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How we met

So this is Carissa many people have her to thank that I actually started doing internships and training and teaching people on a more one on one sorta way.

She contacted me about 18 or so months ago asking to be an intern (for last summer) and I was like “What?!” you’re kidding right?! Well it happened and I’ve learned a ton since then, specially on the realms of how to share what I know, how to teach and mentor.
I’m happy to have gotten to know her, spent a bunch of last summer at shoots with her and in the office. Never got sick of her and I don’t suppose her of me.
She was always thirsty for knowledge and never a prima donna or felt that she knew it all, and it was that passion for learning and zeal for photography and her eye for a good picture that led me to tell her I didn’t have any qualms believing she’d become an amazing successful photographer.

Well back a year ago she already knew she was getting married, just had to return to Indiana (from Utah) and finish her last year of college (BA in Photography) and now she’s back.
Getting married next month and her bridal pictures are now done… and here they are.

The pics

Me and another good friend of ours David Terry were asked to shoot and since David is an over achiever he already blogged his pictures (which we took YESTERDAY) and so now I had to follow suit. Also because most of my pictures right now are weddings which aren’t as time sensative as a bridal session for an upcoming wedding.

Carissa informed David that Jake doesn’t check the internet a ton… so it’s alright to post these. So hope it’s all good for me too.

Here’s a gallery of the first set of 70 pictures

Royal Treatment

So she had two amazing photographers… and two assistants two those photographers.
Her mother was there.
We were shooting at a beautiful location (La Caille in Sandy Utah)

It all worked out swimmingly and I’m sure she felt like a princess, because she looked beautiful of course!

 001_J7S6586 002_J7S6573

Trying out some fun back lighting to make the Bride stand out!

 031_J7S6750 032_J7S6862 064_J7S6852

(above) Far right is probably one of my favorite pics

 010_J7S6888 011_J7S6896

having two photographers makes it fun because I get to photograph different poses I wouldn’t have done before. In different ways and different angles of course.

 003_J3S6715 004_J3S6715

Many of my favorite pics were actually asides that I said… let’s try this out for a moment and we ended up staying there for a bit, because my moment lasted many moments.

 051_J3S6701 052_J3S6713 022_J3S6705


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The joys of working with another photographer on a shoot.

Let me give you a short glimpse into this subject.
These are my thoughts as of now… as i’m just venturing into some of these paths.
Suffice it to say it is a whole new joyful world to working with and working well with another good photographer.

Working with another photographer & having another person assist you are different.

Both can be great things! And both pose problems
But they are different things.