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Had the opportunity to take pictures at the stadium of fire.

Thanks to Gordon for getting me in, he’s been doing it for many many years, always fun to hang out with him.

I recently posted the fireworks from after the event here.

Brad Paisley and David Archuletta performed as well as a few other bands


I packed light. Meaning I didn’t bring in a bag. Well not a big bag, I did have 2 lens holder bags; one around my neck and the other hooked to my belt. I also carried two cameras for fast changing and also to help me carry the 4th lens that I wanted to carry.

Carrying two cameras has another advantage (beyond helping to carry a lens and for backup) it makes you look more official. There are plenty of people that have DSLRs but rarely will you find a person carrying two cameras to not assigned to cover the event for realsies.

I used the 70-200 a lot because we couldn’t get super close to the stage. I shot with the 85 1.4 because I wanted my pics to stang out a bit more.

And if I didn’t mention it Monday but most of the fireworks pics were taken with the 24-70


If any photographers are reading this… OR … people peeved with photographers at concerts.

  1. Please don’t just stand in front of audience members for long periods of time.
  2. Can you get the same shot kneeling down so people can see over you.
  3. Are you not taking a picture at that moment? Are you waiting for a moment?
  4. Can you be out people’s way while you wait?
  5. Move around! I think audience will be alright if you’re only there for a moment, but they paid a lot to be there and don’t want to stare at your head or butt for a full song.
  6. Yes I’m talking to you “photographer” in the green, wish I had written your name down, because you were rude! Not in the intentional way, I just don’t think you realized what you were doing. (And yes I kind of mentioned it to him, but the music was so loud that I don’t think he really understood what I was saying)

Here were a few of the introductory things. Yes that was the guy that crashed into another photographer about 15ft from where I was standing. (Below-left)

The crowd was enjoying themselves of course.

Check out more photos here.

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Taken Saturday night at the Stadium of Fire at BYU stadium. In fact from on top of the stadium.

Taken without a tripod in bulb mode (but braced against something to prevent from shake)

Basically I had the shutter open for as long as the firework looked cool.

 _7B06570 _7B06557



OK so how do people feel about slideshows on blogs?

Yes before you say anything this won’t work on flashless-apples (of which I have some myself… sad day)

But it could be cool… but you’re the readers so let’s hear it.

Now if this is received well I can make these posts so much faster and easier.

The thought is you can just watch the pictures roll by until you’re done…because the whole gallery will often be on them.

This is a new thing for me… I’m not sure how long SmugMug has had the feature.

So what shall I show off first? How about parade pictures?

Yes there is an emphasis on NuSkin pictures since they were the clients for the day.



Before liftoff!

Making sure they don’t lift off.

A lot of people come for the bright colored Balloons…

Or for the Fire

Contained fire… sorry to disappoint.

I enjoy seeing the mass of people and the human interactions.

Lotsa pointing going on.


A couple of Notes
I walked up and down the route of the parade with my new fun lens.

Let me just tell you it’s much better than standing (or sitting) in the same spot for the whole parade.
It’s also nice to only live 3 blocks from the parade route.

ALSO… having a 70-200 2.8 makes a parade much more enjoyable.

I took a ton… but I’ll just post a couple of them here.
If you think I took a picture of you I can get you a link to the full gallery online.

I took my second camera with the wide/medium zoom but I hardly used it… I suppose it was still useful to make me look semi-important. haha

I also hung out with a friend Gordon who was shooting pictures for the Freedom Festival magazine.

Now for the FUN part… Let me tell you a STORY

Let’s start this off on a patriotic note!

Not as many flags but still as cool.

But don’t worry these kids had flags to spare.

These things were all over the place
… I meant the snapper things.
But yeah kids too!

More kids… some sat, some stood, others… they were more squatters.

And they liked to point at stuff


From the 4th of July Fireworks earlier tonight

Straight from the camera.
Don’t have time to edit… so I’m just tossing them straight online.

Here’s the deal on these pics…
Take them
, use them, just don’t abuse them.

My pictures are meant to be seen…

However, I do enjoy knowing where they go.

If you need larger… they’re stored somewhere else online, i can get you the gallery location if you want.


sof_u115646.jpg sof_u115400.jpg sof_u115579.jpg


Stadium of fire provided a new opportunity and a new type of pictures.

Fireworks… not very hard to take pictures of (if you have a tripod) but very rewarding.
The pictures sometimes looks like they are of space or electrons scampering about.