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K first off when the lighting doesn’t change much throughout the show you start to get a little creative… so I shot through some red fabric that was hanging over by the vip lounge area.

The last set I did at this venue was pretty epic being able to have some good access and use some unique lighting… but this was great show because it was challenged me in other ways.

Contrary to all the light you see in the picture above most of the show was lit by only a couple of light bulbs surrounding the artists. (Like below)


I’ve run into John Allred at several other shows I’ve taken pictures of in the past. Finally after all these years I got time to make it to one of his own shows.
(good thing it was two days because I was originally gonna hit the first night)


The velour is a great place to take pictures in my opinion. I guess I haven’t been to hundreds of spots but it’s one of my favorites so far.

Even with this unique setup that they did with this show being off the stage it worked well.


Most of the pictures were taken with my new 85mm f/1.4 lens and yet I still had to go pretty high with my ISO and low with the shutter speed.

(If anyone see’s a 50mm f/1.4 I believe i left mine there the last time I did a concert. I know… sad day :(

The setting was not one where I could get away making my radio controlled lights seem like they were part of the light show… since there was no light show.

 013_7K03114 030_7K03108

I guess it also makes it moody when you take pictures through random fabric… like this one above… it did help to make the bare light bulb look a little cooler.


I told him that the pictures would therefore be a bit more grainy and moody… he said he’s down with that.
I think lots of people have to default to a grainy moody look for lots of concerts simply due to limitations of their cameras… But I hope that I added great ideas, composition and used the lighting to my advantage… in ways that set these pictures apart.

BTW the pictures are all taken with my backup camera the D7000 which doesn’t handle low light quite like my normal camera the D700 – but it was nice having that challenge and seeing what it could do when in a pinch.




Taking pictures for the organizers of the event and the salt lake street event

We had full access to in front of the stage for all the bands but only two songs for collective soul.
But they had such a crazy awesome light show and so much action going on up on stage that I was on rapid fire non stop.

You can see all of them including a ton of fan shots here

 001_3S29238 006_3S29246

A note to those doing concert photography. You can take great photos and not be rude and in everyone’s way during a concert.
You don’t need to use flash even if they let you.
Remember there’s a lot of people who paid money to come, you should be try when you can to be out of their way.
Don’t stay in one place for too long. Be courteous.

Don’t give us other photographers a bad rap.




 226_DSC9425 222_3S29168

I must say that Collective Soul puts on the best show I’ve ever been to.
And really I haven’t been to a lot of concerts.
I’ve just started because I’ve found I love photographing them.



Ah the 14mm, fun lights and the use of my flash set up in the back to make it really light up. Firing with a pocket wizard.
Made for some fun fan shots throughout the night. Didn’t affect the stage of course.

 015_DSC9204 013_3S29249


Allred sang and it was a bit more low key. Just needed to wait for the moments and the expressions.