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Way excited to be sharing this set of pictures.
It was the perfect storm of awesomeness that all came together for an awesome shoot.

 0001_7362417 0023_7362421

We took pictures for a couple hours then took a 30-40 minute break to wait for the moment when we knew that the christmas lights would come on. We were not disapointed.
I knew they were great when I was taking them and I knew she was cold and we had plenty of pictures so this flurry of pictures at the end only lasted a few minutes while the lights were on and then we were done.

 0090_7362328 0097_7362401 0096_7362388 0092_7362338 0095_7362387


Some long exposure shots just to play around (above)
And my take on the classic window shots (below)


 0009_7361974 0058_7361969


Oh Christmas tree

 0043_7361773 0040_7361738 0046_7361779 0041_7361740 0048_7361783

 0006_7362289 0020_7362305

Funny Story. It was so windy she actually lost the veil and it flew high into a tree… it took us 5-10 minutes to get it down. We pinned it in later.


 0010_7361629 0011_7361650

Our locations outside were determined by where the wind was less and where the ground was cleaner


Lighting determines posing sometimes.

 0005_7362264 0038_7361717


The dress was a star and I treated it with photographic respect

I am MORE than happy to work with dresses from this dedicated and unique designer so look her up: or

 0073_7362099 0014_7361896 0049_7361881 0050_7361897 0017_7362096


The bride was a star… she was a natural… she did her thing and let me spend more time and mental effort in doing my thing.

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I did my workflow live on youtube

Here’s the post on Google+

And here’s the REPLAY of the workflow video.
Grab some food, perhaps do some other work while it streams on another monitor.
Just like the work I do… It’s time consuming.

See the Full gallery of Images here

Not much else to say about these pictures… nothing else that wasn’t already talked about during the 6hr presentation/workflow.

Every hour we did something different. 2hrs in the bride and groom saw the live streaming and joined.

To see more of the pictures we presently have up online go to the gallery

We started the photoshoot after the sun was down… so speedlights play an essential role in all of these pictures.

In many of these pictures I lit up the lavender at the same time lighting up the bride.

Frequently I would use 3 lights. I had three things to do:
Light up the bride
Light up the lavender
Backlight the Bride

Here’s another post I did of one of the models that also came along that evening.

Hair and Makeup done by Versa Artistry

The skies worked so well with the fields of lavender… the soft twilight worked well for the fields.

Hair and makeup company set up their on location studio in the lavender fields… worked on the brides’ makeup there and so this is where we started the shoot.

I did some for the bride and some for the company Versa Artistry based in Utah. Flavia and Kali are fun wonderful gals.

Sunset colors weren’t hit you over the head vibrant but there was some in the skies (this was all of it) and so we got it in some of the pictures.

We brought umbrellas because it was pretty rainy that day… but it wasn’t at the fields… but we thought might as well give it a whirl.

And we were pretty much done with the evening… but I thought about how Versa might want some pics of their makeup work… so we did some closeups of everyone there… Here are the brides pics.

Pick your backdrop is a lesson I stressed during my 10 day photography workshop bootcamp.

It goes far beyond picking your location. You can have the person stand in the same spot and get lots and lots of different backdrops by constantly changing your position and your lens.

These were all taken in a short distance from eachother and the theme was using the vegetation around… but the results were varied.

In most of the pictures you can assume that just out of frame there was something that was distracting and that’s why i chose the angle and the framing that I chose.

Kudos to the bride that was so gung-ho about pictures she was willing to be places for pictures that made my job so much easier.

For instance down below the flower bed was not very large and her willingness to go up hill a little made my job much easier making the flower bed look much more full.

Here’s a link to the full gallery online.

 001_J7S4039 058_J7S4038

Kati said she really wanted to trash an old wedding dress and so I oblidged of course.

Festival of Colors is the perfect place for it… such a fun atmosphere and so photogenic.

I’ve been doing the documenting thing at Festival of Colors for a couple of years and taken crazy amounts of pictures… it was time for some planned pictures.

Kati is gorgeous so it helps.

She said she’d bring along a friend that could model for the groom and have a unique look.
Leandro was not only great as a model… but he brought a trailer that made the day so nice. I could sit down and relax and even eat some of their food and not have to stand in the long lines for the festival.


As you can see here they are nice and clean at the beginning of the shoot… far from the crowds wielding colored powder.


This is at the end of the experience after being pelted probably hundreds of times.
Here both her children and his take the opportunity to pelt them with even more.

 064_J7S4203 149_J7S4205

(Above) Here they brave the actual crowds

We focused on Kati for a little bit.

 006_J7S4242 319_J7S4241

 151_J7S4245 150_J7S4236

There is so much dust in the air that the lighting can change drastically from one spot to the other.

Then in these shots I wasn’t using off camera flash and went with the  bright light look. (It was an overcast day to begin with)


A couple of my favorites… the one below is as they ceremoniously light the witch on fire.


Gotta love the hand print.

 062_J7S4088 063_J7S4155


Getting out some of the colors from the hair

Then we were done and headed back to the trailer and decided this was quite the scene and it needed to be documented properly.

A little white trash style. I happen to think it’s the funniest thing ever. Some of my favorite pictures.

 007_J7S4788 084_J7S4774

 086_J7S4796 187_J7S4798

Kati will probably say she looks pissed off… but that’s perfect (i think)

It does help the effect that we used the Cheese Balls earlier in the day

 307_J7S4015 309_J7S4024

(Below) Then there’s this picture… the wind was blowing and it just kinda ended up being this… which was kinda planned but kinda not. And for some reason I really like it but I’m not sure if it’s appealing to anyone else… it’s just not that typical (and I’m not sure if that’s good in this case)
So sound off about those and the others.


So I think I covered the range from Pretty, to Funny, to Neat to downright odd.

Go here to see more shoots I did that day


Last spring I had a workshop up in Davis County Utah.

The theme was spring and we found a few people to model it up for us… more along the wedding side of things.

Above wasn’t a model but a real bride… what happened was Andrea Hanks was doing bridals that day and wanted to come join us for the end of the day here in the orchard we were in.

So above is a picture I took of her bride… in fact she was gracious enough to let everyone take a few pictures.

Two reasons for posting these now

– You might ask why post these pictures now… so long after the event? Well two reasons.

First my storage system for pictures died back in late april of last year… it took me about 8 months to get it back online. It prevented me from editing and uploading two photoshoots This one and another workshop. They were both not paid gigs so it wasn’t the end of the world… but that was 6TB of original files and I relied heavily on my SmugMug backup of those files during that down time. So three cheers for SmugMug

Second it’s about to be spring again… so hopefully this inspires some brides, families and people wanting some nice pictures.

 001_J7S9072 007_J7S9079

This bride had already been married for a little while but got back in her beautiful dress and became the focus of attention for a while.

 011_J7S8947 012_J7S9041

Below is a picture of her husband that came and supported her.


And another couple that came for some engagement pictures.


OK this is who came along for the fun


Turns out that up in a tree is a pretty great place to take pictures from

 013_J7S8987 023_J7S8971



It really wasn’t Last Night anymore… see I quickly edited the pictures and wrote the post the day after the shoot (earlier this week) But then remembered how they were her bridals and I should be careful that he not see them…
Their wedding was yesterday so now I can post it.

Simple and Epic

This is her motto (For Pictures). Keep the location perhaps minimalistic, maybe even simple or normal, but make the pictures epic.

Ask her about it… she explains it much better… but I did get the point.

 001_J7S6175 002_J7S6188

I had a couple of great helpers… they helped with carrying stuff and lighting. They walked through mud and water and they should be commended for that.
I enjoy sharing photographic knowledge and so that was fun as well. They provided some good company and helped the bride with things I don’t often do, like fixing up hair.

 005_J7S6195 054_J7S6170

The bride liked a picture I did over a year ago at the Great Salt Lake with a reflection of a bride in the water. That particular shot had it’s problems (mainly due to mosquitoes) and this one would as well because of muddy, cold, snowy-ground conditions. But in reality I almost felt like I coulda gone without a jacket, it was a bit warm for this time of the year.

While that original picture from a year ago had to be done in record fast time, this time around I found myself with amble time.


Before sunset I wanted to do some differing styles of pictures. I loved the plants I saw as I came in and thought they’d match the style she was looking for and be very different. Plus they were areas that could keep her dress clean.

Keeping the dress clean was a concern of mine… why not do that and get awesome pictures at the same time. If there were no other alternative in getting of those awesome pictures I had permission to not worry. But heh… even if 75% of everything around was wet and muddy that still left 25% that was just fine. We picked planty areas and snow. I do believe she said that she got stuff on her dress because of… drumroll… her lipstick. haha




In any case I push myself each time I go out to photograph. Push the boundaries not necessarily of photography as I’m sure I have a while before that starts to happen (if it ever does) but the boundaries of what I know, what I’ve done and what I’m comfortable with. Making the next time I go out much easier to perform at that higher level, but not being complacent.

I think I found myself solving lighting problems with much more ease last night than most any previous photo-shoot. I think as this happens more and more you’ll see me take on more unique lighting situations. (together with simple ones)
However, I’d like to note A tougher lighting setup doesn’t automatically equate to a better one. (But I do love me a good challenge and i think they stir the creative juices which stir over into the other aspects of a shoot.)

 002_J7S9905 001_J7S0012

What I wanted is what I got!

Where it all started….
I was planning a destination wedding to Hawaii and all I wanted was amazing pictures. I tried searching photographers in Hawaii and was finding disappointing results. That lead me to a google search and that linked me to Scott’s work from a previous Hawaii wedding. The pictures were beautiful and I had to contact him. The things that were really important in my search were…..someone who was really creative with a good personality, price was obviously important as this was a destination wedding, and even more was the time that would be allowed on the actual wedding day.

I talked with Scott on the phone and then decided to send out my sister and mom to actually meet him. My sister told me that he was very “artsy” and the pictures would turn out, and more importantly we would get along with him.


I’m from Utah but living and working in Wisconsin and my husband was living in Utah so we decided to take our engagements and bridals in Utah. It was a little crazy because I had to 1 week of vacation and took engagements on a Wednesday and bridals on a Friday. I was so excited because it was April and I was thinking outdoors, sun, tulips etc. It just so happened that of course it was sunny and beautiful all week, except for those 2 days. I was getting ready for pictures and it starting hailing and my dreams were almost crushed. I didn’t have time to reschedule and when I called Scott he said that sometimes overcast days make for the best pictures.

I was also a little nervous because my husband has never been a big fan of getting his picture taken. Within 5 minutes we were smiling and comfortable. Scott gives great cues like “hehe” for smiling, serious, and our favorite “having a moment” which to us meant kissing (if you look at our galleries we loved having lots of moments). I really loved that we had some individual shots as well that is a fun idea.

See more from all of the 5 photoshoots here


I want everyone to know that this is pic 13 of over 300. My mom was looking over his shoulder and after this pic she smiled and said…we have the picture! At that point I knew we had made the right choice

My fave pic of Greg and his fave pic of me

 036_J3S4702 019_J7S7236

These are some of my favorites bc these shots were captured when we were not paying attention. This is our real smiles and laughs. I would hear the camera snapping and think to myself I wasn’t ready




Here is the set up…..we were at our first location and the weather cleared for a few minutes and Scott said we need to run up the canyon right now. We were at a park and after 30 min we could see the storm coming. It started hailing once again, Scott asked if we were up for it (of course, it’s all for the sake of the pictures). We ran into the hail and all we heard was smile, kiss, smile, kiss, and we are done! These are incredible




Another post written by the bride about her wedding with some advice and some pictures. I encourage other brides to get a hold of me for the chance to also write short blogs like this and share some of their memories associated with the pictures.

When things got busy in times past I would miss posting a lot of things last year with 50 weddings that happened a lot. But now I’m having Brides talk about their own experiences and share pictures as well, whether I’ve done a post or not, because their perspective will always be different and interesting. You can see the full galleries of the wedding and bridals from last year here – The bridals were pretty dang awesome in my humble opinion.

Dear Future and Beautiful Brides,

I am so excited to share the experience I had on my wedding day with the wonderful Scott Jarvie. Everything turned out wonderful and perfect, and even if it didn’t, I didn’t notice, because it was my wedding day and I was on cloud 9!

My journey in searching for a photographer began about a year before I got married. My boyfriend, Brett, was still serving his mission for the church, and we were POSITIVE we were going to get married on September 15, 2009. I had PLENTY of time on my hands (with Brett being on his mission and all), so every. single. day. I was searching the internet for wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, rings, flowers, reception places, and the second most important thing…a PHOTOGRAPHER! (the wedding dress is most important) I wanted to make sure that I had almost everything set and ready for the wedding, before Brett came home.

I had narrowed my search down to about 4 different photographers. They all were great, but each had their own style. I had to think about what style would be best fit for MY wedding. What style I would like to see, when I will look back at my wedding photo’s 20 or more years from now.
Jarvie Photography was my final and best decision! I don’t know much about photography, but I do know that I loved his lighting. I loved the way he made people look. I loved how flawless it all was. I loved his pricing. I loved everything.

After I did my bridals with him, I knew I had made the right decision. He’s awesome. I love his personality, how ‘chill’ he is with everything. He was fine with all of the mosquito bites he got that night. His pants ripped, and he didn’t let that bother him!
This is my FAVORITE photo (and I think his favorite photo) from that night at the Great Salt Lake.

The rest of these pictures are from the actual wedding day. I am sharing with you my favorites, and photo’s that show off how amazing Scott really is.

Every time I look at this, I am reminded of what a beautiful day it was for my wedding, in the middle of all of the rainy days.

This picture makes me so happy. This is what I felt like the entire day.

I LOVE this.



When I made the decision to cut back on the number of weddings I made a decision to put more work in the weddings I do.

One of the things I started doing was double checking my edits, then triple checking and each time finding quick fast improvements that would make the pictures way better.

(More about it in Posts to come)



After those looks I would go back through and select pictures I think would look great in black and white. Now days after working on thousands of these I can often spot the picture that will look best in B&W but sometimes I have to double check by converting it quickly and then converting it back.

In Lightroom the shortcut is “V” you can check to see if it has potential if it does make a virtual copy and then make the second copy the one that will be B&W the shortcut for virtual copies is ctrl+’

I often find myself selecting the pictures with the most emotion and usually my favorite pictures are given that second B&W look.

One extra benefit

An extra benefit from turning pictures B&W is that going through the pictures is yet one extra look at them. And when they’re in B&W you often pay so much closer attention to exposure levels because colors (specially bright colors) are not playing with your perceptions anymore. I’ll therefore turn B&W see what needs to be done and make corrections before I create the virtual copy… so i don’t have to do things twice. B&W is also great for paying closer attention to making things sharper.


In times past I would tell my clients I could turn their pictures B&W but hardly anyone made reqeusts of me… I took that as a compliment that I was practically perfect. haha But in the end I figure they just don’t know what it might look like, and they might choose pictures that don’t look good in B&W

A little more history is that when I first started photography I wasn’t a fan of B&W… it seemed like cheating to me. I’ve grown to love it and recognize for me it’s spot in my work.


Another fun thing I’m doing is creating a gallery of all the images from the session that I converted to B&W.

Usually I leave a copy in color because it often never fails that you do Only B&W and they’ll ask for the color… so if I just have B&W I either think the colors weren’t anything special or I was lazy and might pay for it later, it was probably an afterthought picture anyway.

To create a gallery of just B&Ws in Smugmug you’ll have to start in Lightroom (or similar program) keyword every B&W … I use the keyword “bw”

How to select all B&W the fastest… go to gallery go to the filtering options > select metadata options > change one of the columns to “treatment” > you’ll see you can filter by B&W > select them all > keyword them “bw” > then export > then upload to smugmug

In SmugMug: Add a new gallery seperate from the gallery that contains ALL pictures from the event the B&W gallery will be seperate with nothing to upload > when you get to the uploading section instead select Make Smart Gallery > select the from gallery option and select the gallery with all the pictures then add another qualifier and use that one to select by the keyword > then make sure to select the option that requires ALL requirements otherwise it will select all pictures from that gallery and all B&Ws you have on smugmug.

Anyway check to see if it works and then you have a gallery of all your B&W from that shoot


Uribe Wedding B&Ws

Jensen Wedding B&Ws

Fernsten Wedding B&Ws




We were staying at the beach house of next week’s bride (last week) I thought it’d be fun to do some pictures for her (spontaneous) prior to leaving back for Utah. So we talked down to the beach and took some pictures in a short 40-60 minute block of time she had open.

I love that she’s picking something different for her wedding dress and it matches her personality and looks.

I look forward to the wedding this Saturday.

 047_J3S4083 018_J3S4035




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 001_7S29776 006_7S29802

Kind of the typical items in the list of bridal details are Veils, Shoes and Flowers

 005_7S29834 043_7S29652

But too often missing is a fun hat. haha

Yes not too many can pull it off.

 014_7S29764 004_7S29732

These pictures were taken early last year… I was assisting a friend. I was busy on another wedding the day of this brides wedding. Even though I got to show up at the wedding for a moment since both were at the same location.

 045_7S29632 083_7S29820


Back-lit scenes are awesome and even more fun with some good lighting work.

But how about those lens flares


I know the majority of people love warm colors… but I stayed with a very cool look to this one on purpose, just to see if I can convert people to different color schemes on pictures. While trying to maintain keeping a natural skin tone.

More from this shoot (From last year)

 001_7S29934 002_7S29902

A different look: Meaning a bunch of different looks in the same spot.

A different look: As in a different kind of spot to begin with.

Try both of these things.
You don’t need an amazing background for good pictures… sometimes they’ll even detract from the main part of the picture which in this case was the bride.

We got the flowers, the full dress, the face and emotion and eyes and all that stuff.

 013_7S29937 003_7S29900

These pictures were taken late last year but I fear I might have glanced over them and never really shown them on the blog… so here they are.


May Bo and Dallan got married earlier this month and their wedding pictures are soon to come.

But a couple weeks before hand I had the chance to go up to Logan and take some bride and groom pictures of the two of them.

 002_J7S5940 003_J7S5928

 004_J7S6083 005_J7S6091