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I’m Scott and I shot a Biker.

Don’t worry he deserved it… well at the very least he asked for it.

This is him… doesn’t he look like he needed to be shot.


So let me walk you through how this all went down.

I get a call to do another photoshoot for a hair and makeup studio (a post here)

Then I think to myself I could do some more of these really cool setups.

I’ll put on facebook an offer for whoever has the best photoshoot idea. It was poorly worded because what I actually wanted was someone who’d work with me on a photoshoot… not someone with a fun photo op. They were saying go to this festival or this event thinking perhaps that’d net them family pictures later. I’m not sure.

But my Man Joshua understood what I was talking about. We were talking about something like this.


A creative process a team event… not something scott would show up to and take pictures at. I wanted something more involved where the client would play a part.

I also wanted something where the person was excited and willing to work at it.

Josh was into it, he polished up the bike, thought of a place and he thought through a bunch of ideas.


Did I use all of his ideas… nope. Did I use many… not sure.

I don’t recreate pictures in people’s minds but I LOVE when they have ideas that I can take and mold them with my own spin.

That’s what I tell everyone I say… be creative! I welcome it! But at the end of the day I’ll shoot what comes to me. But I feed off of their ideas and their passion and creativity.


Josh likes driving fast down this road.

Scott has never been on the road… so i’m obviously thinking….



I mean well I suppose you can pose it.
But sometimes life is just even more exciting.

Sometimes your Dad’s Sister’s Daughter’s Husband just happens to be at another cousin’s daughter’s birthday party on a sunday afternoon and driving back home on a Harley and deciding it’s a little cold so he’ll put on his mask.

Seriously not one bit my idea… all his!

One small problem to overcome

And my memory cards are ALL full!!
So I quickly delete one and have exactly ONE shot to get it down.

And that folks is the story!!

Life happens and it pays to be there and be ready!!