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I’m pretty happy about this picture… I hope the rest of you all appreciate it as well. I’ll give you some background and perhaps turn it into a learning experience like I tend to do.

For those in Utah you know all about the wet winter and wet spring we’ve been having. This was a temporary waterfall that was running quite heavy just along side (and under) the road up the alpine loop. Meaning that the waterfall only exists this time of the year.

Allen and Alisa will be getting married Mid-June in DC. These are a small portion from their formals taken that day… which also included lots of different locations and started off with a first look. I’ll post more of those locations and pictures later.

But for now let’s see these awesome pictures.

We saw the waterfall, I hit the brakes and I got out of the car and started setting up. My intern set up a soft box and we got me an umbrella since it was raining pretty hard. I stuck it down the neck of my shirt because my intern had to hold the flash while i took pictures. Anyway, I got the scene all scoped out and set up and I had the groom stand in for a couple test shots.


Once I got the lighting all set I had her get out of the car and we took a couple of pictures. It was hard to communicate because it was so noisy with the waterfall and I was standing pretty far away.



OK so this post could be really long with lots of pictures… maybe you should just go see the gallery

I like to keep my pictures diverse so that they have a hard time choosing which one. They’re not choosing from a studio shoot where the only thing that changes is the expression or the lighting. Awesome pictures that could all equally work with entirely different moods and looks.



Thanks marco for working so hard to get awesome lighting… It was a new element working with the small softbox but I’m starting to do it a lot more often. Not because I didn’t like it before, but because time is a little more open and I wasn’t lugging a bag around… it stayed in the car and we didn’t ever venture far from the car.


From the moment I met this couple we were buds… we met at a bridal show and when I left I remembered them vividly and said to myself of all the hundreds of people I met today I hope that one couple gets a hold of me because their pictures would be awesome.

Awesome why? Because they wanted the best and because they connected with the photographer… me!



Get a small patch of cool stuff and don’t look at it and say “Darn, I wish there were more so I can get this cool shot I have in my mind”

Realize for a moment it’s not going to happen you can’t make another acre grow real fast… deal with it.
Make what you have work to your advantage. Don’t live in what could have been. Start dealing with what you have.

In actuality this section of cool plants was plenty large enough to get the pictures I wanted.
The angle I chose was to make the plants look more plentiful, but not just that but because I didn’t have a never ending supply in the back.

This is the big reason why she’s down on the ground.
If the field were bigger or I could get up on a ladder I would have shot from on high but with her standing as well.

 001_J7S7195 002_J7S7208

Then of course I got down because we all know I love shooting in through stuff.
I also felt a nice up close portrait was in order.

Brooke asked her mother what she wanted for Mother’s Day and I’m told this is it.
Sounds perfectly understandable… I think everyone should do it.
I expect to be booked up for… forever! haha

But really I can totally understand not only does the mother benefit from getting the actual pictures but she also gives her daughter a chance to feel beautiful in front of the camera and beautiful for years to come each time she looks at the pictures.
What a good mother!

 004_J7S7673 025_J7S7087

Again not a huge section of awesomeness to play with but when you’re shooting straight down you don’t need much.

Which makes me remember to say get them in all sorts of positions (sitting, leaning, lean-sitting, you know… everything) why?
Because they’ll feel more comfortable in some than others…
(unless your style is a total posed style. Well then don’t listen to me if that’s not your style and your not intersted in bringing out their personality… move along nothing to see here)

 003_J7S7521 007_J7S7308

Backlight… Create your own, or put them in positions where it already exists.

See more pictures here

Schedule is set – Now booking

This should be the best year ever of my free charity shoot… I’m excited get ready to schedule your spot (starting tomorrow/Friday)

If you’re interested please read through the full blog before asking questions, if not simply enjoy the pictures at the end. :)

 2007-09-21 3Girls-_U113262
Everyone should be just about this excited for this opportunity!

How to Book a time for the charity shoot?

Booking will officially start tomorrow (Friday)

Send an email to

see the online calender for openingsClick here and go to OCTOBER 5th through 10th

we are taking pre-bookings for those that participated in my survey last week.
And my interns have a days head-start to invite their friends to the shoots for the days they’re in charge of.

There should be plenty of spots available up to 60 canyon spots and more than enough Studio time.
I will help with scheduling but I am not in charge of scheduling.
If you send the email it will get to the right place… maybe even doing a comment on the post will work… but no guarantee.

To double check you are official make sure your name is on the online calender.

The schedule is now set

Every day mon-friday 10am-1:30pm = Studio shoots in North Lehi

  • CANYONS = Fall Colors
    • Monday 3-7pm = Little Cottonwood canyon
      • White pine trailhead parking lot – it’s 5.5 miles into the canyon -.5 miles before snowbird
      • Here’s a link to the google map
    • Tuesday 3-7pm = American Fork Canyon (At the summit parking lot area)
    • Wednesday 3-7pm = Big Cottonwood Canyon (Silver lake area)
    • Thursday 3-7pm = Provo Canyon (Sundance/Alpine loop area)
    • Saturday 3-7pm = Provo Canyon (Sundance/Alpine loop area spot #2)


We go out and pose kids and get them looking their best… and that’s cool.

Sometimes the mom goes crazy when they goof off during the shoots… sometimes she doesn’t.
Sometimes the kids behave… sometimes they don’t.
That’s just the way it is.

People get a photographer to come and do the portraits that they don’t feel comfortable doing themselves, or perhaps they want to be in it too.


But what about a photographer to just be there to Document life sometimes.

This visit

Like for instance I went and visited a friend.
I went out to the car and pulled out my camera.
Nothing changed… they did exactly what they would have done that hour had I not been there.

What the little girl did

The girl finished her math homework. I got them while she was seriously studying… before she even knew what was happening.
Of course she noticed too… then She made faces at me and joked around.
The mom told her to stop making faces… but you know what it’s fine it’s her.

 009_7S25048 010_7S25053


What the little boy did

He was playing with his airplane and showing it to me… so i had him pose with it.

 002_7S25027 004_7S25034
He was playing Wii so i just took some candids.

 025_7S25067 029_7S25080

What the mom did

The mom was working on the computer on top of the washer. She didn’t know… but that’s what life is like that’s what she does, that’s what we do. That’s truly documenting life.


I’m not saying there’s no interaction from the photographer, that there’s no posing… I suppose it’s a mix of everything… it’s going with the flow, doing whatever happens.

It’s different than a portrait shoot

But with paid shoots this can be harder… because sometimes we have to let go of wanting everything to be exactly the way we planned it.

Just let things happen and trust that I’ll take totally awesome pictures that testify to who your family really is, but maybe a little biased towards making you look good anyway đŸ˜‰

Sometimes the best things happened unplanned

Sometimes some of the best possible pictures happen unplanned and unposed and they mean the most because it speaks to what life was really really really like.
And that day this is what life was like for that hour. See all


We went up American Fork Canyon

Got back about the time I usually start my photo shoots… but when you’re up in the mountains shade is plentiful and if you’re on the right side the sunset starts many hours earlier.

As a side note you don’t have to pay the fee to go up the canyon if you have a National Parks pass!
Pretty cool because I do.

Full Gallery Link (Password Protected)


In an effort to catch up and show you all what I’ve been up to… I’ll quickly post some stuff from june.


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