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Helpin’ out

I’m writing this because I’ve had many people ask me what kind of camera I suggest… more or less they’re asking what do I need to get into photography (pro or not)

So this is some of my advice and where I’m coming from

The Beginning

About 5yrs ago I jumped into photography. 6yrs ago I was dinking around with a Casio 4mp point and click in Europe and recognized how much I liked it… and then others gave me confidence by telling me they liked the travel pictures I took.

Out on a Limb

Then I went out on a limb and put a DSLR on a CC as a poor student and someone else went on a limb and had me do engagement pictures… then a bunch of other crazy people went on a crazier limb and had me photograph their weddings.

I had no formal training, I had no mentor, I hadn’t read books, It was just this year I started looking at other people’s photography blogs.

But hey it worked for me… in fact I’m even proud of all of my weddings, even that first year. I mean I could run circles around that version of me from 5yrs ago with one hand tied behind my back and a canon camera (haha)

An advantage

I think all along I kinda cheated… I had a bit of both worlds… I loved buttons and I came from a family of artists.

And I think many of you out there have similar advantages… you have a good eye for pictures. (The way to figure that out is if you really really like my work)

You come from an artistic background and that goes beyond photos… creativity is more than pictures… a dancer or painter or musician has creativity that Can spill over into other forms of art.

The Geek and the Philosopher


Just a quick take about tripods.
It seems that starting off photographers get a few cheap tripods until they realize they don’t use them because they don’t work like they want them to. In the end they get a nice one… but they’ve wasted a lot of money on the other ones in the mean time.
For a small camera it won’t matter as much. But the bigger the camera the more important.

You must remember that these opinions come from someone that doesn’t like to use tripods much. I feel very limited using one and I do so much documentive style of photography, not a lot of setup type stuff.

But i certainly know when they come in handy and when I couldn’t survive without one. 



Got a random question for you.

dealing with Tri pods.




Is there much I need to consider when buying one? I’m getting a Nikon D90 with the 18-200mm lense and wonder if I need to look for a specific kind of tri pod.

I’m going for light and portable as I want to get out and hike with it.

any suggestions? or things to look for?



maybe just a gorilla pod

because here’s the thing about tripods

the cheap ones SUCK

and the expensive ones you’ll actually use

but they’re expensive

photographers often skimp on the first 3-4


gorilla pod?


and finally pay the money and get one they actually use

just a thought on the gorilla pod

i don’t actually own one

but hiking with a tripod can be a pain for some folk

gitzo tripods are nice to hike with… but they are the most expensive of the bunch

a mono pod could be a good option for a hiker

and you can get a decent one for a lot less than a tripod


I live in Southern Utah. So getting out is something i really want to do.


but it all depends on the type of shots

if it’s long exposure then a good tripod is a must




cheap ones don’t cut it


makes sense.


it’s when you switch to portrait orientation is where the problems start to happen

because it has to deal with the weight of the camera more so

sorry to tell you there isn’t a cheat on the tripods… at least not that I know of


right. the weight of the camera is what I wonder with the cheap ones.


if you do find one it’d be helpful to know


I don’t want to risk dropping it.


yes they have a much more secure system for locking in the camera on the nicer tripods

makes you much more confident



Ok, well, that does help. Thanks.