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There’s already been a lot of talk about the Photography Decathlon.
Our first official announcement was on the show “Life through the Lens”

I figure I need to do a good writeup which we can come back to and reference.


I’ll also be adding pictures of Utah in October to entice people



The Photo-Decathlon is a photography competition involving 10 styles of photography (landscape, portrait, street, macro, night, commercial, photojournalism etc)
Teams of 2-4 photographers (or solo photographers) have 2.5 days to strategize their schedule and photograph and prep a small portfolio for each of the 10 styles.
10 ambassadors (one for each field) acting as judges will award prizes.

GOAL: The photography decathlon hopes to provide a place for photographers to push themselves to do their best and find appreciation for their years of improvement… it’s also an event where photographers learn and grow and socialize and make new connections with other great photographers.

Video: The preparation, the classes, the sponsors and the competition will all be heavily filmed in order to share this event with the rest of the world who are not able to make it.

Team Entry : Teams are limited to sponsors. Sponsors are able to use them for their valued clients or employees or to stack a team as they so desire.

Theme of Decathlon: Autumn/Colors – Because we will be in the midst of the Fall colors in utah.

DATES: Oct 9-12 (tues-friday) With a 2 day free fall colors themed photowalk to follow the decathlon. (Saturday & Sunday)


Utah (With events happening from Provo to SLC to Park City)… we will be stationed in the mountains near Midway and Heber (50 minutes from the SLC airport, 15 minutes from Park City)

Many might choose to stay in Cabins with us in Heber or Midway and there are hotels there and in the nearby  Park City. We will have cabins fitting 10-30 photographers available for a nominal charge.

TEAMS and Costs

Admission will typically cost nothing for photographers because company sponsors are paying for them.
However competitors will need to take care of travel costs, food and lodging… Unless the sponsors also cover those.
All decathlon participants also have free entry to the educational day and the opening and closing ceremony dinners.
There will be separate tickets for the galla dinners and the educational day.

Businesses should contact us about sponsoring a team. Space is limited. And only sponsors may have a team.
Some levels of sponsorship come with access to two teams (ex. employee team and client team?)


One of the most exciting parts of the decathlon is that we will be flying to Utah 10 of the best photographers to come act as teachers and judges.
We plan to involve the photography community heavily in who will represent each of the 10 styles of photography.

So start thinking about who you’d nominate each of the 10 styles. Tell them to block off their schedule in early October.

Decathlon = 10 events

Landscape, Macro, Night, Street, Portrait, Commercial, Photojournalism (Subject: The decathlon), architecture, Thematic (Colors/Autumn), 10th (TBA)

 0101_7368734 009_7S48404 002_J7S7400 001_J7S8300

Salt Lake LDS Temple - Early morning twilight 001_7K04046 0109_7368702 0100_7361394


Day 1: Educational Day

Classes, Panels and Mentoring Sessions. Led by our ambassadors

Opening Ceremony Galla Dinner: With special presentations and introductions while we eat.
A good opportunity to mix and mingle and it will also be when we hand out the packets for all the teams.

Day 2-3: Photograph

Teams strategize their schedule and their division (or non-division) of labor and decide when, where and how they’ll photograph each of the 10 styles of photography.
It will be exciting to see how each of the teams spend their 3 sunrises and 2 sunsets and how many of the styles will they tackle in the same location.
During this time our film crews will be following the actions of several of the teams to share with those unable to come to the event.

Day 4: (Final Day of competition)

At noon all teams will have all their portfolios submitted. The ambassadors will then proceed to judge them.
In the meanwhile we expect many more people to be coming in from out of town for the final 3 days of events.
We will have a small local photowalk for everyone to freely enjoy.

Closing Ceremony Galla Dinner and Awards:

8pm we will start the closing ceremonies with some special presentations/videos and we’ll also hand out the awards.
We will award Best Portfolio for each Style of photography and separately award Best Photograph for each style of photography.
We will announce the grand prizes and a few sponsors and our commercial product clients will also give their own awards.

There will be extra tickets available for The Dinner and Awards show for those coming just for the weekend events.

Day 5-6: Fall Colors Photowalk

With more people coming in from out of town for the weekend we’ll be doing a free photowalk focusing on fall colors. Decathlon participants and ambassadors are not required to stay.

 0106_7360777 0107_7368924

Be Involved

Are you interested in: Sponsoring, Competing or Volunteering to help put on the event?

In any of these cases you’ll be in contact with myself (for the time being) or on Google+ or FB

Volunteers – We are working to assemble a team to help with the many areas of the event.
(Educational day organization, dinners/ceremonies, video, PR, online presence, housing and sponsorships. Also people to organize and manage interactions with our models, commercial clients, teams, ambassadors and our Sponsors)

Do you want to compete?

Be part of the early admission for teams when we start in the next month or two.
Of note: Some companies interested in sponsoring have said they just want to be involved and might make slots in their funded team freely available.

The decathlon itself will reserve a couple of teams to make available later in the summer.
But I say that if you and your friends are interested that you should find a business that might sponsor you.
Because space is limited we will be somewhat selective in the types of companies that we accept to be sponsors.

Individuals: Are you hardcore enough to compete in the individual photographer division? My hat is off to you!

Good Response already: We already have a bunch of well known photography companies planning on being involved and filling teams.
We will announce them as we finish up the contracts and start to make the sponsorships/teams official by signing on the dotted lines.

Updates will be at Photography Decathlon Google+ page for the time being until a site is finished. Or follow Scott Jarvie on Google+ or FaceBook

I will put together an FAQ if you have any questions


These were all taken last year in fall and the full gallery can be viewed here

Landscape is only one of the styles but people can shoot their night, macro, portrait, commercial pictures all up in the canyons
Along with our Open Style themed category which is COLORS


 0112_7360303 0110_7360201


These specific locations will be in our list of places to shoot.



OK so this post could be really long with lots of pictures… maybe you should just go see the gallery

I like to keep my pictures diverse so that they have a hard time choosing which one. They’re not choosing from a studio shoot where the only thing that changes is the expression or the lighting. Awesome pictures that could all equally work with entirely different moods and looks.



Thanks marco for working so hard to get awesome lighting… It was a new element working with the small softbox but I’m starting to do it a lot more often. Not because I didn’t like it before, but because time is a little more open and I wasn’t lugging a bag around… it stayed in the car and we didn’t ever venture far from the car.


From the moment I met this couple we were buds… we met at a bridal show and when I left I remembered them vividly and said to myself of all the hundreds of people I met today I hope that one couple gets a hold of me because their pictures would be awesome.

Awesome why? Because they wanted the best and because they connected with the photographer… me!


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This was last fall part of one of about a dozen i did up near sundance.
Just thought I’d revisit an old post.


Ann Lewis


Full Gallery


Whitney & Thomas


Full Gallery























Four great shots in one evening…
it was bang bang done…
But everything turned out great, and I got lots of shots of each group.


Look at the limited galleries or request to see the larger full galleries,
with some of the goofy and fun pictures.




Megan & Sean’s Gallery


_u113889.jpg _dsc2992.jpg


Anna & Sam’s Gallery


_u113862.jpg _u113879.jpg


Cari & John’s Gallery
_u114136.jpg _u114114.jpg


Adrienne’s Gallery
Caroline’s Gallery


_u114060.jpg _dsc3012.jpg




Full Galleries


(Message me for Login/Password)


Megan & Sean
Anna & Sam
Cari & John









White Family Portraits
+Erin Bourgeous (Sister)







Laurel Teuscher Portraits




Stuart Family Portraits






FULL GALLERIES (Password Required – Request)


White Family


Stuart Family





These girls were amazing and the landscape was beyond words.
Ferns changing to orange and yellow and trees of every shade of fall.
Mountains in the background and beautiful Aspens everywhere.

The girls were into it, didn’t take excuses and worked the camera.
It was funny, silly, and a bit over the top for them at times…
but…. heh great pictures came out of it all so it worked out nice.

From funny, to sad, from sassy, to sweet they did it all.

Check out the galleries




All 3 Mix
All 3 Mix

This has probably been one of my favorite photo shoots to date… after doing this I thought I could do this full time and leave the weddings behind. But weddings pay the bills.

See the Gallery : All 3 Mix



_u113413.jpg _dsc2661.jpg _dsc2621.jpg

_dsc2579.jpg _u113343.jpg

dc_u113101.jpg dc_u113182.jpg dc_u113043.jpg


I know a lot of these kinds of pictures (specially of guys)
tend to be more serious, but I tried to throw in some smiles as well.

And even though it was all about the fall colors… I ended up liking a lot of the BW.
And I’m not a hard core B&W fanatic.





_dsc2377.jpg _dsc2351.jpg _dsc2427.jpg


If you’re looking for the time of the year when the canyon and the trees are at their best.

That time is NOW!!

Saturday I went up Provo Canyon with Bill & Mariah for family pictures (just the two of them)

Things look nice right now.
Take advantage of it right now and go get your pictures taken.

One way…. Call me!!