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I love this blog and I have a lot of fun showing off my new pictures and sharing tips to a whole lot of photographers.

But when a client calls they’ve never said… oh I loved your blog so much I want to hire you.
They do say that about my webiste

But then they continue to say they spent a long time checking out all the stuff on the blog.
I can tell it’s there on the blog they got to know my personality and what I’m like which helped seal the deal.

They often comment on how they liked my personality… I ask how do they know… usually they percieve it from, not only my writing but coming from the pictures as well.

I meant my present website to be for weddings only… But I also have plans to start making waves in the Family Lifestyle photography world.
It would be really good for me and is right down my alley.
So I need another website.


well don’t plan on making it yourself.
Takes way to much time and isn’t worth it.
Unless you’re loaded with money don’t hire someone either.

There are faster better options, that can get you up and running with a professional style website with tons of bells and whistles in a matter of 1-3 days.
The hardest thing you’ll do is picking… picking the site style and picking the pictures to go on it.

It’s impossible to have a website programmed for as cheap as the template websites offer.

And among the best of them is


There it is ladies and gentlemen!

My new website
In all it’s glory and splendor!
Now i’ve got the presentation that fits the service/product.


I would have preferred a non-flash site.
But only a site like this was feasable at this time and situation.
I know that it loads slow for some and flash is annoying to others.
But i went into it knowing that it wouldn’t please everyone and that some of the slow connection people will be specially annoyed.
I’m still going through the text trying to simplify and edit it shorter.

What I love

I love the large picture size
I like having music to add an atmosphere
I love having the pricing done.
I like the simply layout and fast connection to my blog and fan page
The slideshow seems to be a very popular feature.
I’m suprised by how many people actually go through so many of the pictures.


It took dozens of hours to pick the style i wanted
It took well over 20 hours to pick the pictures I wanted for the site

I have over 800 pictures on the site.
Which is good for me…
I started with let’s say 200,000 pictures
I brought it down all the way to 2,400 of the best
And worked with other photographer friends to get it down to 800
There are 16 unique galleries located in 3 main portfolios
The background is a picture i took a couple months ago.
I’m still searching for music
Right now I have 2 italian rock songs and one english song.
I am still planning on adding a separate site to represent all non-wedding photography stuff.
I plan on setting up similar photo sites for some of my photography associates and then linking them to my site.