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I have had the great honor to Intern for Scott Javie and it has been just as adventurous as he is.  He is generous with his time, his talents and sharing what he knows with me. I can honestly say I have learned more than I ever anticipated and have drastically improved my editing and shooting skills.   It was educational observing Jarvie in action on several photo shoots, seeing how he captures his images with great emotion.  His tricks of the trade are wildly different and unique to his style. ( Love the hand over the lens trick.)  His ability to make his clients immediately comfortable in front of this lens is inspiring and is evident in his images.

As my internship comes to a close and Jarvie’s expedition begins in Bolivia, I bid you ado and thank him greatly for allowing me into his world. I will carry what I learned with me always.

If you are ever invited to assist, shoot or photo walk with Scott Jarvie, Do it!  This is an opportunity of a lifetime you won’t want to miss. Plus, he is down to earth and an all around good guy.  Thank you Scott Jarvie – for all you do for the photography community.

So, here’s where Scott is…


Moon set over El Alto, Bolivia


La Paz Bolivia early early morning. Using a gradual neutral density filter to darken the city to match the sky.


(Write-up as Originally posted by Scott Jarvie on Google+)

OCF: It isn’t just for Portrait photographers anymore

Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to go on one of the most coveted hikes in the area. The Wave … after watching the moon eclipse the sun and the sky turn to dark I decided it was time to step up the game a notch. This is what you do when there is no moon no light to light up the ground. This is what you do to get the stars.


Lighting up the Night

I put my years of using Off Camera Flash on Brides and Models to the test by lighting up stuff much bigger. I directed a couple of friends (not-photographers) on where to stand, how to operate the flash, what settings to use and where to point.

The results are as seen.


Worth It

This picture made the long arduous hike luggin 43lbs of gear in the strong sun worth it. Even though coming back in the pitch dark took twice as long because we missed the trail.

Partly I did this hike and others this weekend with such a heavy backpack to see if I could handle a couple weeks in Bolivia at 13,000ft elevation and not die. Turns out I’m in better shape than I thought.

It’s always nice when you can outperform even your own expectations.

Disclaimer: I do not condone doing the hike and staying here this late unless you really know what you’re doing and are well prepared. Don’t get lost hiking back at midnight and die and then blame me.


I posted a horizontal picture of the wave at night to great response I wanted to show a couple others specially this vertical one. I went with the dark skies not-blue look for the last one and am still pondering the decision.

And Travel

Though I’m known as the wedding photographer I certainly got my start in photography doing Travel pictures in Europe and Peru. Travel and culture are in my blood along with my 5 languages spoken.

Light it big

Now I’m itching to go do other places and put this skillset of landscapes and lighting-stuff-up to work… suggestions welcome.


(Originally written and posted by Scott Jarvie via Google+)

Yesterday one of the stops here in Tokyo was a popular park near Shinjuku station where thousands of people were gathered to see the cherry blossoms and have pic-nics.

About the couple
Jennifer and Tipp work for Google and are doing a sort of exchange in Tokyo for the year but will be back by the end of the year for their wedding in the Bay Area.

About the picture
I was doing a lot of my typical close up shots when Jennifer challenged me to try getting a shot that had tons of a tree. Well that proved difficult for a few reasons… the major one was that almost every tree was swarmed by dozens of visitors and doing a wide angle meant much more chance of getting someone else in it. I even thought it’d be impossible at first… but I kept searching for something. I took a bunch of other pictures with an attempt to get something but I didn’t enjoy the style of the picture and this one happened because the clients didn’t walk to the place I was thinking to try next. Well it was a great thing because when I saw where they were standing I knew in an instant the type of shot that would work… and it was nothing like I thought when I was originally given the challenge and perhaps nothing like they had envisioned. But it certainly tells the story of the cherry blossoms and puts them right in the thick of things.

I think the moral of the story is that it’s alright to let your clients give ideas and take them and roll with the challenge. Hopefully they are challenges and not specific requests because that can be pretty limiting to creativity. Don’t give up too easy… I might have thought the challenge pretty impossible given the circumstances but the only thing I really needed was to be more creative. Good thing I was able to stumble upon the solution.

More photo-shoots around the world
Yes I’m excited to do a few more out of the country photo-shoots this year and I’m hoping lots more come my way. I don’t charge for wedding travel so this is a real possibility.
Now engagements is a different story.
Because the location and the time of the year was so enticing I was willing to schedule in this trip to do the engagements at no extra cost but that of covering my expenses. Part of that was because it was later notice and I didn’t have anything scheduled between two Saturday weddings anyway. It was a lot of traveling to get here and it was a long photo-shoot that would make the most in shape person pretty tired but it was very very fulfilling and fun.



There’s already been a lot of talk about the Photography Decathlon.
Our first official announcement was on the show “Life through the Lens”

I figure I need to do a good writeup which we can come back to and reference.


I’ll also be adding pictures of Utah in October to entice people



The Photo-Decathlon is a photography competition involving 10 styles of photography (landscape, portrait, street, macro, night, commercial, photojournalism etc)
Teams of 2-4 photographers (or solo photographers) have 2.5 days to strategize their schedule and photograph and prep a small portfolio for each of the 10 styles.
10 ambassadors (one for each field) acting as judges will award prizes.

GOAL: The photography decathlon hopes to provide a place for photographers to push themselves to do their best and find appreciation for their years of improvement… it’s also an event where photographers learn and grow and socialize and make new connections with other great photographers.

Video: The preparation, the classes, the sponsors and the competition will all be heavily filmed in order to share this event with the rest of the world who are not able to make it.

Team Entry : Teams are limited to sponsors. Sponsors are able to use them for their valued clients or employees or to stack a team as they so desire.

Theme of Decathlon: Autumn/Colors – Because we will be in the midst of the Fall colors in utah.

DATES: Oct 9-12 (tues-friday) With a 2 day free fall colors themed photowalk to follow the decathlon. (Saturday & Sunday)


Utah (With events happening from Provo to SLC to Park City)… we will be stationed in the mountains near Midway and Heber (50 minutes from the SLC airport, 15 minutes from Park City)

Many might choose to stay in Cabins with us in Heber or Midway and there are hotels there and in the nearby  Park City. We will have cabins fitting 10-30 photographers available for a nominal charge.

TEAMS and Costs

Admission will typically cost nothing for photographers because company sponsors are paying for them.
However competitors will need to take care of travel costs, food and lodging… Unless the sponsors also cover those.
All decathlon participants also have free entry to the educational day and the opening and closing ceremony dinners.
There will be separate tickets for the galla dinners and the educational day.

Businesses should contact us about sponsoring a team. Space is limited. And only sponsors may have a team.
Some levels of sponsorship come with access to two teams (ex. employee team and client team?)


One of the most exciting parts of the decathlon is that we will be flying to Utah 10 of the best photographers to come act as teachers and judges.
We plan to involve the photography community heavily in who will represent each of the 10 styles of photography.

So start thinking about who you’d nominate each of the 10 styles. Tell them to block off their schedule in early October.

Decathlon = 10 events

Landscape, Macro, Night, Street, Portrait, Commercial, Photojournalism (Subject: The decathlon), architecture, Thematic (Colors/Autumn), 10th (TBA)

 0101_7368734 009_7S48404 002_J7S7400 001_J7S8300

Salt Lake LDS Temple - Early morning twilight 001_7K04046 0109_7368702 0100_7361394


Day 1: Educational Day

Classes, Panels and Mentoring Sessions. Led by our ambassadors

Opening Ceremony Galla Dinner: With special presentations and introductions while we eat.
A good opportunity to mix and mingle and it will also be when we hand out the packets for all the teams.

Day 2-3: Photograph

Teams strategize their schedule and their division (or non-division) of labor and decide when, where and how they’ll photograph each of the 10 styles of photography.
It will be exciting to see how each of the teams spend their 3 sunrises and 2 sunsets and how many of the styles will they tackle in the same location.
During this time our film crews will be following the actions of several of the teams to share with those unable to come to the event.

Day 4: (Final Day of competition)

At noon all teams will have all their portfolios submitted. The ambassadors will then proceed to judge them.
In the meanwhile we expect many more people to be coming in from out of town for the final 3 days of events.
We will have a small local photowalk for everyone to freely enjoy.

Closing Ceremony Galla Dinner and Awards:

8pm we will start the closing ceremonies with some special presentations/videos and we’ll also hand out the awards.
We will award Best Portfolio for each Style of photography and separately award Best Photograph for each style of photography.
We will announce the grand prizes and a few sponsors and our commercial product clients will also give their own awards.

There will be extra tickets available for The Dinner and Awards show for those coming just for the weekend events.

Day 5-6: Fall Colors Photowalk

With more people coming in from out of town for the weekend we’ll be doing a free photowalk focusing on fall colors. Decathlon participants and ambassadors are not required to stay.

 0106_7360777 0107_7368924

Be Involved

Are you interested in: Sponsoring, Competing or Volunteering to help put on the event?

In any of these cases you’ll be in contact with myself (for the time being) or on Google+ or FB

Volunteers – We are working to assemble a team to help with the many areas of the event.
(Educational day organization, dinners/ceremonies, video, PR, online presence, housing and sponsorships. Also people to organize and manage interactions with our models, commercial clients, teams, ambassadors and our Sponsors)

Do you want to compete?

Be part of the early admission for teams when we start in the next month or two.
Of note: Some companies interested in sponsoring have said they just want to be involved and might make slots in their funded team freely available.

The decathlon itself will reserve a couple of teams to make available later in the summer.
But I say that if you and your friends are interested that you should find a business that might sponsor you.
Because space is limited we will be somewhat selective in the types of companies that we accept to be sponsors.

Individuals: Are you hardcore enough to compete in the individual photographer division? My hat is off to you!

Good Response already: We already have a bunch of well known photography companies planning on being involved and filling teams.
We will announce them as we finish up the contracts and start to make the sponsorships/teams official by signing on the dotted lines.

Updates will be at Photography Decathlon Google+ page for the time being until a site is finished. Or follow Scott Jarvie on Google+ or FaceBook

I will put together an FAQ if you have any questions


These were all taken last year in fall and the full gallery can be viewed here

Landscape is only one of the styles but people can shoot their night, macro, portrait, commercial pictures all up in the canyons
Along with our Open Style themed category which is COLORS


 0112_7360303 0110_7360201


These specific locations will be in our list of places to shoot.




Come join us for 3 days (or less) in Utah March 23-25 for some awesome photography adventures.

My event The Jarvie Photography Decathlon (happening October) is sponsoring this epic 3 day photowalk
Kind of a pre-event festivity. If another group/company would like to help sponsor more than organization skills and help us rent a clean room tent get in contact with me.


It’s a time for lots of photographers to get together for a weekend have fun, socialize and go take pictures.

This could possibly be the largest weekend-long photowalk so far in the history of Google+
We already have some well known photographers like Lotus, Hawk and Colby coming
Some photographers are even coming from out of the country.

When and Where
Friday 23rd of March through Sunday 25th of march in UTAH

Friday we’ll do photowalks in Salt Lake City and a couple other locations
Saturday and sunday we’ll go to the festival of colors
All days we’ll probably find locations to eat together
People are organizing groups to rent houses for the weekend since it’s more fun and cheaper.

And remember almost all details will be given on Google+ on my Profile or the Festival of Colors page

Things to know about the festival of colors

  • Here are 8 other blog posts I’ve done about the event in the past 4yrs
  • The festival is also known as Holi … there are over 15k people that go… mostly college kids
  • here’s the official site about the festival of colors
  • I write about how to keep cameras safe at the end of the blog
  • it’s 2 dolors for entrance and you buy your own colors
  • photography is allowed
  • It’s all at your own risk
  • It’s a pretty clean festival where I’ve never seen nudity, smoking or alcohol of any type… people are also very respectful of eachother and there’s lots of love and joy there.
  • It could possibly be chilly or rainy
  • It’s located in Spanish Fork Utah
  • Here’s a great Youtube video by some friends

Other things to know about the photowalk

  • I have access to large 20-50ppl cabins if someone wants to organize it
  • Getting a location anywhere from SLC to Provo is perfect.
  • Most people are aiming for near Lehi/American Fork because it’s halfway between the festival and SLC and Lehi is where I live.
  • Contact +Ricardo Lagos (for now) and he can help connect you with housing options outside of hotels.
  • As far as the photowalk itself there is no cost (just in case you didn’t know how photowalks work) Just show up.
  • Let us know you’re coming so we can put you on the list of expected participants (Yes or maybe)
  • Updates will happen on Google+ or on this blog – so follow both



Here’s a small collection of some of the pics I took that year


 009__DS21190 010__DS20916 011__DS21204 014__DS21054 015__DS21109


 0008__J3S3194 0009__J3S3119 0010__J3S3376 0051__J3S3382 0012__J3S3402

1000 More of my shots from 2010

 0025__J3S2487 0018__J3S2147 0035__J3S2089 0040__J7S2819 0029__J3S2880

 0037__J3S2242 0210__J3S1916 1684__J3S2906 2607__J3S2044 0817__J3S2879

 0190__7SC2207 0187__7SC2069 0188__7SC2126 0191__7SC2240 0186__J7S3251

 0146__J7S3068 0048__J3S3049 0033__J3S1944 0067__J3S2554 0137__J3S2736


 026_J7S4831 089_J7S4835


Last year I did some actual shoots… like a couple of real engagements, trash the dress (with models) and some portraits.



 062_J7S4088 008_7K05572 014_J7S3690 032_7K05505 001_J7S4039


(Below Models)


 056_J7S3927 057_J7S3950 052_J7S3916 050_J7S3902 070_J7S4333


 242_7K05806 272_J7S3832 305_J7S4006 345_J7S4488 362_J7S4615


 552_J7S4479 545_J7S4468 567_7K05931 539_J7S4453 564_7K05920



This will be the most popular section.
People always ask me about keeping the camera safe??

The safest thing you can do is to not own a camera to worry about.

Personally, I really don’t worry about it… tons of people that bring their camera and if they’re not stupid they’re just fine.

I will NOT try to convince you to come… some people will remain paranoid no matter what. I will not try to talk sense into you. If logic can’t save you then just don’t come, or come and don’t shoot, or come and buy a underwater bag.

If you read this section and you still whine about it… I will probably not answer your questions and simply mock you and your pansiness… so don’t expect babying from me.

But below I will give you the perfect TIPS on how to be SMART

We will also have gaffer tape, rain bags, and syran wrap and rubber bands at the event.





 445_J7S3730 468_J7S3960 625_J7S4861 634_J7S4894


BTW it’s not smart to be in the middle of the crowd with no protection and a external zoom lens… but you can always NOT be in the middle of the crowd.

For those that are concerned

I would NOT recomend the following

  • Using external zoom lenses
  • Going into the middle of the crowd
  • Changing lenses
  • Changing memory cards
  • Using a neckstrap you don’t want stained
  • Not using gaffer tape on sensetive areas

As for me

  • I wear an open jacket to tuck the camera
  • I put filters on the lenses. (Even a cheap one just for the day)
  • I don’t use an external zoom lens (so no 24-70) and I’d be risky to use my 14-24 but the other 5-6 lenses are fair game.
  • I gaffer tape flash pop up, battery area, memory card area and external plug in sections.
  • I put syran wrap around where the lens connects and remove it when I want to change lenses
  • I change lenses in a safe environment
  • I air compressor or comressed air to blow off entire camera prior to changing lenses and when I’m done for the day.
  • I get a sensor cleaning

Worst Case?

Send your camera to my favorite camera repair shop (Kew’s) where for a nominal fee they’ll clean the entire camera for something like 100 (that includes sensor… and well everything)

So in any case… it’s a ton of fun and hope to see you all there.



My big news for 2012
I no longer charge travel costs for a wedding.

One Price: Yep just one price for anywhere in the world.

Because most of my weddings have me traveling far from my home state (Utah) I’ve decided to have one price, it avoids complication, encourages travel to exciting places and makes me unique.

Why? To me it’s not about costs incurred traveling, it’s more it’s me being indisposed for other weddings traveling 2 days… and therefore the price is included.
Because traveling during 2 days is how it always is… ergo the cost will be the same, because everywhere out of Utah has me traveling during 2 extra days.

Besides… I love traveling … and like I said it sets me apart.


I’m proud of the following points: (About Me)

  • The one word that describes my photography: Personality
  • I don’t charge by hour – I’m ALL day… to the very end
  • I edit every picture I give to the client. (This is a big deal)
  • You get a ton of pictures. I can’t remember the last wedding where they got less than 500 pictures. (Sometimes I do lots more… it depends on what they have organized)
  • I’ve been doing weddings since 2005 so I’m experienced but still excited about weddings.
  • I have an editing style all to myself I describe it as: bright and full of colors.
  • I teach photography and have had over 20 interns in the past few years.
  • Things I am most well known for teaching: Workflow, Editing, Off Camera Flash, Interacting with clients, Lightroom and SmugMug
  • I can handle very difficult lighting situations.
  • I always succeed. Therefore there’s a lot of trust/confidence in what I do. My clients know they’re for sure going to get awesome pictures.
  • Fun: People get along with me… and not just the wedding couple, everyone. I’m laid back and I don’t get stressed on the job.
  • You will end up with the usage rights (and files) to the pictures. (This is also a big thing)
  • And of course: No travel costs
  • I am conversational in 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese… in that order) I’ve studied many others.


  • Utah: I’m discounting the cost for Utah because I have two extra days where i’m not traveling and can do 2 times more weddings in Utah.
  • Students/Military: It’s something unique I’ve done ever since I’ve started and the tradition will continue.
  • Ol’ Friends: Again something I’ve done ever since the beginning.
  • Trade/Barter: I’ve been known for my belief that a fair exchange doesn’t have to be 100% federal reserve notes (dollars) and therefore I’m willing to talk about options for trade.

On a budget? Hard to say what this means. Budgets range dramatically … I’ve dealt with all ranges.
It doesn’t hurt to email or call.
If you feel your budget might be a bit low… just be honest and let me know what that budget is. I’ve helped people out that had their heart set on my photography and I’ve also helped connect people to other amazing photographers.



  • 1. Formals (wedding pictures of just the couple on a separate flexible date)
  • 2. Wedding
  • 3. Wedding with Journalistic Book (120pgs)
  • 4. Wedding with Leatherbound Fancy Album (40pgs)

Pricing will vary greatly, so personally, I say you should simply contact me.
Range: Formals start in the $1500 range. On the higher end for example a wedding (anywhere) with 3 Press-printed journalistic 120pg books is about $8400
So you might be somewhere in between that range.

Additional things to consider (All are heavily discounted with wedding purchase)

  • Pre-wedding photoshoots (Engagements, Bridals, Formals)
  • Second day options
  • Parent copies of the books/albums
  • Prints
  • Additional Photographer (Not common for me, but I have lots of connections if the wedding calls for it)


I’m way easy to get a hold of and I’d like to think pleasant to talk with.

Call: 1-801-362-6372


Google+ : Probably the best way to follow me and what I do and who I am:
(You do not need to have an account to view my posts… but you will to contact/interact with me there.)

Facebook: and my oft-neglected fan-page is


 001_J7S0608 003_J7S2197


 0102_7361668 0100_7361797


 0100_7368992 006_7C06967


 0001_7361893 0005_7361844



 Verts- 22




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Know someone getting married Jan, Feb or March?
I just offered this to a couple getting married on Feb 29 (Leap Year)
So I’m going to offer it to anyone!

Know someone getting married Jan, Feb or March?

I just offered this to a couple getting married on Feb 29 (Leap Year)

So I’m going to offer it to anyone!

Please share with your friends and specially those you might know getting married during this time.

Half off wedding day photography!

Other Details:

  • This applies any late notice Utah weddings… if yours is out of Utah we can still work out something awesome!
  • It’s a pay up front type thing and bartering will be a little more limited.
  • Add engagements or bridals for half cost as well.
  • Again it’s for wedding during Jan-March only and some days I’ll be gone.


  • It’s late Notice.
  • I decided not to go on a 2-3 month road trip and now have more availability.
  • It’s the slowest months of the year.
  • There was a new $6k camera announced that I’m looking to get.


TITLE: Jarvie’s Flash Adventure – Portraiture, Flash and Creative Solutions

(AKA… Experimenting with being awesome)

Short and Sweet Recap

I am willing to go Anywhere (in the world) and teach a full day workshop to a minimum of 5 photographers at a price ranging from $350-550 and I’ll include a 100+pg workshop guide/book.

Now if that seems interesting check out the details below.

If you’re at all interested and want to be updated about future details, locations and dates sign up for the Newsletter. Make sure to select “Portrait Workshops”

UPDATE : Purchase a Ticket NOW – Anything listed in the event itself is more final than this post. Florida – Texas – Arizona

Why Start Now?

After 7 years of learning and teaching myself and several years of teaching and training dozens of photographers (many that have gone onto great things in photography) , after more than half a million pictures and consistently spending 12hr+ days working on and improving on photography I’m ready to go on the road teaching and sharing my passion for photography. I’ve taught for a long time now… but never focused on it as a way to pay bills… mostly I taught so that the student could help me with my work such as with interns.

But I have a desire to travel the country and the opportunity to do so during portions of several months next year.



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The 5th annual Charitable shoot… will look something like the pictures below

Did you come from the Newsletter


This is the 5th annual charitable shoot and while I’m sad I didn’t have time to do it earlier while it was warmer that’s just how it goes.

But the new format should help with that.

We’re taking several groups for each slot and rotating shots for each location. Meaning you can keep warm in between.

This also means you’ll have more locations with unique lighting setups.

It will also have the feel of a group party. haha


It was a vote between Sand Dunes and Salt Flats and the Dunes won out. Almost 2 to 1 surprisingly.

So December 10th I’ll be there for most of the day taking pictures of people for the 5th annual charitable shoot.

Should be awesome since it’s a FULL MOON that evening

Temple Square

It’s a popular place for people to enjoy the holiday mood.

And the lights in the background are awesome backgrounds

I will provide shoots that don’t include the temple for any non-LDS individuals as well.


To look at availability and check to see times and places Go to this Calender

when I book you in I will add your name or families name in that shoots Details (on the calender) double check you’re on that.

All times are approx and may last longer than stated

I will take small groups of 4-5 and if they are larger I might take a group less

Day 1 and 2 – Christmas Lights – Dec 2nd (Friday) and Thursday December 8th (same schedules)

Shoot 1 – (3pm) Daytime shots – (Suitable for non-lds)

Shoot 2 – (4:30) Sunset-Twilight W/ temple (Non-lds might want to skip)

Shoot 3 – (6:30) Nigh Lights (Suitable for non-lds)

Day 3 – The Dunes Dec 10th

Shoot 1 – (3pm) Late Afternoon at the Dunes (You are welcome to go into town and have dinner and come back later that night)

Shoot 2 – (4:20 pm-5:40) Sunset and twilight (with a special apperance by a full moon… stay a little longer if you’d like)

Shoot 3 – (6:30 – 8pm) Full Moon and Night skies and stars
(long exposure pictures with fancy light setups. Not a lot of pictures but they’ll be cool… this is the Full Moon day it rises at 5:25 so come early if you can)

About the Format

In the past I’ve given 15 minutes to each group.

This year I will book longer sessions and for each set up I will photograph each group.

This way we get more locations and it’s a bit less running around for me.

I also get to focus on more unique lighting setups

So this is why I’ll have abt 4 groups per time slot.

While it’s not your turn I suggest staying warm and getting to know the other people you’ll be grouped with.

To Select/Book your slot

I will book by email.

Those wanting a slot should send at least their top 2 choices (in order) and then check the calender to see if they’re listed in the details of the shoot they wanted. or maybe they’ll even get an email if i’m feeling over-achiever

Example: A: Day 1 shoot 2 … B: Day 2 shoot 3

TELL ME: If you are on the Newsletter … so I don’t have to go looking through the names. I should remember who all was at the gallery, but you can do the same.

Provide Phone # and how many will be in the shoot


Will go first to those that came to the Jarvie Gallery opening then next to those on the Newsletter

If you didn’t do either of the two and for some strange reason still don’t want to do the newsletter and select the section about future photoshoot specials like this one.

Then send an email anyway and if there is still space I’ll see what I can do.


The Dunes are a 90 minute drive south of Provo toward Delta Utah

It’s a abt $5 entry fee into the dunes… bring cash.

The dunes are one of my favorite places to shoot and it’s even more exciting it’s full moon.

Here’s the GoogleMap –

That end point is the exact parking lot I will be parked in.

I will probably be at my car or up the small hill on the west side of the parking lot


If you’re late just Go up the small hill and look around… we shouldn’t be too far away.

Again if you see my car you know you’re in the right place

Temple Square

I won’t bother with a Map you better know how to get there.

We will meet in the lobby of the JSMB or right infront of the reflecting pool (possibly on the grass)

Just look in those two locations it’s simple.

Recognizing me

I’m the one with lots of camera stuff including lightstands and small soft boxes and flashes and a big camera. I also look like myself. I’ll be wearing black. There might even be a small group of people around me looking like they need pictures.

AFTER THE SHOOT – Prints etc

I’m doing these shoots for free but I’m not giving you free stuff afterwards

Well actually you can use any of the pictures with the watermark for FREE online for any non-commercial purpose… Facebook Google+ blogs etc… all good, all free.
But as for prints… You can buy the prints dangit… haha
Or purchase the files online to make your own prints.
I’m not giving away the rights to the pictures.

I know holiday cards are popular and people often buy the 4mp version for $15 and then take the file to costco and make small prints. Perfectly OK with me.

I will specially price the usage rights to the entire gallery … I’ll figure out the low-average of pics I take and price accordingly.


In order to get the shoots out fast… I will do my best to find the absolute best and work on just those pictures. My best will have to be good enough for you.
This means if you’ve shot with me before don’t expect a billion pictures like last time.

Large Groups

You might not like the time i’d be willing to give your group … I’m gonna treat you just like the other groups. If you’re ok with mostly small subgroups or individuals that’s cool. But organizing a large group takes time and is hard on my lighting setup when I want to go fast. You might get one large group and I make no promises it will be awesome. It’s a 90 minutes drive to the dunes for that gamble and temple square is a hard place to do a large group this time of year.

Clarification: A family with a bunch of kids is not a large group… it’s when the kids start having kids as well.

I openly welcome decent sized groups of individuals as I’ll get to focus on the individuals for most of the shots.

Roommate pictures: I specially welcome groups of roomates they have tended to be the most fun.

Individuals: Are the easiest shoots for me and therefore the funnest

Warning Punks

If you’re a difficult person to work with please don’t come I don’t want to hate doing these free shoots. Stop expecting the world for free.

Photoshop: If you want to photoshop and swap heads or something like that… I’ll let you do that or forward you to my contact. Unless of course you purchase a large picture then I’ll hook you up.

Schedule your very own shoot.

$300 for family pics (buy rights and prints through me) $600 with rights/files

There’s no time limit and we can go to wherever you’d like.

Staying warm:

  • Bring a big coat you can remove for pictures.
  • Warm shoes
  • Toe and hand warmers (i might have some)
  • Hot chocolate with extra for me 😉
  • They sell hot chocolate at temple square right outside the JSMB
  • Don’t be a whimp!

More examples

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Listen Up Friends

Things should be hopping in 2012

Don’t consider the following post my official official announcements on any of these items but I am presently planning on the following…

Stay tuned for more info and better yet SIGN UP FOR THE NEW JARVIEDIGITAL NEWSLETTER

What I’m Planning – In Chronological-ish Order

1. Several Months of Traveling Everywhere to do a mixture of the following:

a. Presentations

b. Full day Portrait and Flash workshops

c. Travel Photography

d. Open Booking Portrait Sessions

e. Photowalks and Meetups

2. Big Photo Event in Utah which should include

a. Festival of Color / Holi – photoshoot – Check my past pictures

b. Photo Competition – The first Photographic Decathlon

c. Print Competitions

d. Meetups and get togethers and possible classes or workshops

(Held the last week in March… so clear the calendar)

3. Workshop Bootcamp

A 12 day 12hr a day workshop held in Utah early May

Covers pretty much everything.

Which may be combined with an exchange internship-like option.

4. Bolivia Travel Workshop

A 11 day travel and landscape workshop combined with the help of The Colby Brown

Happening the end of May – Beginning of June

5. Wedding Season

Yes I’ll still continue to do weddings and am even leaving a significant amount of space open for the summer season to book weddings.

I will also be willing to book weddings during the time I designate as “Traveling Everywhere”… people just need to jump on it soon.

6. Europe

I will be in Europe for an extended period of time starting at the end of the summer to do a wedding.

I will stick around for more “Traveling Everywhere” based on interest of those in Europe. See #1

7. More Traveling Everywhere and Anywhere

When I get back from europe I’ll continue to be willing to go wherever people want to see my smiling face and do some of the things found in #1

8. Meanwhile the whole time I’ll be working on putting together a super gallery of Fine Art Prints to make your walls happy.

So this should provide at least one awesome reason to sign up for my NewsLetter where I can send updates and more official information on all of these Items.

Any of these things of interest?

  • Portrait/Flash Photography Workshops
  • Travel Photography Workshops
  • Online Photo-Workflow Training
  • Internships and/or Workshop Bootcamps
  • Free SmugMug Presentations
  • Events, Meetups, Photowalks etc
  • Future Photoshoots with Jarvie
  • Deals on Client Prints/Products
  • Updates to and Specials on Fine Art prints

You can specify the areas of News you’re most interested or just get all the info. Here on the signup for the Newsletter


In fact just sign up for the Newsletter Here

Why? Because all the cool kids are doing it… and it helps me distribute the information.

It makes Jarvie Happy.

or fill it out below
(it should work… you’ll get an email confirmation)


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Interested in…

We are helping CONNECT communities on Google+

Facilitating Circling

Please note that the project is still being developed at a quick pace


What we are doing

We are facilitating by getting more people aware of these lists of people based on interests, locations and languages.
The project is heavily centered around Photography/Photographers seeing that I am a Photographer but it is welcome to any other groups.


I am simply an organizer, aggregater and advertiser.
I provide direction to the moderators
I put all the information into one simple location.
Then I promote the list of lists.

I reserve the right to list and promote the circles/lists I find interesting


1. FULL LIST We will have lists of Google+ Users that fit a group. A Full list of everyone that fits the bill. We will be using the Group.As website (A third party site I have no affiliation with… nor anyone on this project)

2. MOST INTERACTIVE LIST: Moderators will be asked to look for those that are actively using Google+ and involved in providing posts in regards to that list. They will create a MOST INTERACTIVE circle and share those circles to the community


The original post: A call for Moderators (People can still volunteer to moderate a circle)

If you have already created a list/circle and want to be a part that is great! Basically we’ll be able to advertize it for you. As long as you or someone else is willing to make a “Most Interactive Circle” and share it

Reason for Most interactive lists:

This is a quick and fast way to connect with possibly hundreds of other people that share similar interest.
Presently there is no way to use a third party system to quickly add groups of people but Google+ shared circles is a great resource.
We also need actual people to read posts and see who really is interactive in their respective communities.
Most interactive lists assures the users adding thes.e lists that the people will actually be involved in this interest/community



Photographers by Location

Announcement by Moderator – +martin ollman Full List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Announcement by Moderator – +Christopher JayFull List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Announcement by Moderator – +Johan Peijnenburg | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Announcement by Moderator – +Robby Candra | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Announcement by Moderator – +David La SpinaFull List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Announcement by Moderator – +Johan PeijnenburgFull List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

United Kingdom
Announcement by Moderator – +Gerard Charnley +Mark WFull List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

US – Arizona
Announcement by Moderator – +Christina Lawrie +Matt Suess +Nicholas Pappagallo Jr | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

US – California – San Fransisco
Announcement by Moderator – +Peter Adams +Sam BreachFull List 1 Ful List 2 ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

US – California – North
Announcement by Moderator – +Benjamin Glatt +elizabeth hahn +Jeffrey SullivanFull List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

US – California – South
Announcement One & Two by Moderator – +Lisa Borel +alejandro carabesFull List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

US – Colorado
Announcement by Moderator – +Colby Brown | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

US – Illinois
Announcement by Moderator – +Rebecca Borg | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

US – Minnesota
Announcement by Moderator – +Andy LevesqueFull List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

US – Montana
Announcement by Moderator – +Melissa Breen +Hope OHara | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

US – New England
Announcement by Moderator – +Geoffrey OgonoskyFull List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

US – Pacific NW
Announcement by Moderator – +Jacob Lucas +Anthony ProcissiFull List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

US – Texas
Announcement by Moderator – +Ben Godkin | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

US – Utah
Announcement by Moderator – +Jeremy Hall +Scott JarvieFull List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Photographers by Language

Announcement by Moderator – +Ludovic Godet +Alexandre Roschewitz +Younes BounharFull List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Announcement by Moderator – +Ugo Cei +Francesco Gola | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Announcement by Moderator – +Nuno Ferreira +Luís Pedro +Ricardo Williams | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Announcement by Moderator – +Lili Ana +alejandro carabes +Jeff HillFull List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Photographers by Theme

Fashion Photographers
Announcement by Moderator – +Shawn Ray +Brent BurzyckiFull List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Glamour Photographers
Announcement by Moderator – +Shawn Ray +Brent Burzycki +Christopher JayFull List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Landscape Photographers
Announcement by Moderator – +Younes Bounhar +Siddharth PanditFull List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Macro Photographers
Announcement by Moderator – +Ron Clifford | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Portrait Photographers
Announcement by Moderator – +Laura MitchumFull List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Portrait (Conceptual) Photographers
Announcement by Moderator – +Scott DetweilerFull List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Travel Photographers
Announcement by Moderator – +Elia Locardi | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Wedding Photographers
Announcement by Moderator – +Shelley Porkolab +Christopher Jay +Scott JarvieFull List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Wildlife Photographers
Announcement by Moderator – +Robby BowlesFull List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Relgious Images Photographers

Announcement by Moderator –+Charles Lupica | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Panorama Photographers

Announcement by Moderator – +Charles Lupica | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Other Photography

Full Time Photographers
Announcement by Moderator – +Scott Jarvie | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Photo Business Discussion
Announcement by Moderator – +Catherine VibertFull List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Behind the Lens Critique Group
Announcement by Moderator – +Colby Brown | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

SmugMug Users
Announcement by Moderator – +katherine cheng +Scott JarvieFull List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October



Announcement by Moderator – +Donny Nyamweya | Full List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Announcement by Moderator – +Scott Jarvie | Full List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Announcement by Moderator – +Michael Beckett | Full List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Politics (Liberty Minded)
Announcement by Moderator – +Michael Beckett +Scott Jarvie | Full List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Announcement by Moderator – +Gavin DashFull List ( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Announcement by Moderator –  | Full List( | Shared (Most Interactive) Circle: Coming End of October

Welcome to the World Of Jarvie

Version 3.00 (A categorized list of what I’ve shared on Google+)


Google+, FB, Blogs are all fleeting – (Some more than others)

I will try work to make knowledge a little less fleeting by giving a resource to look back.

* Denotes New


INDEX (I will turn these into links in a future version)

  1. Albums
  2. Important
  3. Photo Stories and Tips
  4. Critiques
  5. Surveys
  6. Lists
  7. Follower Q&A
  8. Thoughts on Themes
  9. Awards
  10. Circles
  11. Re-shares
  12. Political


My Photography Albums

Pictures are devided between best and rest and are moved back and forth based on

Best or Rest Concept explained


(Of Importance)

Of Particular Note Right Now:

My most Popular Posts

Big Announcements



Story and Tips:

(I give background to my pictures and try to give a few tips at the end)

Photo-Deconstruct (A challenge to break down the submitted pictures)

In the words of a Client

You Decide

Between these three of the Tetons – Sep 19 *


Themed Pictures

#Caturday 12
#SacredSunday 1

#JarvieWindow – PhotoShopWorld


Thoughts on these THEMES



Google+ Help Articles



Surveys I’ve done

My Google+ Suggestions (Users)

Questions I’ve Posed -> Answers received

Photo Challenges


Jarvie Awards

Re-Shares of Interest


Video Shares

Political (Those that are Public)

Photo Critiques – “Real Reviews”

WorkFlow Hangout – Recaps

Google+ Lists (OLD -TO BE REVAMPED)

Religious (Public Posts)

    Posted by ScottJarvie at July 15, 2011

    Category: (d) News

    Tags: , , , ,

    One Big Print

    Wanna see it bigger
    You can find a 4000px version here if you want to zoom in even more and see all the fun expressions.

    Added more friends
    I went to 2.5″ a circle instead of 3″ and was able to add lots more people. I was able to add dozens more of my close friends and Photographers I know.
    The one last night was more about getting feedback on the design. (People liked it so I stuck with it and it’s being printed right now as a 40×60… so don’t tell me problems now. haha)

    Let’s tag this one instead of the one now.
    If you’re not on here… it means you’re not a good enough friend and you need to visit more. haha
    Or it means I’m not perfect and missed stuff.

    What is a Jarvie Window?

    The People
    +Harley Pebley +Crystal Keating +David Esquire +Carissa Uribe +Jeremy Hall +Pete Stott+Whitney Lewis +Thomas Lewis Wade Heninger Summer Cottam +Ann Torrence +Nicole S. Young+laa hernando-guanzon +Rich Legg +David Terry +Melissa Williams +Kelly Branan +Bryan Jones+May Bo Hubbard +joachim guanzon +Antonio Neyra +Jeremy Bechthold +Jesse Moore +Ryan Christensen +darby mouritsen +Joanna Taylor +Robbie Petersen +Jesse Royston Petersen+Miranda McAfee +Ben Kuhns

    Planned a while back it’s finally happening… My 10 day photography workshop that will go until May 26th

    A short Recap of some of the highlights

    • Day 1 – Intro Stuff and In the evening two of what I consider to be my most important presentations
      “Attractions and Distractions: Developing a language for photography” and essentially what we can call simply “Taking in focus pictures: Tips for more in focus pictures”
    • Day 2 – The highlight for this day is i’m focusing on workflow and assisting
    • Day 3 – The highlight is a long photoshoot with dozens of models in provo (a chance to practice their assisting skills)
    • Day 4 – Learning to really see and utilize locations – including a walk through of abravenel hall for photoshoots we’re doing the next week.
    • Also the intro presentation for Flash Camp that evening
    • Day 5 – Studio lighting then the start of flash camp which includes a lot of models
    • Day 6 – The finish of flash camp – (flash camp is about using flash at day then sunset and then twilight and then night… going to bed and then waking up to do it all over again in reverse)
    • Day 7 – A real wedding will be the highlight
    • Day 8 – An involved photoshoot for the symphony
    • Day 9 – A wedding centered day – with photoshoots and a wedding vendor dinner which is an amazing experience to learn more about the culture and expectations of being a wedding photographer
    • Day 10 – recap day includes a big photowalk at the end with lots of photography from the community at large

    Other things we’re doing

    Bootcamp is all day long and in all the other spots we’ll be at the computer learning how to work on pictures and learning all sorts of photography projects that I have lined up for the interns to work on this summer. Because we’re shooting so much simply going through pictures will take a lot of time… because it’s everyone’s pictures.

    We’ll be focusing on them writing down and internalizing what they learned and sharing it here on the blog. (so stay tuned for that)

    Options to the Public

    • You can come to the Presentations tomorrow
    • Flash Camp I will still take 2 more photographers
    • Wedding Vendor Dinner you can add yourself to the waiting list for if there are spots available after the wedding vendors book
    • Thursday the 26th anyone is free to come to our closing social a photowalk tentatively planned for the salt flats.
    • Model – I’ve found a lot of models to be part but if you also want to model for cash Or for pictures let me know.
    • Hey if you have a lot of money laying around and 10 totally free days there’s always bootcamp itself 😉 haha

    Motto and Objectives

    The main objective of this Bootcamp has always been to teach my summer full time interns all they’ll need to know to work all summer long on pictures and projects.
    Secondarily to give them lots of amazing experiences to help them get much better at taking pictures. (this is actually going to be a big portion of the time we spend)

    The Motto = Pick your battles (I will relate almost everything to this saying/mantra)

    Posted by ScottJarvie at May 3, 2011

    Category: (a) Jarvie U Workshops, (d) News

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    The Challenge

    I challenge my readers (specially those playing JAG or those wanting to start JAG) to make a review post of some of their favorite and most informative blog posts that I have written.

    There are over 500 posts but I’m guessing some of the beginning ones aren’t quite as stellar.

    Directed Exposure

    I believe that it’s not just exposure to these things that’s helpful but directed exposure.
    I feel like those reading the blog can be better helped by my tips and what not if they have more of a direction and objective when they read the blog.

    I hope as you think about how you’re going to teach/share these concepts yourself you’ll be learning even more than you expected.

    Great Insights

    Pick a theme to cover, pick a type of photography, pick a type of post.

    And YOU write about great insights into photography from insights that you have gained from reading the blog.


    Pick several of your favorite blog posts and write up short reviews to each one telling people what’s in store either to make them want to read the whole post, or maybe not even need to read the whole post.

    A guide to JarvieDigital

    Some sort of guide to many of the best posts

    That being said I’m really interested in getting good guides for people to navigate what is a large body of work… a Best Of is very interesting to me and something I’d love to direct people to.


    If you are playing JAG (if you aren’t you should start no later than right this moment 😉

    A blog review is worth some pretty good points. But if you do a post today I will enter into you a contest. I will judge and rank every post and every post will get .25 credit extra (above the regular credit of a blog post) than the next post.

    Meaning for every blog post written the bonus incentive goes up. If 10 people write the very best post would get 1+2.5 credits for a total of 32pts I believe if this person is even playing JAG. The next person 30pts then 28 etc. (I think I have my math correct) – And if just one person played they would by default get 10.5pts 😉

    Remember to comment on Blogs as you go through them and get lots of pts that way


    Think about the benefit of the learning you will gain… and the benefit to your readers of your blog.


    Yes you can do a FB note if you don’t have a Blog