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(Write-up as Originally posted by Scott Jarvie on Google+)

OCF: It isn’t just for Portrait photographers anymore

Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to go on one of the most coveted hikes in the area. The Wave … after watching the moon eclipse the sun and the sky turn to dark I decided it was time to step up the game a notch. This is what you do when there is no moon no light to light up the ground. This is what you do to get the stars.


Lighting up the Night

I put my years of using Off Camera Flash on Brides and Models to the test by lighting up stuff much bigger. I directed a couple of friends (not-photographers) on where to stand, how to operate the flash, what settings to use and where to point.

The results are as seen.


Worth It

This picture made the long arduous hike luggin 43lbs of gear in the strong sun worth it. Even though coming back in the pitch dark took twice as long because we missed the trail.

Partly I did this hike and others this weekend with such a heavy backpack to see if I could handle a couple weeks in Bolivia at 13,000ft elevation and not die. Turns out I’m in better shape than I thought.

It’s always nice when you can outperform even your own expectations.

Disclaimer: I do not condone doing the hike and staying here this late unless you really know what you’re doing and are well prepared. Don’t get lost hiking back at midnight and die and then blame me.


I posted a horizontal picture of the wave at night to great response I wanted to show a couple others specially this vertical one. I went with the dark skies not-blue look for the last one and am still pondering the decision.

And Travel

Though I’m known as the wedding photographer I certainly got my start in photography doing Travel pictures in Europe and Peru. Travel and culture are in my blood along with my 5 languages spoken.

Light it big

Now I’m itching to go do other places and put this skillset of landscapes and lighting-stuff-up to work… suggestions welcome.


TOP 30 of 2007
After hours of viewing and selecting I now know the Top 30 of 2007.


Lamp and Lake

Swamplands of Connecticut

Ethereal Yellowstone

Covered Bridge


az_dsc6253.jpg az_u113606.jpg az_u114726.jpg


Last weekend I traveled with 3 friends to Page, AZ


While there we visited Lake Powell hiked through a lesser slot canyon and did other smaller hikes around town.
Then on the way back to Provo we spent a few hours at Bryce Canyon National Park.


There are 4 galleries all require Flash to view.


Lake Powell 35 Images


Canyons (Around Page) 36 Images


Bryce Canyon 52 Images


Page Area 36 Images