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I’m in this mode of giving so far this year.

I’ve been giving away that which I have lots of … Pictures. So I’ve been turning it into a game on my facebook fan page. Mainly a lot of guessing games.

Here’s a big one and it’s a prize that doesn’t go to just one person. But to the first 15-20 ppl that make it happen.

Blogger Mom

I know sometimes you people laugh when they’re applying the title of soccer mom or now days blogger mom. I’m not a mom, I’ve never even been married and my own mom doesn’t even have a blog (she does have facebook)

I believe strongly in:

  • family
  • memories
  • art
  • photography
  • developing relationships



You’ll have to excuse the many people in my profession that sometimes give you a bad rap or just don’t understand.

You want the best pictures that portray the best memories that which you can put on your wall and be proud of and stir up the best emotions.

There’s many reasons you get your cameras out yourselves, and I support them.

There’s many reasons you buy a nice camera like mine, and I support them.

Because you do, you find yourselves taking pictures for other people, and I understand how and why.

Now I know what my work with photography, specially in the area of Family Lifestyle and portraits is able to do.

But I know that I can’t be there all the time with every amazing thing that happens in the family.

But you will be there!

So document it… and then try to get always better at that documenting.


I’ve taught lots of photographers wanting to get better at photography and probably a majority of them wanting to turn it into a career.

This next class I want to be for you guys… the ones documenting the lives of your own families.

Photography is very very expensive and so can good classes be pretty expensive.

But this should be free.

The Class

I am going to be gone much of the last part of the month and again in February. So I should do this soon.

Jan 13th – 7:00 (because your spouse should be home by then and we can do a 90 minute class and get you home so you are in bed early enough to get up when they get up)

SUBJECT: All the basics you need to know about taking a good picture, for instance what a good picture should look like.

What to bring: Something to take notes on. Whatever camera big or small.

Posts should be written by lets say Monday Night (Think FHE, heck have your kid write it, if they’re old enough, or youtube them)

This is your first lesson in photography: BE CREATIVE – Think outside the norm

If you follow the options below you are invited. Bring some treats or even real food. It’s gonna be relaxed.

Lehi Utah – Hit me up on FB for the address.

To qualify?

Be a parent who loves taking pictures of your children

Step One:

Write a blog post talking about why photography is important to your family. (If you don’t have a blog I can post a write up for you on mine or you can do it as a FB note)

Subjects to consider for writing.

An important moment in your own life related to photography.

Why photography is an important aspect in the raising of your own children.

Philosophize about the connections of memories and pictures.

What you think these pictures will mean to your kids when they’re older.

Why do you take pictures?

Why do you have pictures taken of your families?

Why do you have family pictures on your wall?


Link back to this post so that others can read about it and have the chance. If it becomes popular I might do it again.


Post a link to your write up in the comment section of this post so I can give you credit for the free class


Of the Many Thoughts

Though I have many many more reasons why I think photography is important, but I’ll hold off on most of them and allow you to be creative and write your own ideas.

However I will say my memory is such that I don’t remember 99% of my childhood. I don’t remember any of the early years until almost 8. And what few memories I have are usually because there is a picture associated with it… so you can understand how it fits me.

What you’re doing in raising your children is so very important, I love seeing great pictures that document the personalities and the memories.
I love taking those pictures though I understand for many families taking their own pictures is the only economic route they know.

If there were 5 of me (without 5 of me to support) I’d be over there in a jiff to take pictures for everyone :)


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This is for my personal enjoyment folks. I’m gonna give away some stuff. You might think it benefits you indirectly but lets not get out of hand… it’s primarily a game for ME. haha

I want some large awesome prints in people’s houses and I wanna play some games.

We also need to put the group of you on my JarvieDigital FaceBook page to use.

So over the next few days I’ll be asking questions to see who gets closest.

Simply for being the closest I’ll give away stuff – mainly coupons towards a large print. Not some lame-o 8×10 – LARGER

So head on over there… and stay tuned over the next few days.

One thing I know is at least I’ll have fun doing it… and really isn’t that all that matters.

Those who’ve been paying attention on Facebook or Twitter to what I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks will be most benefited.

Now go to the Fan Page and guess

Let’s get down to business announcing a few things.


I’m heading the Utah County SMUG. (Smug Mug User Groups)

What is that? It’s a photography group meetup, sponsored by SmugMug but anyone can come even if they have no clue what SmugMug is… just a chance for photographers to get together, network and learn stuff. Oh and eat!

The SMUGs will be typically once a month on Tuesdays with guest speakers and fun events. If you have ideas pass them along.

In addition to guest speakers, possible photoshoots, training, we’ll probably combine past UPES events as well as Meet the Photographer events that more or less ceased when I no longer had a projector.

Yes people from other counties are invited just as we’ll be announcing and encouraging you go to the SLC SMUG group which meets every 3rd wednesday.

BBQ – Smug (September 14th)

The first event for us will be September 14th – It’ll be different. It’s a photographer BBQ – It will take place in Pleasant Grove at the residence of Jeremy Hall. More information to follow.

FLASH CAMP (September)


  • I love teaching – and yet have limited time.
  • I have several photo projects needing work – and yet have limited funds.
  • I have many people asking to assist and intern and put on classes and workshops – and yet there is only me.

Stepping up to the plate

I recognize I’m not the best photographer and so my establishment of a school should not be a belief that I am the most qualified.
Merely that I’m the most willing to actually make it happen, the most creative to think it up, and the most crazy to actually try it.

Not sure what the name is, so for now it’s either Jarvie U or jDigital U – I’m open to input

I have grand ambitions how this project/school/opportunity can help everyone

  • Help each student become great photo editors and great photographers
  • Help with my work on my photography
  • Help with the ATP and ETW projects
  • Build a community that exercizes pay it forward learning
  • Build a community that actively seeks new, exciting and creative learning experiences
  • Build a school experience that actively promotes the students and a community that promotes eachother.
  • Build a community that can point to an achievement that garners respect and attracts attention for the members of the community.
  • Build a community of photographers who believe excellence of craft before deception, who improve their craft and respect for their clients and therefore improve the name and the art of photography.
  • It can also help other photographers and of course people looking for photographers.

It’s more than an internship becuase it includes

  • Classes
  • Field Trips
  • Photo Trips
  • Assisting experiences (with many photographers)
  • Reviews, critiques, QA
  • And many more benefits

Yet it is still somewhat an internship

  • Because student-interns still come and assist in the office learning first hand Photo Editing and Photo workflow and also emphasize in another area of their choice.

How this can be done? (How can Scott stay sane)


The creation of the first annual Jarvie Game

Aka JaG  – “Jarvie’s Awesome Game”
View bottom for details on game

A chance to win super duper prizes

BACKGROUND (Yesterday)

I went on a photowalk yesterday.
I was around of a lot of awesome photographers, plenty of seasoned professionals.
But there were also a few photographers who were new to the game.
Some were brand new… having bought a new DSLR camera a week before and in one case the day before.

I have taught a lot of editing workshops recently.
Lightroom editing stuff: For beginners, intermediate and advanced.

But it’s been a while since I’ve taught actual photo skills and camera tech knowledge.
How to take better pictures stuff.
I did some yesterday and I remembered how fun it was.

You can ask Suzanne and Steph about it… we did an unorganized 2-3hr session back when I first met them.
I used to do it all the time for friends years ago when I wasn’t so busy.

I want to do it again. But I don’t want to charge and I want people to earn it.

THEREFORE >> Workshop

I think I want to do an all day kinda photo workshop thingy.
There are other winning options for those not needing or can’t make it to a workshop

If you would like to know more…
see the rest of the post to learn about the prizes and how to win