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The Rule

It seems to be the unwritten rule in photography that you don’t give unsolicited advice.

Of course I don’t know all the rules ┬ánor did I make them. In fact many photography rules I tend to break. However, this one I try to stay far away from.

I’ve only heard complaining stories of photographers not too well pleased with another photographer critizing and giving unsolicited advice. I don’t think it’s so much the advice part… but that they don’t have a strong enough relationship with the person giving the commentary, they don’t know the real motives. I bet had they respected that individual and of course had they asked they would have been more than happy.

In giving advice

So if you care about somebody and want to help them… a few words of advice… and you came to the blog so well I guess it’s kind of solicted. haha

  • Establish a relationship where both sides are respected and trusted.
  • Care about the person. Show it in action and in word.
  • Don’t try to turn it into an opportunity where you make money or otherwise profit from them.
  • If being harsh remember to show care and love at the end. Read this
  • Know what you’re talking about.
  • Give them an opportunity to explain their situations before you assume what you think you know is right.

NOTE: As with many of my blogs this is a work in progress a theory I feel good about but am open to kind and honest and educated┬ádialog. The hope is to improve us all. It takes work to understand my way of thinking but I am confident that there is benefit. I hope to always be open to the best way of thinking. I hope to continue to understand and grow more… but for the moment what follows is what I feel tonight and I hope it’s inspired for this moment.