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It was the beginning of my road trip to DC and I stopped first at my friends house for some late dinner and hanging out. The kids had to get to bed pretty soon after I arrived and I left in the morning before many were awake, but I did have a short opportunity to get my camera out and take a couple of pictures just for fun.

Check out the rest of the photo we have up on the SmugMug Gallery.


Most of the time I just got them doing whatever they were doing. However I did make them stand in front of the piano so I could play a bit with lights and show my friend (their dad) how I use the speedlights.

 003_7K07506 002_7K07493


 016_7K07557 021_7K07584


K first off when the lighting doesn’t change much throughout the show you start to get a little creative… so I shot through some red fabric that was hanging over by the vip lounge area.

The last set I did at this venue was pretty epic being able to have some good access and use some unique lighting… but this was great show because it was challenged me in other ways.

Contrary to all the light you see in the picture above most of the show was lit by only a couple of light bulbs surrounding the artists. (Like below)


I’ve run into John Allred at several other shows I’ve taken pictures of in the past. Finally after all these years I got time to make it to one of his own shows.
(good thing it was two days because I was originally gonna hit the first night)


The velour is a great place to take pictures in my opinion. I guess I haven’t been to hundreds of spots but it’s one of my favorites so far.

Even with this unique setup that they did with this show being off the stage it worked well.


Most of the pictures were taken with my new 85mm f/1.4 lens and yet I still had to go pretty high with my ISO and low with the shutter speed.

(If anyone see’s a 50mm f/1.4 I believe i left mine there the last time I did a concert. I know… sad day :(

The setting was not one where I could get away making my radio controlled lights seem like they were part of the light show… since there was no light show.

 013_7K03114 030_7K03108

I guess it also makes it moody when you take pictures through random fabric… like this one above… it did help to make the bare light bulb look a little cooler.


I told him that the pictures would therefore be a bit more grainy and moody… he said he’s down with that.
I think lots of people have to default to a grainy moody look for lots of concerts simply due to limitations of their cameras… But I hope that I added great ideas, composition and used the lighting to my advantage… in ways that set these pictures apart.

BTW the pictures are all taken with my backup camera the D7000 which doesn’t handle low light quite like my normal camera the D700 – but it was nice having that challenge and seeing what it could do when in a pinch.





A good friend Devin Graham a great videographer invited me to a video set they were doing for a swim and dive team at BYU

Check out some of his footage (playing around) he got with all the underwater equipment they rented from California and the Red One

Visit their company’s vimeo site to see some good stuff

Here’s some stuff I captured for them and just to play around.





 003_7S21349 009_7S21405

Here’s Devin… pretending to be cool. haha
When he’s famous I’ll of course take out the words “pretending”



 013_7S21609 011_7S21547



First of all… if you’re in Utah and have the evening off…

You must make sure you make it to

Holi: The Festival of Colors

Here is the Full gallery on Smugmug

Here is a facebook event with more info about it.

Created by my friend Shawna Brabant

Here is the official event page of the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple

Here are 3 galleries i made from last year

BEST OF (50):

SELECT (140):

FULL (523):

Here was the blog post from a year ago

To my photographer friends out there… Go… if you dare.

I’m not saying it’s easy or totally safe for your stuff.

But i do say it’s an amazing opportunity.

If there is enough response here on the blog comments I’ll add a post about how I kept my D300 safe.

But that will be a prize for their being lets say 10 people asking. haha

Tricky… i know

But this is more or less could happen… and didn’t happen to me :)

Of course I didn’t really bring in that lens.



When and where?
I am organizing a photo editing workshop for Saturday the 8th in the morning.
It will be Lightroom centered.
Pleasant Grove – conference room provided by photographer Jeremy Hall
Respond preferably through facebook
I’m organizing it through facebook.
So if you have that it would be prefered to login and comment on my status to get part of the discussion.
This way we can discuss and keep in contact for now.
I don’t want to go having to make a list of ya’ll and stuff.
Are you game?
Respond only if you’re certain you can make it saturday morning the 8th.
It will be in pleasant grove.
If you are sure you can make it and don’t have facebook I will give you more details.
There are a few more spots tentively open.
We don’t have unlimited space for everyone to sit and plugin their laptops or what not.
We’re thinking about 15
If it works well we could try it again.
BTW, Lightroom can be downloaded and used on a trial basis just fine.
Knowing how to edit is very helpful in becoming a better photographer and stuff.
How it will probably run down.
It’s an informal gathering. What are you expecting from my free generosity?
I’ll have a big screen so you can see the main computer at work.
I will spend let’s say about 60-90 (maybe less) going over my workflow and showing off absolutely everything about lightroom. We’ll then play around with our own stuff answering eachother’s questions.
We’ll be doing show and tell and giving eachother insights and sharing presets and techniques and stuff.
Towards the end i’m sure people can go when they want, but I’ll remain to the end to help and answer questions.
this doesn’t mean i think i know everything.
I just think we should be sharing our talents and I thought it would be fun.
Plus it’s much faster and effecient than helping people out individually all the time.
-This doesn’t include regular photoshop because… well that’s not what I’m good at.


HOLI – Indian Festival of Colors
I don’t want these PICTURES to go to waste
…because there was a lot of Great stuff.

Let people know that they can go through the galleries
find pictures of themselves and their friends
Then UPLOAD their own Albums to FaceBook or Whatever (And Tag)


MY TREAT!! (Festival Pictures)

BEST OF (50):
SELECT (140):
FULL (510):

Rt Click, Save and Use ->>>>
Find everyone you know and make yourself an album on facebook (Or Whatever).
And spread the word!
And drop me a line so I can see the comments
That’s all I ask.
Scott Jarvie

There’s seriously hundreds if not thousands of people in the pictures so most people will be in there in some way.

Scott Jarvie



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He was taking off to a modeling event in California and we had about 1 day to get things done.
And our schedule only matched for 1 hour… so we did what we could.

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Nocturnus : A Waking World Production


A few hours on the set of the psychological thriller Nocturnus.

This is the first time I’ve taken pictures on a movie set
It was pretty fun,
I spent a lot of time just testing things out
since the lighting was much different than things I usually do.

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byu_dsc8396.jpg byu_dsc8365.jpg byu_dsc8378.jpg byu_dsc8462.jpg byu_dsc8414.jpg


Pictures of BYU sports memoriabilia at BYU… Primarily Football for the shoot I did but since I love baseball I threw in a Baseball picture.

The Student Athletic Building was around for a couple years while I went to school there and I never went in so it was quite neat to go in there for the first time. It’s alot like a museum (but with better lighting) and it was great to learn about all the tradition of BYU sports.

Link to Small Open Gallery

(Request to see full open gallery 100+ Pictures)







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jones_dsc8061.jpg jones_u117395.jpg jones_dsc8060.jpg

Open Gallery

Full Gallery – Password Required

The couple members of the Jones family are related to a girl (Lisa Baugh) for whom I did Bridals, Engagements and later her wedding.

The mother called and wanted me to take pictures at the same place I did Lisa’s engagement pictures.

Therefore these pictures were taken on BYU campus near the Bell Tower and the water falls.

I took pictures of the whole family and then separately each family.





sof_u115646.jpg sof_u115400.jpg sof_u115579.jpg


Stadium of fire provided a new opportunity and a new type of pictures.

Fireworks… not very hard to take pictures of (if you have a tripod) but very rewarding.
The pictures sometimes looks like they are of space or electrons scampering about.