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Fates align New fun emerges

The fates aligned and the photo angels have blessed us with the coolest thing ever.

At the Photowalking Utah event today. See their website. (Organized in part by Rich Legg)
There were a bunch of lighting setups (at least 10)
I wandered around with one extra. My ring light on my sb-900 flash.

I set it to manual and figured out good manual settings and let everyone use it even the canon shooters were shooting with the nikon flash on manual.

Enter 8mm

At the end of the event a friend (Jeremy B.)
Lent me his 8mm fisheye… I’m thinking what in the world would I do with this lens… I wanna play with my flash.
Oh well… maybe I’ll just keep it on. (Read later for more of what I was thinking)

Well getting to the point… This is what happens.
A couple of inches away from their face. Short enough lens that it actually sees the ring flash.


 009_3S22588 006_3S22524 004_3S22547 010_3S22603

“Jarvie Window”

Consider it shamelessly branded. haha

Really. I’m not opposed to calling it something else, but I do want it to be called something. And that something should be cool and memorable.

Before I posted the pictures (full gallery)
I asked what we should call it, so I could title the post and what not.

Only a few people spoke up but they came up with “Jarvie Window”
I figured it would be fun and catchy.

I assume others will continue to do this because it really is quite simple and very fun.

Now this being said… I like my last name and I’m not shy.
But it’s not like it’s a typical thing. And the literal “Through the Ring Flash fisheye” isn’t too catchy 😉

Yes you will see me doing this again… often

Yes it’s very gimmicky and doesn’t replace being able to take good pictures otherwise.
But you better believe that I’m going to be doing this a lot.

A whole series of faces in square format, doing crazy stuff.
Up in the face… no personal space allowed.

I can totally see this as the hit of a party or wedding reception.
There’s something me and Bryan Jones just couldn’t put a finger on… something about it that makes it so endearing.
It has to do with shooting through the circle.
Yes the lighting is cool.
Yes it’s often more of a caricature Than a picture

I’m just someone somewhere has stumbled across it in a similar fashion… but they sure didn’t share it much, because it didn’t catch on.


 017_3S22618 020_3S22475 014_3S22526 015_3S22587

More technical?

Put the flash on the lowest setting… i was doing 1/128th
Use a super wide that is short enough that it won’t actually go through the ring flash.
Use a ring flash like this Ray Flash – (Also available at OPGear)

Put the aperture up at around f/8

Be careful to focus on the eyes really well.
And then just get CLOSE.
And be creative.

Camera+Flash+RayFlash+8mm lens+Characters


 023_3S22522 021_3S22510 027_3S22538 031_3S22576


 028_3S22553 022_3S22516 030_3S22568 034_3S22610


 032_3S22597 033_3S22599 062_3S22573 069_3S22614


This is the man! (Above)
He said “Hey Scott try out this lens”

And I thought I could be sensible and take off the ring flash.
Or I could be half lazy and half non-sensible and one more half inquisitive.

Apparently the 8mm is available for $900 from B&H – Nikon version here

And the Ray Flash is available through places like pictureline – here – (Also available at OPGear)

my guess is they’ll be selling out fast with sites like Strobist and Photofocus featuring it soon.

 025_3S22530 037_3S22481 042_3S22498 041_3S22496


 051_3S22541 053_3S22543 060_3S22567 068_3S22604