (in this case twilight) at the south end of Oahu.
Small parks with no one at them that had a good view of stuff in the distance.
It was nice because they had some good palm trees and there were a couple surfers who came in right before dark.



 029_DSC2339 004_DSC2308



 019_DSC2031 016_DSC2408



In the past I’ve stated that there are 3 areas in the process of creating a good end result in photography.

  • 1. Take good pictures
  • 2. Pick good pictures
  • 3. Edit good pictures

Help with #2

Sometimes #2 can be the hardest
(assuming the talent for #1 and #3 has been well instilled in the photographer)

So today I enlist your services, a sort of crowd sourcing.




I think some of our best spots for sunrise and sunset on oahu were at random, non-popular parks on the south of the island.
Probably not having a ton of sand and with waves braking way off in the distance this made it so.
But we seemed to be in a bay with land jetting out, right to where the sun was rising (in this case)

 003_3S01230 008_3S01479

At sunrise and sunset there will be surfers either entering or exiting for the day.
It’s fun to shoot both.

We then went to one of our favorite beaches and that was Sandy Beach.
Skim borders (or whatever they’re called) are great to photograph because they ride the shore breaks… and that means they’re close.


 005_DSC0909 016_DSC0914

Palm trees are Hawaii Iconic … we often added them into the shots.
Seems like we took so many pictures of the sun coming up or going down adding a great foreground became the search.
Having an extra wide 14-24 was nice because these trees were practically straight above me.


Again changing up the foreground can help spice up something that everyone takes pictures of.

More of Oahu and the PCC after the jump



This was a very short day of shooting, we mainly spent our day taking pictures at pearl harbor shortly after we flew to Oahu.

And those pictures were very symbol based taking specific elements of the tour. (But not limited to that)

I also took a picture from our condo we stayed in for 5 days and from the plane.



 015_DSC0753 002_DSC0702



This was probably the most eclectic day on Kona as we spent most all our time on the south of the island and ended at the volcano.
We saw the moon set minutes after the sunrise.
We were in jungles and on green sand and black sand beaches.
We took pictures of surfers, horses and windmills.

It was long… but fun.

Here’s the eclectic Mix



 008_DSC0366 027_DSC9976








More highlights after the jump



This day we took it easy only leaving later in the day to pick up two more photographers from the airport and then shooting in two locations in town (Kailua Kona)

You can see the full gallery (of the recap) on SmugMug


Oh how I enjoy Wide angle (14-24 2.8) and having a flash to illuminate both spots was fun.


I have forgotten the name of this.

 001_DSC9522 005_DSC9231




I did go snorkeling for about an hour earlier in the day.