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Well we had to eat at some point that day. So why not turn it into an awesome photo-op.

So we picked the best looking and least cluttered with people restaurant. It’s pretty chilly and she’s ready to get inside somewhere and stay warm… plus this means that the outside tables aren’t being used.


Well now you know where we ate and what was on the menu. haha


 047_J7S1087 048_J7S1088

The table cloths are pretty classic

 049_J7S1142 050_J7S1165

So I kinda came up with the idea of shooting through the window after we ate… first I went outside… but the reflections were way bad they practically had to press up against the glass to see them.

But looking back I love the reflections.

Then they went outside and sat. You must know that when I look at these pictures I’m thinking about all the lighting things I coulda done or if I had an assistant outside to help pose them since they couldn’t hear me.


Those are red curtains… he was way way red… this is after I desaturated it way down. The BW is pretty awesome but for some reason I love the red glow.



 011_7S20468  019_7S20317  021_7S20363



 025_7S20408  054_7S20486  016_7S20602

 001_7S20434 008_7S20342

 017_7S20613 013_7S20549


 007_7S20326  029_7S20540  010_7S20413  014_7S20574


So in my continued attempt to bring you small glimpeses of my trips this christmas season i thought i’d bring out a few pictures I took while DRIVING through St. Louis.

All of these were while i drove happhassardly through St. Louis before i had to rush over to the airport to catch a flight back to Salt Lake City.

Showing off the magesty of the 14-24mm Nikon f/2.8 wide angle on a full frame D700.

If you knew how little effort I put into these pictures you’d be sick 😉


I purposely stopped at the red light right in this spot so i could get the sun like this.
I could also put my F/Stop pretty high and the shutter speed down a bit since I was stopped and not actually driving.


 001_7S29194 008_7S29233


I don’t do a ton of big city shots so i’d be interested to know which ones are popular with people.




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I have decided that I am not a fan of daylight savings.
We had to start shooting pictures at 4pm in order to get done before it got to dark.

However this couple was great and lots of fun, we got lots of unique pictures.

_dsc5858.jpg _dsc5789.jpg  _dsc6083.jpg

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Sometimes brides really want a certain type of picture




I did a wedding about a month ago in Boston and a reception in Connecticut.
I stayed before and after and took pictures of the area.


Trip 1 – Circle around Connecticut
ne_u101686.jpg ne_u101410.jpg ne_u101140.jpg
I drove around the state of connecticut starting in the southwest corner going up to the northwest corner and all the way to the east corner. By that time it was dark so I made my way back. I started a bit later in the day followed the directions on my GPS device and made frequent stops but often for time’s sake took pictures from the car.


Trip 2 – Connecticut Coast
ne_u102262.jpg ne_u102014.jpg ne_dsc2186.jpg
I picked 4-5 parks or wildlife reserves to stop at and went along the coast of connecticut until I reached a lighthouse in Rhode Island where I watched sunset and then drove back.


Trip 3 – New York
ne_u102414.jpg ne_u102955.jpg ne_u103123.jpg
I walked around Manhattan for hours including central park and then when I was too tired to walk anymore I made my way back to where I was staying in Connecticut.


Trip 4 – Boston
ne_u103798.jpg ne_u103859.jpg ne_u103927.jpg
After doing the wedding at the Boston LDS Temple I went to downtown Boston and took some pictures for a few hours until it got dark.


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Inland Connecticut